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Megladon® Announces New Product Release of LGX Fiber Distribution Panels

Austin, Texas, February 16, 2009 -Megladon issued a new product release of standard LGX Fiber Distribution Panels to compliment its HLC® SCRATCHGUARD™ patch cords and trunk cables. Also in the new product line is a full suite of cable management products including fanning panels, storage and combination shelves.

By incorporating HLC SCRATCHGUARD patch cords and trunk cables into the distribution product line, Megladon is able to deliver the most robust turnkey solutions of any company in the marketplace. These solutions can be shipped pre-tested and pre-populated for installation time-savings and increased network performance. Megladon has experience in making complex fiber networks simple, and the versatile LGX Fiber Distribution System products create value within our customer's networks.

"The addition of fiber distribution products is exciting and allows Megladon to diversify our product portfolio. Being able to offer turnkey solutions with our HLC cables assemblies increases our value to the marketplace", stated Daniel Hogberg, Product Group Manager at Megladon. He continued, "A mated pair of matched HLC connectors at the distribution panel provides the highest level of performance in a fiber optic network."

Why is the ScratchGuard™ technology a big value in this new product? This patented new technology really delivers Durability and Dependability. For example we found out that the ScratchGuard technology has already made a big impact on portable fiber optic testing performance. Incredible but true: Test results showed that over 1000 insertions of the Megladon Scratch Guard™ Fiber Optic test cables used on the Fluke Networks amazing DTX CableAnalyzer™ showed virtually no degradation or scratching. www.megladonmfg.com www.flukenetworks.com

Richard Brammer, Special Projects Manager for Communication Planning Corporation (a communications contractor based in Jacksonville, FL), told us that this new product has added a significant boost to the value of CPC's solutions package. "We really save time and deliver a better installation with the Megladon LGX Fiber Distribution System products. Any reconfiguration is easier for field technicians." The Megladon product line supports the technician with terminations, connections, splices and convenient access within fiber optic networks. www.communicationplanning.com

Megladon Manufacturing Group Ltd., a subsidiary of TyRex Group Ltd.®, is recognized as a leader in the fiber optic marketplace. Founded in 1997, Megladon made it their mission to provide customers with fiber optic products that far exceed industry standards. As technology innovators, Megladon created the HLC (Hardened Lens Contact) termination, which has changed the market and taken it to the next level. For additional information on Megladon and their patented processes please visit the company's website at www.megladonmfg.com or respond by email to scratchguard@megladonmfg.com.

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