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Issue: May 2005
By: Frank Bisbee

Datacom/Telecom Glossary
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Bisbee's Buzz

Limited Combustible Cable is no joke. It is a nightmare.

It looks like the only way LC cable will sell is if they make a law that you have to use it.

Well here we are, almost five years later, and what we have learned about LC cable is enough to scare your pants off. There have been no official testing of the toxicity of this cable and the MSDS for the main material is frightening. Face it this cable gives off gasses when it is heated and some of those gasses are classified the same as chemical warfare weapons.

On the other hand, LC cable is priced right out of the ballpark (usually, more than 100% higher than CMP), and darn near no one is buying the stuff. Most vendors have never sold it, quoted it, or even heard of it. This week, we did a little test to verify our suspicions.

4-19-2005: Telephone calls to the sales desk of various distributors, requesting 100,000 feet of CAT5e or CAT6 Limited Combustible plenum cable.

Accu-Tech: "I don't think I have quoted that stuff in more than a year. I don't have any idea of what it would cost and we don't stock it."

Rexel: "I have never heard of it. I'll have to make some phone calls to check on this. I'm sure we don't stock it."

Graybar: "We'll have to make some calls. I've never quoted it and it's not in stock locally. We'll have to check into it and we will call you back."

CSC: "What the heck is that? Don't you mean regular plenum? I've never quoted limited combustible and I've never even seen it. We'll get back to you."


Limited Combustible Cable" may be a very bad idea.

Start with a search using for "toxic teflon"

Results 1 - 10 of about 133,000 for toxic teflon.

Safety - Toxic Teflon Gases?
... about TOXIC TEFLON gases as a pulmonary agent (chemical warfare weapon), ...
Check the MSDS for Teflon® FEP: Perfluoroisobutylene (PFIB) is a toxic ...

Teflon FEP generates various gasses under heat decomposition
Read this cautionary letter for Code considerations on Safety

See progression of gasses at various temperature levels

See: Pulmonary Agents - PFIB from Teflon® FEP

United States Army
Military Research Institute of Chemical Defense
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Visit for additional information and links to other resources.

It looks like the only way LC cable will sell is if they make a law that you have to use it.

But that's just my opinion,

Frank Bisbee
"Heard On The Street" column
Jacksonville, FL
(904) 645-9077

Cable Trays And Blazes

In the complex world of firestopping, the term "approved system" can mean different things to different people. Such ambiguity could end up causing inordinate grief for both contractors and structured cabling installers.

Any commercial building that is properly designed and constructed has fire-retardant security features. As an example, a one-hour rated fire wall in perfect condition will withstand the effects of a raging fire long enough for the people inside to get out with time to spare.

The problem is that the barriers have been compromised and sometimes damaged for many years by unregulated structured cabling installers across North America. They are directly responsible for negating the value of a building's most important security asset.

It is a large problem and the time has come to repair past mistakes and make amends by learning more about fire-rated barriers. Contractors should seek out training on firestopping, establish a standard operating procedure (SOP) to avoid violations and get to work repairing fire rated barriers.

They should also:

Take pictures. If bidding on a cable installation, take digital images of the barriers you will penetrate and all violations as well. After presenting your cabling bid, ask for a consideration (as an addendum) of your SOP for firestopping the new cables.

Show images of what the barriers will look like when finished. Present the images of any violations and offer to repair the damaged fire rated barriers. You have, in effect, limited your liability with respect to the previous damage as well as made a good impression.

There are many new systems that have recently been developed specifically for sealing penetrations in fire-rated barriers made by installers as they route the latest in high speed communications cables.

With respect to how they work, these devices are essentially the same in that the two principal elements of a typical penetration system for the installer are the "intumescent" and the method of "bounding" the intumescent.

Intumescent caulk and putty are the active material of a firestop system. It will expand to form a type of insulation within the system to prevent passage of the smoke as well as the flame.

All intumescents will work about the same way. The key to a successful system is the method selected for "bounding" the intumescent.

As the term implies, bounding the intumescent can be done with sleeve systems, square or triangular metal boxes or even chicken wire for bounding putty pillows in a large cable tray penetration.

To be sure, installers will need to know a little more than firestopping theory.

Remember, if a blaze occurs in a building that you were involved with and there is loss of life or property, the lawyers of the victim's families and the lawyers representing insurance companies will be calling on you.

The steps listed above are a culmination of issues derived from meetings with inspectors, architects, engineers, project managers and installers. Firestopping by the Numbers will work with any manufacturer-tested product.

My involvement in firestopping began when I developed a mechanical penetration system for structured cabling installers. During the development phase, I was amazed by some of the penetrations encountered in commercial buildings, schools and hospitals.

Consistently, the most difficult firestop issue always revolved around the cable tray.

It seemed to run continuously through fire rated barriers with reckless abandon. The holes created by passing the tray through the wall or floor varied in size and shape. It was as if a different person had planned and executed each and every hole, even in the same building, or on the same floor. There was no method to the madness.

So much so that it was decided that the cable tray penetrations were going to be too tough to handle as far as coming up with a unique offering. A decision was made to abandon R&D efforts on this type of penetration.

For the next three years, our company developed sleeves for retrofitting penetration violations and penetrators for new installations.

The systems are the accumulation of ideas and solutions from the cable installers' perspective. All were well received by the cabling industry, but what about those pesky cable tray penetrations?

Firestopping employs methods that are tested and classified in the amount of time before a fire will pass through a rated barrier.

When our small company developed systems that passed through fire-rated walls, we had to send them to an independent testing laboratory to be tested. The cable tray industry has managed to sidestep firestop issues by just saying and doing, "nothing." The average architect or engineer will spec a cable tray and leave it up to a contractor to install it, most of the time with very little or with no reference to firestopping.

From what I have seen first hand in the field, the term "approved system" can mean many different things to many different people. Quite frankly, the term is ambiguous and often controversial when the time comes for the work of a low voltage installer to be inspected as cables are routed through fire rated walls and floors.

Many people think a tube of caulking is an "approved system." The cabling industry has responded with new and innovative products. New methods need to be integrated in to the standard operating procedures of our craft. The practice of cable trays running through firewalls is, in my opinion, not a good method.

A simple and effective alternative would be mechanical systems that will allow cable trays to be stopped a few feet short of the fire barrier, the system installed and the tray picked up again on the other side of the barrier.

It is a little known fact that there are no proactive cable tray penetration classifications for trays to go through a fire barrier. I did not say "illegal," I said proactive. In other words, the cable tray manufacturer did not go to Underwriters Laboratories Inc. or another recognized testing laboratory and say, "test this tray penetration for two hours, make the hole this size, use these pillows and compress this amount."

Instead, they left it to the end user to retrofit whatever they ended up with. Those large holes will be a nightmare for the life of the building.

Maintaining them will be expensive and time consuming. The point is, we should stop it.

