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A new cabling system that promotes safety and performance at home and work

September 27, 2007

Across the country, computer and Internet communications are extending tentacles into every space that we occupy. The residential and small office frontier is being swept up in the need for speed and the power to connect. FTTH (Fiber To The Home) is rushing into the communities across the land. With the BIG PIPE comes a host of valuable and convenient services: On-line banking, security with video surveillance, fire alarm and emergency alert services, video (Television), telephone, Internet access, voice mail, e-mail, medical accounting - legal and smart home services not even dreamed of yet.

We can no longer ignore the need for safe effective communications infrastructure in the home and small office. The value of the structure is substantially enhanced by the infrastructure (cabling) that upgrades the home or facility from DUMB to SMART.

In a typical communications cabling system, one (1) Category 5e or higher category cable is required for each application at the user location. That is, one cable for phone and one cable for data would be installed at each user location or outlet.

WARNING - In the past, these cables often contained one or more potentially harmful toxic compounds including PVC with LEAD stabilizers and/or FEP (fluorinated Ethylene propylene - trade name: DuPont Teflon FEP).

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association www.nfpa.org) and NEC National Electrical Code) have addressed regulations deal with Abandoned Cabling Removal. Current communications industry estimates fix the amount of installed cable in structures (home and office) at more than 8 millions miles. Upgrades in the cabling has often left the old cable in place. Today we face the challenge of dealing with billions of feet of installed cable as well as developing systems that do not compound the problem in the future. Due to the requirement of the NEC 2002 & 2005 & 2008 requiring the removal of ABANDONED CABLE, Building owners in CRE (commercial real estate) are faced with a huge cost to handle cables that are either not in use or has been left by a previous tenant in a commercial space. Any initiatives that would reduce the amount of cable going into the environment definitely has a positive affect on Green Building efforts.

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) are too important to ignore.

Recently, we became aware of a valuable technology for the small office and residential market that delivers a safer and more effective cabling solution.

We shall continue our search for other new technologies to bring you into the information age safely.

SMP DATA (former Superior Modular Products www.smpdata.com) has developed a product referred to as Dual Axcess.

Dual Axcess permits multiple applications to be run over a single cable through a Patented Connectivity Solution. Cabling runs are installed using one cable, which is testable as a 5e Permanent Link then "switched" into a 10/100 Ethernet and Analog Voice configuration. Therefore, the system provides multiple applications on the single cable, which can then be reversed back into a Gigabit Ethernet configuration should the need arise. This makes for not only cost savings versus traditional cabling systems, but is a safer and much more environmentally responsible solution. Highlights of the solution include:

  • It's Green!
  • It saves money!
  • It's Made in the USA!
  • It has three patents pending!
  • It's from the oldest, most reliable connectivity company in the business!
This is one Green initiative put in place by SMP, but there are other items in place that may contribute heavily in our upcoming meeting.
  • Due to an extensive international presence, SMP has invested heavily into RoHS compliance to meet both European and China requirements. Similar legislation is currently underway in California and we expect this to become a US mandate in coming years.
  • SMP is extensively involved in connectivity solutions for Wind Farm deployment.
  • Direct Power and Water, a Preformed Line Products (PLP) subsidiary and sister company to SMP, markets Solar Energy solutions as a new PLP initiative.
Hats off to SMP. Through these efforts, SMP is leading the way toward environmental responsibility for the communications industry. What do you want in your home or office?


Frank Bisbee, Editor
"Heard On The Street" On-Line Monthly Column

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