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C8 trial delayed by Supreme Court hearing


A September trial has been delayed in a pending lawsuit filed by residents alleging C8 emitted by the Washington Works DuPont plant has damaged their health.

Proceedings in the class-action lawsuit filed against DuPont is stayed pending the outcome of DuPont's appeal in West Virginia Supreme Court. The company is seeking a writ of prohibition to block an earlier order issued by Circuit Judge George W. Hill that requires DuPont to provide and pay for C8 blood testing. DuPont is also seeking a writ to prohibit Hill from acting further, asking his disqualification issue be transferred to the chief justice for ruling.

Trial in the civil action had been set for Sept. 15 in Hill's court. However, the high court scheduled a hearing for 10 a.m. Sept. 23 on DuPont's motion.

The judge earlier ordered DuPont to offer and pay for blood tests to determine C8 levels of the class members in the pending suit. DuPont has estimated there are 5,000 or more members of the class action. If surrounding water districts are included that number could be in excess of 100,000, according to the company's estimates.

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