Mike Tobias is the founder and CEO of Unique Fire Stop Products, Inc. based in Robertsdale, Ala. He can be reached via e-mail at

CNS Magazine - March/April 2005 (reprinted with permission from CNS)
Cable trays and blazes
In the complex world of firestopping, the term "approved system" can mean different things to different people. Such ambiguity could end up causing inordinate grief for both contractors and structured...

Firestopping by the Numbers

1. Establish the hourly rating of the wall: All barriers are tested in increments of time. Be sure to check the barrier for all applicable ratings such as F - T - L. Once the rating of the barrier is established, seek a tested penetration system to match or exceed the barriers rating. Manufacturers will help you with this task.

2. Select and acquire the systems listing: Pay close attention to the cable load limits, the fill procedure and packing requirements if any. Place a hard copy of the listing in the job file for future reference. Have it on hand for inspection.

3. Plan the Installation: Refer to cable load charts based on the allowable percentage of cable load allowed in the system you have selected. You might consider the possibilities of adding cables at a later date and future-proof the penetration. However, do not make a hole any larger than necessary as a large hole is much more difficult to seal than a series of smaller holes.

4. Seek pre-approval from those who have authority to enforce compliance: Do not skip this step and do not roll your eyes, just do it. Find out who you will be inspected by and submit your systems information for pre-approval. Remember, it is not "approved" unless the inspector says it is.

5. Follow the manufacturers' assembly instructions: Cable load limitations are the most commonly violated portion of a through penetration system installed today. Pay close attention to the limitations in the tested system and consult with the manufacturer when the situation requires a deviation. Many manufacturers can perform an Engineering Judgment (EJ) to cover you.

6. Digitally document your installed system: Label and alpha-numerically identify each penetration system. Many systems will come with documentation and warning labels for you to fill out and adhere to the wall next to your system. Be sure to take a digital photo from a short distance away as well as a close up of the label. Submit these photos to your customer as their Firestop Certification and always keep an electronic version.

DuPont Shareholder Seeks Disclosure

A DuPont Co. shareholder wants the chemical maker to disclose legal fees and other expenses for a chemical that is used to make the nonstick substance Teflon and is being studied by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a possible carcinogen.

Company management opposes the proposal, which will be voted on later this month at the company's annual meeting in Wilmington, Del., where it is based.

If approved, DuPont would be forced to disclose fees paid to attorneys and experts, and costs for lobbying and public relations related to the health and environmental consequences of perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA. The chemical also is known as C8.

Shareholder John D. Kimmerle of Kenmore, N.Y., wants DuPont to disclose the financial information for every year from 1981 to 2004. "While DuPont has disclosed some information, we believe more transparency of the costs associated with the company's use of PFOA would promote sound corporate governance," his proposal says.

DuPont's board of directors advised shareholders to reject the financial disclosure, saying the information "would be confusing" and "would not significantly enhance the extensive current information that is available to shareholders."

In February, a judge approved the settlement of a class-action lawsuit in which DuPont agreed to pay at least $107.6 million to settle claims from residents in West Virginia and Ohio who said their drinking water had been contaminated with PFOA.

A pending lawsuit filed by the EPA alleges DuPont hid information about the dangers of PFOA. The lawsuit accused DuPont of causing "widespread contamination" of drinking water supplies near its Washington Works plant on the Ohio River.

Amalgamated Bank to Vote 'FOR' DuPont Stockholder Proposal

- Investors Seek Board Disclosure Related to Consequences of Chemical Used in Teflon®

Amalgamated Bank's LongView Collective Investment Fund announced today that it plans to vote its 409,495 shares of DuPont (NYSE: DD - News) stock in favor of a shareholder proposal seeking a report by the Board of Directors. The report would disclose costs related to the health and environmental consequences of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) exposures, including DuPont's remediation of sites where PFOA is present and PFOA-related litigation.

According to the proposal, which appears as Item #9 in the 2005 DuPont proxy statement, DuPont faces significant liabilities due to potential health and environmental consequences related to PFOA, a chemical processing aid used in the production of Teflon® and other products. DuPont is the exclusive U.S. manufacturer of PFOA, which has been shown to cause cancer and liver damage in animals.

In September 2004, DuPont settled a class action lawsuit involving PFOA water pollution. DuPont will pay at least $108 million under the settlement for new water treatment systems for six West Virginia and Ohio communities, health and education programs, and other costs. DuPont could also be required to spend an additional $235 million for a medical monitoring program for area residents.

In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently filed an administrative complaint against the company, alleging that for twenty years beginning in 1981, DuPont withheld information from the EPA, including the presence of PFOA in blood samples of pregnant DuPont employees and widespread PFOA contamination in local drinking water above the Company's community exposure guidelines. DuPont faces a potential fine of more than $300 million in the case.

Amalgamated Bank believes that a proactive approach to disclosure of risks related to DuPont's use of PFOA would allow for enhanced assessment of risks and opportunities related to the manufacture of this chemical and could prevent help protect the company's reputation as a corporate citizen.

Founded in 1923, Amalgamated Bank invests workers' retirement savings through its LongView Funds. With $10 billion in assets under management, LongView works to enhance shareholder value through corporate governance reforms at portfolio companies. Amalgamated Bank is available online at

DAIKIN and Dow Corning announce Collaboration

DAIKIN and Dow Corning announce fluorosilicone technology collaboration

Dow Corning Corporation and DAIKIN INDUSTRIES, LTD., have agreed to collaborate in the exploration of new areas of fluorosilicone chemistry. Through this collaboration, the companies will globally develop, manufacture and sell fluorosilicone products for a broad range of markets and applications.

Dow Corning and DAIKIN are global leaders with a history of innovation in their respective fields. Established in 1943 specifically to explore and develop the performance-enhancing potential of silicones, Dow Corning is the silicone industry pioneer. DAIKIN is a leading manufacturer of fluorochemical products and technology.

Both companies are experienced in the development of new technologies to meet the needs of a wide array of industries and markets. Additionally, they have complementary global manufacturing and research and development networks that facilitate the seamless exchange of research, materials and technology.

According to Naoki Toyoshima, Deputy General Manger of DAIKIN INDUSTRIES' Chemical Division, silicone and fluorine chemistry expand and complement each other. "Fluorine bonds with other elements to create durable compounds that are heat-resistant and not easily penetrated by chemicals and solvents," says Toyoshima. "Silicone gives fluorocarbons softness, flexibility, low-temperature resistance, better adhesion to substrates and other properties they did not have before. By combining the two in a unique way, it is possible to achieve better products with new capabilities that cannot be achieved through silicone or fluorine chemistry alone."

Douglas Wernicke, Dow Corning's Global Business Product Line Manager for resins, specialty fluids, copolymers and reactive fluids, says fluorosilicone technology is capable of delivering a wide range of benefits, including high- and low-temperature resistance; water and oil repellency; lubricity and flexibility; and easy-clean properties. "Many of these properties," Wernicke says, "can dramatically improve the performance of our customers' products."

Expected opportunities for Dow Corning and DAIKIN's combined technology include automotive, aerospace, construction, semiconductor and textiles applications.

