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EWG Uncovers Another Suppressed Teflon Study

Is DuPont Misleading Shareholders? Suspected Fine Falls Far Short of the Norm

Health Study Emerges Just Before Start of Court Case Over Similar Omissions

(Washington, DC, November 17) Teflon maker DuPont appears to have once again violated federal law requiring chemical companies to report new data on the dangers of their products.

The Environmental Working Group today provided the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with documents showing that the Teflon maker failed to report new evidence that neighbors of the Parkersburg, WV Teflon plant have Teflon chemicals in their blood at rates many times higher than the American public. The EPA is currently embroiled in litigation against DuPont for hiding similar health and tap water pollution studies from the Agency for 20 years.

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Source: Environmental Working Group

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