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Great Ideas and products were in abundance at BICSI

BICSI started the year off with one of the best conferences in years. If you missed it, you missed a great opportunity to find new goodies to build and maintain your business. www.bicsi.org

Despite tough economic times, professionals in the information transport systems (ITS) industry continue to recognize the importance of continuing education and staying abreast of new technology and business solutions showcased at a BICSI Winter (Jan. 2009) Conference & Exhibition in Orlando. More than 1,637 registered professionals attended at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort. At the close of Thursday's BICSI meetings, Receptions and Exhibits, more than 4898 participants passed through the doors to visit more than 175 exhibiting companies.

Siemon new hot Z-MAX RJ45 connector - introduced by Carl, John & CK Siemon

In a revolutionary move, Siemon has completely overhauled the internal functionality of the RJ-style modular plug and outlet. Newly patented and patent pending techniques virtually eliminate plug and outlet termination variability, optimize mated performance, and prescribe the use of complete and focused corrective compensation circuitry that result in a connections system that exhibits unprecedented transmission headroom and mechanical reliability. These revolutionary enhancements are incorporated into Siemon's new Z-MAX family of category 6A connecting hardware and patching solutions.

The Siemon Company booth was "busier than a one-armed paper hanger in a wind storm". There were a host of new offerings with more value and headroom performance than their competitor can deliver.

Plus: Valerie Rybinski Maguire of The Siemon Company received the well-deserved BICSI Harry Pfister Annual Award. Her acceptance speech recognized the company's support and commitment to quality. www.siemon.com

Siemon's new Z-MAX family of category 6A connecting hardware and patching solutions.
Where can you buy this hot new cabling solution? CSC - Communications Supply Corporation

One Distributor. Everything Infrastructure.

Founded in 1972, Communications Supply Corporation is a leading distributor of low voltage network infrastructure and industrial wire and cable products. Through a network of 32 branch offices, CSC distributes a full range of products to support advanced connectivity for voice and data communications, access control, security surveillance, building automation, video distribution, life safety broadcast systems and electrical construction and manufacturing for commercial, residential and government customers.

CSC is recognized for delivering measurable value and outstanding support to its customers and suppliers alike. Vast application expertise makes CSC an unbiased knowledge resource for product information, documentation and training. www.gocsc.com

Megladon Mfg. Scratch Guardô Fiber Optic test & patch cables and Fluke Networks combined to deliver a powerful and durable testing system solution. www.flukenetworks.com   www.megladonmfg.com

Fluke Networks amazing DTX CableAnalyzerô
Incredible but true: Test results showed that over 1000 insertions of the Megladon Scratch Guardô Fiber Optic test cables used on the Fluke Networks amazing DTX CableAnalyzerô showed virtually no degradation or scratching. www.megladonmfg.com   www.flukenetworks.com

EZMOUNT shelf - a real find for functionality and convenience.

We overheard an interesting discussion in the Exhibit Hall at the January conference. A contractor attending the BICSI annual conference in Orlando was talking with Bob Laukonis of iNNOdata, and was complimenting him and thanking him for the EZ Mount Network Shelf. He told Bob he searched diligently and finally found this great product about 6 months ago. His company has been using it on CISCO Systems UC500 installs, as he is a Cisco partner. www.cisco.com The shelf is perfect for the set up of the product, and his guys love the simplicity and ruggedness of the shelf. Internally inside his company they refer to it as the "Cool Rack", cool referring to the sleek, sturdy design and affordable price. The contractor said that they were sorry they didn't some across it sooner. Bob Laukonis asked where he found the shelf, and he simply said "Google. It's where you can find everything". He finished up the discussion by telling Bob to keep up the great work. www.ezmt.com

What's next? The NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) Annual Conference & Exhibition.

Mark your calendars for NECA's Annual Conference & Exhibition.
NECA Convention and Trade Show - Sep 13, 2009 - Sep 15, 2009 in Seattle, WA. This event rivals BICSI and has a host of different buyers with very substantial budgets. The Electrical Contractor is definitely in the IBS business.

Integrated Building Systems included: Power - Communications - Control -Security - Life Safety systems plus wireless backbone infrastructure. Change is happening in their world. www.necanet.org

"September 12-15, 2009 - Washington State Convention & Trade Center
Plan to attend the NECA Convention and NECA Show in the Emerald City on September 12-15, 2009. Bring your key staff with you. Budget to bring your key people and educate your staff in today's electrical industry. NECA promises to give you the educational tools that you need to effectively compete in this work environment." http://www.necanet.org/meetings/

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