Dow Corning serves customers in diverse industries with diverse needs. "We are committed to giving all our customers the innovative tools and solutions they need to respond to changing market demands," says Wernicke. "So we are very excited about the wide array of new solutions that could result from this collaboration. This is not a short-term project but a long-term relationship that we believe will dramatically expand the current market for fluorosilicone technology."

Toyoshima says, "Our companies share a common philosophy and a common desire to expand the potential of our technologies. DAIKIN has always been eager to explore any area that will add comfort, pleasure or usefulness to people's lifestyles. Our mission, and the essence of our existence, is to identify and realize our customers' future needs and dreams, even those of which they may not yet be aware. There is great potential here."

Dow Corning Toray Co., Ltd., a joint venture of Dow Corning and Toray Industries formed to develop and market silicon-based materials and solutions in Japan, acts as a bridge between DAIKIN and Dow Corning Corporation. On April 1, 2005, the newly consolidated company of Dow Corning Toray Co., Ltd., was launched. This consolidation reflects our strong commitment to and investment in the Japanese market. Dow Corning Toray Co., Ltd., provides expertise to help the Dow Corning-DAIKIN collaboration succeed.


The National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) announces a $300,000 commitment by Sonepar USA to the NAED Education & Research Foundation. The landmark contribution from Sonepar is the most generous contribution to date by a distributor company.

"At Sonepar USA, we are committed to education," said Tony Burr, COO of Sonepar USA. "The future of electrical distribution hinges on knowing what comes next - and staying one step ahead of it through research and education. Our top priority to our people and our customers is providing the training and information necessary to stay informed and empowered. The NAED Education & Research Foundation offers the industry the research and development critical to their successes. Sonepar USA and our associates are proud to support the NAED Education & Research Foundation and make an investment in our industry's future."

Headquartered in Berwyn, Pa., Sonepar USA is the U.S. subsidiary of the global Sonepar SA group, the world's largest privately held electrical distributor, which employs 19,000 individuals globally. Sonepar USA, with $1.3 billion in sales, is one of the fastest growing distributor networks in the nation with 160 branches in 15 states and the Caribbean.

"As one of the largest users of our training materials, Sonepar has demonstrated their commitment to the professional development of their employees. This significant contribution gives the industry the means to assure a bright future for our industry," said Bill Elliott, chairman of the Channel Advantage Partnership council and president of Elliott Electric Supply in Nacogdoches, Texas.

The company's $300,000 donation will become part of an endowment fund for the NAED Education & Research Foundation. The principal amount of the endowment will remain untouched, while the interest will be used to commission future projects and studies. As a $300,000 donor, Sonepar will be recognized at the Guarantor Level and have a permanent position on the Channel Advantage Partnership Council, which will help select future educational programs and research projects.

Greening Affordable Housing

by Jessica Boehland
America is in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. A family supported by one full-time minimum-wage earner cannot afford rent for the average two-bedroom apartment anywhere in the U.S., according to the nonprofit Enterprise Foundation, which supports local organizations building affordable housing around the country. In the affordable housing crisis, we have an opportunity to answer the need with green buildings.

NECA presents Conference on Integrated Building Systems

April 19, 2005- Bethesda- The Conference on Integrated Building Systems, formerly the VDV Conference and Expo in Las Vegas will run concurrently with the annual NECA convention and trade show in New Orleans September 17-20, 2005. "This event will prepare electrical contractors to become general contractors and specialty contractors to become prime contractors," said NECA CEO John Grau. "The Master Format has had dramatic changes, and now contractors have to change how they approach business."

What used to be found in Division 16 is now divided among ten different divisions. How do you bid this work? How do you manage your business in this rapidly changing market? "The theme for the 2005 Conference on Integrated Building Systems zeros in on the business issues that contractors need to effectively compete in today's market," said Mary Germershausen, NECA Executive Director Systems Technology. "Whether you have expanded into network cabling, sound, security, fire & life safety, access control, home networking, or all of the above, the Conference on Integrated Building Systems prepares contractors for the growing convergence market."

Attendees will learn from sessions like: How the Master Format will Affect the way you do Business; Opportunities as a Result of Homeland Security; 2005 NEC Changes; How the Courts Interpret Specifications; Security Technology Innovations for the 21st Century; Project Scheduling; Safety in the Workplace - OSHA Training; Ten Things you need to know about Surety Bonds; What to do to Prevent Lawsuits; Lean Construction-Efficient Construction; and Project Delivery Systems. Three eight-hour workshops will be presented on Saturday, September 17th: Master Format Course; Fire Alarm Code Update; and Significant Changes to the NEC.

NECA is expanding the Technical workshops this year to feature not only the latest trends in the electrical industry, but also informative IBS and Lighting workshops. These educational sessions will be presented, all three days, by industry experts right on the exhibit show floor. IBS Conference attendees will have the added benefit of a private reception just with IBS exhibitors on Monday evening, September 19th.

The Conference on Lighting Education will also take place in conjunction with the NECA Convention and Trade Show in New Orleans. Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase a discounted Conference Hopper pass, which allows contractors to register for both events.

New Orleans is a truly unique American city. The Big Easy knows how to entertain visitors of every description. Guests will find a festival of lights, Dixieland jazz, Cajun cooking, voodoo, lazy antebellum mansions framed in Spanish moss and world famous hospitality. The Conference will be co-located between the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel located at 621 St. Louis Street and the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center September 17-20, 2005. Full details are available at

Hitachi Data Systems Appoints New Executive

Worldwide Marketing Organization Led by Jim Davidson to Play a Central Role in Leading Company's Growth in 2005

Hitachi Data Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE:HIT - News), today announced the promotion of Jim Davidson to executive vice president of Global Marketing and Sales Enablement, a newly created position within the company. Davidson, who brings more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience in the information technology sector, is chartered with leading the worldwide marketing and sales initiatives that will position the company for its next stage of growth. Davidson will continue to report to Dave Roberson, president and chief operating officer, Hitachi Data Systems, and continue to serve on the company's Executive Committee.

"In today's ultra-competitive marketplace, sophisticated marketing campaigns are critical to the success of IT companies," said Roberson. "The extensive field sales experience and fine-tuned customer orientation that Jim brings to his new role will help us build and grow a marketing organization that anticipates the needs of the local market and the local sales force, and stays one step ahead of customer requirements. Jim will keep us on track -- towards marketing-led growth -- with integrated, responsive and customer- and partner-focused programs and initiatives. Armed with a fully integrated worldwide marketing organization -- including our new global PR agency, Blanc & Otus -- Hitachi Data Systems is now poised to deliver a truly high impact worldwide marketing campaign."

"I am excited to have the opportunity to evolve marketing into a leading role for the company, one that will contribute materially to the company's objectives and drive sales," said Davidson. "In the past year, Hitachi Data Systems has emerged as the industry thought leader, with innovative approaches to virtualization that have been recognized as a new category of storage. As a result, we are now in a better position to demonstrate our leadership than ever before. Using Application Optimized Storage as our central theme, we plan to aggressively pursue an integrated worldwide marketing campaign in 2005."

