Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd. designs and builds passive fiber optic devices, and is committed to improving fiber connectivity. Products that have undergone our patented HLC laser termination process feature ScratchGuard® mating surfaces and improved optical performance.

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Issue: May 2016 Issue

By: Frank Bisbee

Heard On The Street is a monthly column of news, and trends. Find articles and hotlinks to network cabling solutions for copper, coax, and fiber. Stay on top of the latest standards, new products, and technology. Free Internet Directory for the cabling industry, building inspections, generic cable specs, and the total calendar of events. Get the news you can use.

Headline News

Scientists Increase Fiber Optic Throughput 10 Times?Article By Timothy Johnson in - ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Magazine – Published: March 2014
25 April 2014
Megladon’s Angle Polished HLC® ScratchGuard® Fiber Optic Patch Cords Are A Life Saver For Network Managers
25 April 2014
OFC 2014 to Host Premier Optical Communications Exposition Featuring 550 Companies, Industry and Business Programming on Show Floor
3 March 2014
Landslide sparks copper supply concerns
23 April 2013
Introduction to Fiber Optic Safety Article by Larry Johnson - Director and Founder of The Light Brigade
18 March 2013
How To Judge The Fiber Optic Connector - The Actual Results with Megladon's HLCR May Shock You
28 February 2013
"The CAT's Out of the BAG" article reprint from BICSInews Jan/Feb 2013 issue by Carol Everette Oliver, RCDD, ESS
15 February 2013
A CIO Looks at Where We've Been and Where We're Going - Article from ACUTA JOURNAL by Corinne Hoch, CEO of ACUTA
5 February 2013
New Generation of Expanded Integrated Systems Design & Build Boost Electrical Contractor Services
15 January 2013
Tool Trends 2012 - Article by Jeff Griffin from Electrical Contractor magazine
20 December 2012
Soaring demand for high-speed Internet to sustain fiber's growth
9 January 2012
What to look for in a Cabling Contractor
3 December 2010
Counterfeits Webinar Archive Available
2 December 2010
Fiber optics gets hotter - while copper prices rocket up
16 November 2010
FIBER OPTIC CONNECTORS - the latest and greatest
12 July 2010
BOMA 2010 International Conference & The Every Building Show(r)
08 June 2010
Registration Open for Integrated Project Delivery Webinar
05 June 2010
SAFETY? If the cash is there, we do not care!!!!
17 May 2010
Megladon Announces New Product Release of TFOCAII Fiber Optic Assemblies
12 February 2010
NOBEL PRIZE to Grandfather of Fiber Optics
19 October 2009
Megladon makes some radical breakthroughs in the area of fiber optic cable connectors
03 May 2009
April 14, 2009 NOON This webinar on counterfeit electrical products is too important to miss
04 April 2009
Megladon Manufacturing Is Added to Corning® Cable Systems' Cable Assembly House (CAH) Program
26 March 2009
Megladon® Announces New Product Release of LGX Fiber Distribution Panels
21 February 2009
06 February 2009
Great Ideas and products were in abundance at BICSI
06 February 2009
Counterfeit Christmas Lights Pose Safety Hazard for Consumers
13 November 2008
Draka Announces Bend Insensitive Connectorized Cable with HLC ScratchGuard® Technology
22 September 2008
22 September 2008
IN REMEMBERANCE OF Sept. 11th, 2001
26 April 2008
CABA Intelligent Buildings Leadership Forum
26 April 2008
"Ultimate Green Office" Unveiled at DevelopGREEN
08 April 2008
Communications Technology in Higher Education 2008
23 March 2008
NECA 2007 San Francisco Is Finally Here
28 September 2007 Takes IBEW-NECA Teamwork into the Streaming Video Age
6 April 2007
Building Designs must change if we hope to escape a toxic tomb
25 Mar 2005
Datacom Cabling Safety 2004
13 Mar 2004
VDV EXPO CAT 6 - Copper's Last Stand?
09 Mar 2004
Limited Combustible Cable" is 100% Recyclable?
27 Feb 2004
Cabling Support Hardware may be the Hidden Treasure
25 Feb 2004
DuPont's Teflon Dilemma
12 Nov 2003

Technology Roadmap for Intelligent Buildings


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