Commenting on today's announcement, Hu Yoshida, chief technology officer, Hitachi Data Systems, said, "Jim will enable HDS to further capitalize on the first mover advantage we are currently enjoying with the advanced capabilities of the TagmaStore(TM) Universal Storage Platform. While our competitors are busy test-marketing virtualization products, we are busy installing ours in customer sites around the globe and gaining market traction as the leading solution for large-scale storage virtualization. The combination of our newly formed worldwide sales organization led by Scott Genereux, coupled with the integrated global marketing organization led by Jim Davidson, will enable Hitachi Data Systems to drive market share in 2005 and beyond."

The sophisticated design of the newly formed Global Marketing & Sales Enablement organization will position the group to deliver everything from advanced field sales training tools, field productivity solutions, creative financing services, and worldwide marketing and corporate communications campaigns -- encompassing the entire spectrum of Hitachi Data Systems marketing and sales deliverables on a truly global scale.

Davidson was previously executive vice president and general manager of the Americas, responsible for management of the company's U.S. Sales and Customer Service and Support Field Organization, Worldwide Sales Support, Human Resources, Finance and Shared Services, Hitachi Data Systems Credit Corporation, and Legal divisions. Davidson joined Hitachi Data Systems in 1989, and has held the positions of vice president of U.S. sales, Central Region vice president, district manager and marketing representative. Before joining Hitachi Data Systems, he held several management positions with Xerox, Inc., and Diebold, Inc. Davidson received a bachelor's degree in English Literature and master's degree in Education from the University of Missouri.

Corning sees 1st-qtr earnings above its forecast

Corning Inc. (GLW.N: Quote, Profile, Research) on Monday said it expects quarterly results to exceed its prior forecast, due to significantly stronger performance from its Dow Corning Corp. joint venture and higher-than-expected demand for hardware and equipment products.

Corning also backed its earlier first-quarter predictions for its liquid crystal display (LCD) glass and optical fiber businesses. It has said previously that 2005 will be a break-through year for LCD televisions.

The earnings forecast from the leading supplier of LCD glass comes on the heels of a weak first-quarter report from Dutch electronics group Philips Electronics (PHG.A: Quote, Profile, Research) , whose results suffered from overcapacity in chips and LCDs.

Shares of Corning, the largest maker of fiber optic cable for telecommunications, rose to $11.53 in pre-market trading on the Inet electronic brokerage system from a close of $11.10 on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday.

The Corning, New York-based company said it expects 2005 first-quarter sales to be in the range of $1.04 billion to $1.05 billion and earnings per share to be in the range of 16 cents to 17 cents before special items.

Those earnings predictions exceed the company's prior forecast for sales of $980 million to $1.03 billion and earnings of 11 to 13 cents a share, excluding special items.

On Feb. 4, Corning said it expected LCD glass volume in the first quarter would rise in the 5 percent to 10 percent range, but that pricing could decline about 5 percent. Optical fiber, Corning said, would likely post flat to 10 percent declines in volume, with pricing down less than 5 percent.

On March 9, Corning said its broader outlook for volume in the overall LCD glass market is for growth of between 40 percent and 60 percent in 2005, with a compound annual volume growth rate of 40 percent through 2007.

ACUTA'S 34th Annual Conference & Exhibition

On-Line Information & Registration for 34th Annual Conference & Exhibition

ACUTA, The Association for Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education, is pleased to announce the on-line availability of information and registration for it's 34th Annual Conference & Exhibition and the ACUTA Forum for Strategic Leadership in Communications Technology, July 17-21, 2005 in Kissimmee, FL.

The Conference provides unequalled networking opportunities - both formal and informal, valuable educational sessions, insightful keynote and general session presentations, and an exhibit hall filled with the latest technologies and services.

Registrations are already coming in - we look forward to seeing you there!

Fluke Networks announces programs for Spring 2005 BISCI

Free OTDR luncheon, testing presentation among scheduled events

Fluke Networks announced today its sponsored events for the Spring 2005 Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) convention in Las Vegas. The company will be showcasing its premier cable testing solutions at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, May 1-5. The company's display, located at exhibition tables #515/517, will feature hands-on demonstrations of Fluke Networks' products and solutions.

The company is hosting a free luncheon on May 3 to demonstrate how OTDR technology can help identify infrastructure problems and increase the quality of fiber installations. Guests will learn from Fluke Networks Product Manager Ted Thwing why they should use an OTDR, how an OTDR is used and get a glimpse into two-tier testing using Fluke Networks' OptiFiber Certifying OTDR, a multi-function fiber tester. Luncheon attendees will be automatically entered in a drawing to win one of three prizes. The luncheon will be held 12:00 - 1:15pm in Grand Ballrooms D&E.

Fluke Networks' Mark Johnston will present "Testing--Testing--New Alternatives?" on May 4, 1:30pm - 2:30pm, as part of the BICSI general session. Room location will be announced in the show guide. Johnston will examine the latest issues affecting testing of structured cabling systems and show which classes of tools are best suited to different testing applications.

Johnston explains, "Many people thought that when category 6 cable was implemented we could all catch our collective breath for a while. Not so! Not only is category 6a cable a hot topic, but so are concerns about voice over Internet protocol, power over Ethernet, and alien crosstalk."

In addition to the luncheon and presentation, Fluke Networks will hold a give-away promotion for its DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer. After visiting the Fluke Networks display for a DTX demonstration and stopping by the Harris booth (#519) and two of Fluke Networks' connectivity partners' booths, guests can enter to win a DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer, approximate retail value $7,700 USD. Connectivity partners attending the event include Quabbin, Systimax Solutions, ADC, Hubbell, Leviton, Siemon, AMP and NetConnect. Punch card entries for the promotion will be available at the Fluke Networks display.

Registered (full-conference) BICSI attendees can attend the Testing presentation. Seating for Fluke Networks' luncheon is open to the first 200 attendees. For more information about the Spring 2005 BICSI conference, visit

Environmental Building News Makes the Case for Green

BuildingGreen, Inc., Publisher of Environmental Building News (EBN) and the GreenSpec directory of green building products, has recently published "Making the Case for Green Building" in Environmental Building News. This latest feature from EBN is available for free in the BuildingGreen Suite of online resources.

While the BuildingGreen Suite is a subscription-based online resource, the company occasionally makes articles available for public use. "We considered this article so important and so broadly relevant," said EBN Editor Nadav Malin, "that we decided to make it available to anyone."

"Making the Case for Green Building" reviews the wide-ranging benefits of green building. Forty-six benefits are described in seven categories: first-cost savings; reduced operating costs, other economic benefits, health and productivity benefits, community benefits, environmental benefits, and social benefits. These diverse benefits-which do not all apply to every project-include reduced infrastructure costs, lower energy costs, reduced costs of churn, more rapid lease-out, positive public image, reduced employee turnover, improved health, reduced automobile use and traffic congestion, reduced toxic emissions, protection of biodiversity, and support of sustainable economies.

The full article can be read on

Non-Chemical Water Treatment for Cooling Towers

by Mak Piepkorn
Cooling towers dissipate heat through evaporation, using large thermal transfer areas wetted by recirculating water. They often provide the most cost-effective option for removing heat generated in manufacturing, power generation, and large, refrigerant-based air-conditioning systems; but the combination of heat, expansive moist areas, and recirculating water creates an almost ideal petri dish for bacteria and mold. This system cleans cooling-tower water using pulsed electromagnetic fields in place of harsh chemicals.

Lantegra Cabling Solution

Lantegra Solutions, the structured cabling system from Hitachi Cable Manchester and Superior Modular Products will be in attendance at the upcoming AFCOM (April 19th-20th) and BICSI (May 1st-4th) tradeshows in Las Vegas.

Lantegra, chosen by companies large and small, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, is a structured cabling system comprised of premium Superior Modular Products connecting hardware and high performance Hitachi Cable Manchester cable. The combination of these two lines of products produce a structured cabling system that delivers guaranteed performance headroom on a system level and best-in-class component level margins. Lantegra, with solutions for Category 5e, 5e+, 6 and 6+, has a solution that will best meet your needs. Our quality U.S. made connecting hardware and cable surpasses the performance of many of our higher priced competitors. The comprehensive 25-Year product and application assurance warranty is also an indication of commitment by Hitachi and Superior to Lantegra customers.

The cable and connectivity experts at Hitachi Cable Manchester and Superior Modular Products invite you to review the highlights of the Lantegra structured cabling solution by visiting the Lantegra website at If you have the opportunity, please visit the booth of Hitachi Cable Manchester and Superior Modular Products while at the AFCOM or BICSI show to learn more about Lantegra.

NECA's New Lighting Conference for Electrical Contractors

March 10, 2005- Bethesda- NECA raises the bar on educational opportunities for all electrical contractors with the launch of the new Conference on Lighting Education September 17-20, 2005 in New Orleans. The first annual event will run concurrently with the NECA Convention and trade show. "This event is for all electrical contractors and NECA invites the industry to take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity," said NECA CEO John Grau. "This Conference can teach contractors how to learn to turn lighting projects into more lighting profits." Recent industry research clearly identified the electrical contractor's specification power in the area of lamps, ballasts, fixtures, and controls in both new construction and in renovation/retrofit projects. NECA is assembling the finest roster of lighting industry experts to focus on specific contractor needs.

Mary Beth Gotti, Manager, of GE's Lighting Institute will present the Conference Keynote Address "Opportunities in the Lighting Market Today." Earl Print, recently retired Director Sales Development & Lighting Education for Lightolier, and Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) Board member, will talk on "Improvements in Lighting Systems Technologies: Lamps, Ballasts & Luminaires" and "The Cost of Light". Lithonia Lighting / Acuity Brands Vice President, Cheryl English will present "Lighting Codes Update" and "Neighborhood Friendly Outdoor Lighting". Ms. English is also the Vice Chairwoman of NEMA's Lighting Division. Randy Burkett, President of Randy Burkett Lighting Design, and former President of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) will present "Substitution: Value Engineering with Quality" and "Make More $$$ Up selling than Substituting". The Conference on Lighting Education will feature an eight-hour workshop on "Lighting Design Basics" led by Fred Oberkircher, of Texas Christian University's Center for Lighting Education, also an IESNA Board member. Mark Lien, Manager of Cooper's Lighting Center, the SOURCE, will present " The 5 Forces of Change in the Lighting Industry" which will include an energy crisis update, the globalization of lighting products, the effects of light on life forms, energy and environmental legislation, and radical new technologies. All these issues have a tremendous effect on how we conduct our business.

Lighting industry expert Craig DiLouie will lead a panel discussion among members of the Lighting Controls Association, a division of NEMA. They will discuss energy efficiency innovations in controls. Panel members include representatives from Lutron, Leviton, Advance Transformer, and Square D. Additional topics include; Lighting for Safety and Security; LED Lighting; Health Care Lighting, The Aging Eye, and more.

NECA will offer lighting technical workshops on the expanded exhibit show floor. Topics such as Best Practice for Installations, Residential, Commercial and Industrial which are joint NECA / IESNA developed documents; What's Happening in Compact Fluorescent Lamp Technology; and High-Intensity Discharge Update.

The Conference on Integrated Building Systems (formerly VDV Conference & Expo) will also take place concurrently with the NECA Convention and Trade Show in New Orleans. Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase a discounted Conference Hopper pass, which allows contractors to register for both events.

New Orleans is a truly unique American city. The Big Easy knows how to entertain visitors of every description. Visitors will find a festival of lights, Dixieland jazz, Cajun cooking, voodoo, lazy antebellum mansions framed in Spanish moss and world famous hospitality. The Conference will take place at the high-tech Ernest N. Morial Convention Center September 1720, 2005. Full details are available at

Light Brigade Offers 2nd Revision of Fundamentals of
Fiber Optics DVD Updated With New Dispersion Chapters

The Light Brigade announces a second revision of the "Fundamentals of Fiber Optics: A Primer on Optical Fibers" (ISBN# 09754542-0-X) DVD, which has been expanded and updated with both multimode and singlemode dispersion chapters. In particular, the new DVD includes new animations and content to reflect the changes in how to measure and define bandwidth for laser optimized multimode fibers.

"Fundamentals of Fiber Optics: A Primer on Optical Fibers" reviews the fascinating history and evolution of optical fibers and their applications. The content structure is designed for those who are involved with optical fibers. It examines basic optical theory, terminology, and applications. The DVD is a must as a staff training tool for those working with fiber optics. Whether your need is singlemode, multimode, plastic or application-specific optical fibers, this DVD is a basic primer on the major types of fibers, their structure, history, and applications.

* A Brief History
* Advantages of Fiber Optics
* Light Basics
* Fiber Structures
* Attenuation
* Fiber Manufacturing
* Multimode Dispersion
* Singlemode Dispersion
* Plastic Optical Fiber
* Specialty Fiber
* Fiber Optic Applications

Each DVD in the series incorporates video clips, animations, and graphics detailing how optical fibers are manufactured, tested, and installed. The DVD is unbiased and provides an international perspective, including film footage and standards. Peer review occurred during both the scripting and production phases. For those who plan to use the DVD as a staff development tool, it is formatted for easy presentation either by chapters or in continuous play mode. Bonus materials include a quiz to test content knowledge.

"Fundamentals of Fiber Optics: A Primer on Optical Fibers" DVD (Part No. W-6D-112) is now available at a price of $200. For more information, contact The Light Brigade at 800-451-7128 or visit

Mike Holt's Illustrated Changes To The NEC 2005 Textbook Is Here

A new Code cycle has begun and it's that time again to adapt to the 2005 NEC. Don't let the scale of this change intimidate you. With Mike Holt's Illustrated Changes to the NEC 2005, you'll be up-to-speed in no time. Nearly 5,000 changes were proposed for the 2005 NEC!

A new Code cycle has begun and it's time again to adapt. Don't let the scale of this change intimidate you. With Mike Holt's Illustrated Changes to the NEC 2005, you'll be up-to-speed in no time.

Nearly 5,000 changes were proposed for the 2005 NEC! Over 225 of them will have a significant impact on designing, installing, and inspecting electrical systems and so should be known now.

Mike takes you through every change he considers critical so that you can easily gauge the impact of and application to your work almost instantly.

Subjects include:

* General Requirements
* Circuits and Protection
* Grounding versus Bonding
* Wiring Methods
* Equipment for General Use
* Special Occupancies
* Special Equipment
* Special Conditions
* Limited Energy and Communications Systems

Why do Mike's books give you an edge?
Because of the experience and extra effort Mike puts forth in organizing changes so that they are easy for you to identify and apply "on-the-job."

Each change includes:

  • Cross references to other related Code requirements to help you develop a better understanding of how the Code rules relate to one another.
  • Background information for each change along with explanations, which are delivered in Mike's trademark style… easy-to-understand.
  • Author's Comments - this is basically Mike speaking to you directly about something that he feels should be brought to your attention.
  • Full-color detailed graphics to reinforce those difficult concepts and provide instant understanding.

Product Code: 05BK
ISBN: 1-932685-27-8
Pages: 120
Illustrations: 198
Price: $44.00 each Order Now!

Looking for the latest and greatest on the National Electrical Code?

Mike Holt, widely recognized as one of America's most knowledgeable and dynamic electrical educators, is committed to the electrical industry. His motivational teaching style has given confidence to thousands of electricians and helped them pass their exam on their first try. His development of educational products that are interesting and technically correct has made his name synonymous with quality education.

His dedication to electrical training is the result of his own struggles as an electrician looking for a program that would help him succeed in this challenging industry. Mike worked his way up through the electrical trade as an apprentice, journeyman, master electrician, electrical inspector, electrical contractor, electrical designer, and developer of training programs and materials for the electrical industry. Currently a contributing editor to magazines such as Electrical Construction and Maintenance (EC&M), CEE NEWS, and Power Quality, Mike's articles have also appeared in Electrical Design and Installation (EDI) and Electrical Contractor (EC).

Since 1975 Mike has provided custom, in-house seminars for such clients as IAEI, NECA, ICBO, IBM, the 7x24 Exchange, the IEEE, AT&T, Motorola, and the U.S. Navy. He has taught over 1,000 classes on 30 different electrical subjects ranging from alarm installations to exam preparation and voltage drop calculations. Many of Mike's seminars are available on video, DVD, and CDROM and he continues to develop additional courses, seminars, and workshops to meet today's changing needs for individuals, organizations, vocational and apprenticeship training programs.

Since 1982 Mike has been helping electrical contractors improve their business management through both seminars and personal consultations. Mike's extensive knowledge of the National Electrical Code, his hands-on experience, and his unique style of presenting information make his products a must for all in the electrical industry.

Making the Case for Green Building

To those of us entrenched in the green building world the benefits seem obvious. Why would anyone choose to build in a way that isn't comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient? In the process of designing and building green, however, we keep running into others who are not yet as convinced. For those situations, it's useful to be able to spell out the benefits.

GE's New Vice President of Global Sales

GE's Clark Expanding Security Business Scope into Datacom, Telecom, VOIP and IT Network Relationships

GE's Security business (NYSE: GE) today announced that Jim Clark, Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing, plans to complement GE's present teams of dedicated specialists with added experts in IT networking. These teams will help GE's current dealers and integrators grow and scale their businesses to meet the emerging, sophisticated integration needs of their security customers, incorporating technologies and services presently employed in the Information Technology (IT) markets.

"The continued convergence of physical security with information technology, including the drive to IP-based surveillance, creates a need for new knowledge and skills on the part of our dealers and integrators," Clark said. "To remain competitive, end users, dealers/integrators and manufacturers must recognize and respond to emerging trends in the networking of security systems with data communications, telecommunications, VOIP and IT networks.

"I look forward to continuing what we've started, building teams with specialists in these arenas and providing our GE partners with increased training and technical support, along with sales and marketing expertise on how to solve problems and create solutions by leveraging these new market dynamics. It's imperative that we go beyond creating innovative products. We must also help our partners build their businesses."

A 15+year security veteran, Clark is an executive board member of the Security Industry Association (SIA), Chair of the SIA Education Committee, and a board member of the Open Security Exchange.

Clark joined GE in 2001 in the Industrial Systems business as the Director of Business Development for Vertical Markets. In 2003, he accepted the role of Vice President, Global Marketing for Target Markets for GE Industrial Systems. In 2004, he joined GE Infrastructure, Security as Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing. Prior to his GE career, he was the President of AC&C Network Services from 1998 to 2001. Before that, he was Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for North American Video Corp. from 1986 to 1998.

Clark is a graduate of the University of New York, Regents with an undergraduate degree in business. In addition, he attended Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Business with a focus on marketing.

MTU/MDU in-building broadband market to quadruple by 2009

Increasing demand for broadband services by consumers and businesses will propel the market for multi-tenant unit/multi-dwelling unit (MTU/MDU) in-building broadband services equipment to more than fourfold growth in coming years, according to a report from In-Stat, a high-tech market research firm. The firm projects MTU/MDU equipment revenues to grow from $364 million in 2004 to nearly $1.5 billion in 2009.

"MTUs/MDUs house a significant portion of the population and of businesses worldwide, especially in high-density areas such as Seoul, Hong Kong, and New York," observes Amy Cravens, an In-Stat analyst. "This market is being driven forward by business and consumer communication demands, service providers' efforts to meet those demands, and building owners' efforts to create an environment that meets their tenants' needs."

The report's findings include the following:

* Asia Pacific continues to be the largest market, with the greatest market opportunity in terms of number of buildings, and many of the region's largest providers having adopted an in-building strategy.

* Much MTU/MDU in-building broadband growth is being driven by "greenfield" buildings requiring broadband infrastructure, and by the impact of fiber deployments on the MTU/MDU environment.

* Through 2009, MTU equipment revenues will be significantly larger than revenues for MDU, primarily due to the higher cost of equipment applied to businesses, as opposed to in residential environments. However, the study sees MDU equipment revenues growing at a faster rate than MTU equipment revenues.

The report, "Worldwide MTU/MDU Equipment Market," covers the global market for in-building broadband equipment sales for MTU/MDU deployments. Forecasts are segmented by region, spanning from 2004 to 2009. Building area network (BAN) technologies discussed include DSL, cable, Ethernet, FTTP, and wireless. WAN technologies discussed include cable, DSL, fiber-to-the-building (FTTB), leased line, and wireless.

The report's price is $3,495.

Keynoters Announced for Joint BOMA-Realcomm General Session

June 27 in Anaheim

The co-location of BOMA's North American Commercial Real Estate Congress and The Office Building Show with Realcomm, the world's leading event for technology, business solutions, intelligent buildings, and Internet services for commercial real estate, affords many added benefits for BOMA Congress attendees this year. One of the most exciting features is a joint general session on Monday, June 27 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

CEOs for DestiNY USA and Grubb & Ellis Head Up Panel

Michael J. Lorenz , Chief Executive Officer of DestiNY USA and Mark Rose, Chief Executive Officer of Grubb & Ellis, have been confirmed for this exciting session themed Real Estate @ The Speed Of Light.

Michael J. Lorenz CEO, DestiNY USA. Lorenz heads up one of the most ambitious real estate mega projects in the U.S. The project is defined by an unprecedented diversity of brands and activities within its 150 acres of enclosed green park space. DestiNY USA is utilizing technology in ways never before seen, while working toward a totally sustainable energy efficient community. This master-planned, technically-innovative destination could prove to be one of the most forward thinking, progressive, 21st century projects in the world, and you'll hear all about it at this exciting session.

Mark Rose CEO, Grubb & Ellis. Mark Rose was named Chief Executive Officer of Grubb & Ellis in March. With over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate, most recently as CEO and CFO of the Americas for Jones Lang LaSalle, Rose is considered one of the most successful, strategic and visionary executives in the industry. Mark will share his thoughts and visions for commercial real estate, including electronic transactions, paperless markets, next generation projects, and a "digital" future.

This illuminating general session is sponsored by Cushman & Wakefield and Trammell Crow Co. The panel will be moderated by Realcomm's Jim Young and will be preceded by the annual State of the Industry Address presented by BOMA Chairman and Chief Elected Officer, Steven W. Ford, Senior Managing Director, Facilities Management for Cushman & Wakefield.

Other Congress Highlights

The BOMA Congress takes place June 25-28 at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California. The Congress also features hundreds of hours of education, the industry's largest and longest-running trade show, and a variety of networking, business and social events. A June 26 Opening Luncheon address by the first Homeland Security Secretary, Tom Ridge, sponsored by Universal Protection Service, and the annual TOBY and Earth Awards Banquet on June 28 sponsored by Securitas Security Services USA, will also be featured. Registration for BOMA includes entry into BOMA's Office Building Show exposition, as well as Realcomm's exposition. The two shows will be situated in adjoining halls at the Anaheim Convention Center.


Lexington, KY: The Association for Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education (ACUTA) announced the 9th Annual Forum for Strategic Leadership in Communications Technology, a two-day event to be held in Kissimmee, Florida, July 18 and 19, in conjunction with ACUTA's 34th Annual Conference. At this year's Forum senior higher education leaders from campuses large and small, public and private, will consider the topic "Developing a Shared Vision: Strategic Planning as a Guide to Technology Funding."

Most colleges and universities recognize that technology can be a strategic asset as well as a key contributor to the quality of campus life; but reaching consensus on the role of technology for the many campus constituencies, prioritizing wish lists, and obtaining resources to translate the technology vision into reality can be quite a challenge.

"Participants in this program will have a unique and valuable opportunity to learn from peers about how they plan for and fund communications and information technology initiatives to meet the needs of their campus communities," said Jeri Semer, ACUTA Executive Director.

This year, the Strategic Leadership Forum will focus on the close links between strategic planning for the institution and for technology initiatives, and how the strategic plan can be used to identify priorities and guide the allocation of funding.

Forum attendees are also invited to attend Conference general sessions to hear Kevin Mitnick describe his personal experience with hacking and security issues on Monday and to learn about "Teambuilding at the Speed of Trust" from leadership expert Stephen M. R. Covey on Tuesday. Forum participants may also attend remaining Conference sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, including an update on legislative and regulatory issues that are relevant to higher education presented on Wednesday by Jeff Linder, attorney with Wiley, Rein and Fielding. On Thursday, everyone is invited to enjoy the humorous presentation by Mike Rayburn, "Take a Step Beyond."

Participants in the past have praised the Forum as an excellent opportunity for meaningful interaction with other campus leaders, citing the roundtable discussions and informal one-on-one dialog with knowledgeable presenters as particularly valuable.

In addition to the educational sessions, the latest technology, software, and hardware designed to meet the special needs of higher education will be demonstrated in the exhibit hall by approximately 90 exhibiting companies. Exhibit hall hours are Sunday 6:00-9:30 A.M., Monday 9:30-10:45 A.M. and 2:00-4:00 P.M., and Tuesday 9:15-10:30 A.M. and 2:00-4:00 P.M.

Addressing voice, data, and video communications needs for higher education, ACUTA is a nonprofit organization serving more than 800 institutions of higher education and 2,000 communications technology professionals from across the United States and Canada as well as Australia and New Zealand. ACUTA holds a number of audio and Web conferences plus three national seminars and one conference and exhibition annually to provide educational sessions and promote networking among campus communications technology professionals.

Start making your plans now.

July 17-21, 2005 - Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center

ACUTA's Core Purpose: To support higher education communications technology professionals in contributing to the achievement of the strategic mission of their institutions.


Keynote Speaker: Kevin Mitnick
General Session Speakers:
* Stephen M. R. Covey
* Jeff Linder
* Mike Rayburn

July 17-21, 2005
Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center

CABA is on target for their members

The CABA eBulletin is the official newsletter of the Continental Automated Buildings Association. It is distributed to over 20,000 industry and media contacts. Your subscription to the eBulletin is a direct membership benefit designed to provide you with the latest research, news and developments within the home and large building automation and integrated systems industries. Just one more reason why you should join CABA.

In The Modern Workplace - April 2005 issue CABA eBulletin
Integrated Building Systems (IBS) - Smart Buildings - Intelligent Buildings - and Automated Buildings are all part of the trend for a wider application for cabling in the structure. We are confident that the cabling infrastructure is the nervous system of the "building of the future". There are many considerations for this view of the future.

BICSI Spring Conference 2005

BICSI Spring Conference 2005 gets going on Saturday April 30th with the BICSI Codes Committee meeting. From then to the end of the conference, there will be a wide array of activities, meetings and educational opportunities to see and touch the latest and greatest in the cabling industry. Don't miss a trip to the booths of ERICO, Hitachi (HCM) Cable, Superior Modular Products, DYMO, FLUKE Networks, Beast Cabling Systems, Graybar, Unique Firestop Products, and many other fine products in the Exhibition Hall.

VEGAS AGAIN! Several of the above companies are fresh from the AFCOM's Data Center World 2005 Conference and Expo. April 17-21, 2005. The AFCOM's Data Center World Expo offered business solutions that solve issues in the data center, create synergy between the data center and the service provider. An excellent turnout attended this Expo to establish relationships with key providers who offered a fresh outlook and exciting new solutions.

Fluke Networks / Ipswitch Partnership Announcement

Fluke Networks Announces Partnership with Ipswitch, Inc. to Offer New Network Management Solutions
Network Analysis Leaders Join to Offer Added Visibility into Network Operation and Troubleshooting

EVERETT, Washington -- Fluke Networks, a provider of innovative solutions for the testing, monitoring and analysis of enterprise and telecommunications networks, today announced it has entered a partnership with Ipswitch, Inc., a leading developer of network management, messaging and file transfer solutions, to produce a unique real-time solution for network administrators who need a powerful proactive and reactive solution to network problem identification and resolution.

The combination of Key Device Watch, based on Ipswitch's popular WhatsUp® network monitoring program, with Fluke Networks' portable network test solutions provides a streamlined approach to network monitoring and troubleshooting. Key Device Watch proactively monitors and identifies any problems on a network on a 24/7 basis. Fluke Networks' LinkRunner and NetTool can troubleshoot an identified problem area with instant information about the connectivity and performance of the network.

Lisa Schwartz, Fluke Networks Business Development Manager, stated that Ipswitch's compatibility with Fluke Networks' NetTool Inline Network Tester will extend the troubleshooting needs of technicians. "We are pleased to be an integral part of the NetTool Key Device Watch bundle. This partnership will help our customers attain increased visibility to network monitoring and troubleshooting," said Schwartz.

"We are excited to partner with Fluke Networks to provide the market with cutting-edge solutions to isolate network problems and fix them faster than ever before," said Alex Neihaus, Vice President of Marketing at Ipswitch. "As networks grow and become more complex, the administrator's ability to identify and address issues becomes even more important. Our partnership with Fluke Networks allows us to combine our strengths with theirs to deliver a unique, high-capability network monitoring solution for network administrators."

Key Device Watch is available in all versions of NetTooltm Inline Network Tester models and select LinkRunnertm Handheld Network Connectivity Tester models. It is also available as a stand-alone product.

Key Device Watch provides the critical functions needed to monitor and protect a small network without complexity or high cost. The software enables users to map to their networks, monitor critical devices such as email or web sites, and receive alerts about any problems via email, sound, or visual pop-up, in order to speed problem resolution. A trend analysis feature, which tracks network diagnostics with graphical reports and charts, is also available in this bundle.

Fluke Networks Portable Network Test Devices
NetTool Inline Network Tester combines cable, network, IP phone and PC configuration testing into one palm-sized tool that empowers network administrators to quickly identify and resolve the toughest connectivity problems. With the NetTool Inline Network Tester, administrators can connect between two network devices, listen to the traffic between them and quickly see the three most common connectivity problems: the PC is not properly configured, a network resource is not available or there is a cable problem.

LinkRunner is a portable network connectivity tester and an essential tool for network technicians that quickly and accurately verifies connectivity and availability. As networks run faster and become more complex, infrastructure cabling and devices must operate to precise levels in a tighter performance window. LinkRunner assists with this goal by enabling users to quickly identify a problem and improving troubleshooting and escalation accuracy.

Pricing and Availability
NetTool and LinkRunner with Key Device Watch are easy-to-deploy, cost-effective tools to measure and understand enterprise-wide application performance from the end-user's perspective. NetTool is available for immediate delivery in three different versions. All versions include Key Device Watch Software with suggested U.S. list price starting at $917. LinkRunner is also available immediately, with Key Device Watch included, suggested U.S. list price starting at $545. Key Device Watch software is also available as a stand-alone product with a suggested U.S. list price of $245.

About Fluke Networks
Fluke Networks provides innovative solutions for the testing, monitoring and analysis of enterprise and telecommunications networks and the installation and certification of the fiber and copper forming the foundation for those networks. The company's comprehensive line of Network SuperVision solutions™ provide network installers, owners, and maintainers with superior vision, combining speed, accuracy and ease of use to optimize network performance. Headquartered in Everett, Washington, the company has approximately 500 employees worldwide and distributes its products in more than 50 countries. More information can be found by visiting Fluke Networks' site at or by calling (800) 283-5853.

About Ipswitch, Inc.
Ipswitch develops and markets software that works for small and medium businesses worldwide. More than 100 million people use Ipswitch software every day to collaborate via Ipswitch Collaboration Suite, monitor their networks with Ipswitch WhatsUp®, and transfer files over the Internet using the market-leading Ipswitch WS_FTP® Professional client and Ipswitch WS_FTP Server. To view the Ipswitch blog, visit Ipswitch values community involvement, visit to find out how to become involved. For product and sales information, write to or visit

Communication Planning Corp. Delivers the MAX on Cabling

Recently, Communication Planning Corp., Jacksonville, FL ( completed the installation of major cabling projects for GE, Nuvell, and American Enterprise Bank call centers. In each project the testing and performance verification was performed with the new FLUKE Networks DTX - 1800 CableAnalyzer™. This system allowed Communication Planning Corporation to provide the customer with detailed cable records that included performance data for future reference. Michelle Gilleo, Vice President - Operations (CPC) said "Not only did we save a considerable amount of time in the testing process by using the new FLUKE Networks DTX 1800, but the customers loved the detailed records that this tester provided."

"No quality project is truly complete without full documentation of the cabling system." Said Michael Shannahan, Vice President - Installation & Service (CPC). "The planning, installation, labeling, and testing phases of each project are crucial to deliver the maximum asset to our clients".


Want to know more about how you can capture the business opportunities associated with integrated building systems? Mark your calendars for several key conferences and exhibitions.

AFCOM: April 17-21 Las Vegas

BICSI SPRING: May 2-5 Las Vegas

BOMA: June 23-28 Anaheim

REALCOMM: June 27-28 Anaheim, CA

CONNECT 2005: June 28 Anaheim ,

ACUTA: July 17 - 21 Gaylord Palms - Kissimmee, FL

NECA: September 18-20, 2005 New Orleans


April 5-7

April 6-7
SFBF: Ft.Lauderdale, FL

APRIL 13-17
BOMA Southern region conference. Memphis, Tenn

APRIL 17-22
Data Center World (DCW): Las Vegas, NV

April 20-22
Environ Design9

April 21-22
Broadband Wireless World: Las Vegas NV

May 1-6
Interop: Las Vegas, NV

May 2-5
2005 BICSI Spring Conference: Las Vegas NV

May 4-6
Green Design Solutions: Hospitals & Schools: Chicago, IL

May 4-6
13th National Conference on Building Commissioning: New York City, NY

May 10-11
Expocom: Toronto

May 16-21
Affordable Comfort 2005: Indianapolis, IN

May 17-19
VOIP: Beijing China

May 17-27
Sustainable Practices in Design and Construction: Maho Bay, St John U.S. V.I.

May 18
ACUTA Midwest Regional Workshop - "Strategic Tradeoffs in Campus Wireless Mobility": Chicago, IL - Hyatt Regency O'Hare

May 19-21
AIA National Convention & Design Expo: Las Vegas, NV

May 22-25
UTC Telecom: Long Beach CA

MAY 30-June 2
Broadband World Forum: Yokahama Japan

JUNE 1-3
Greening the Heartland 2005:Cost, Practice & Policy: Chicago, IL

June 6-8
IEC: Chicago, IL

June 6-10
NFPA: Las Vegas, NV

June 6-9
Supercomm: Chicago, IL

JUNE 20-23
Ecobuild America 2005: The Environmental Systems Techology Conference

June 25-28
The North American Commercial Real Estate Congress & The Office Building Show
BOMA: Anaheim, CA
Vicki Cummins 888-777-6956


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