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Issue: February 2003

By: Frank Bisbee

In This Issue

Bits N' Pieces


Bisbee's Buzz'.

President Bush's State of The Union address may be a strong signal of hope for the future. Among the key points of the address were two macro-issues; Finding the cure for AIDS & Solving the environmental/energy crisis. The President requested additional funding to address these apocalyptic revelations.

Environmental/Energy Crisis:

The President proposed spending $1.2 billion over an unspecified period to speed the development of hydrogen-powered, zero-emission fuel cell technology for automobiles. However, hydrogen power fuel cell technology is not confined to automotive applications. This new focus on energy (clean and reusable) means global environmental protection and progress everywhere on the planet without energy blackmail.

The concept of using hydrogen as an energy fuel source is very exciting because the fuel is virtually inexhaustible and the waste byproduct is water! The fuel cell technology could give us a level of progress on a scale so great that it defies definition. The ripple effect goes to every conceivable facet of life on earth. Think about the international change in political power when oil isn't the lifeblood of our energy needs. Imagine Iraq becomes just a desert with a lot of black goo and the Middle Eastern petro-power will shrink to anorexic levels.

Scientists have warned us that if we continue generating atmospheric pollution at our current rate, global warming may reach catastrophic levels. We are now facing the spectre of the greenhouse effect as we overload the earth's atmosphere with gasses from burning fossil fuels. These gasses trap radiation from the sun, which heats up the atmosphere. The lifespan of many of these gasses is almost 100 years and the effects we are seeing today are the results of pollution from 30 years ago. Today, our pollution rate is many times greater and increasing at an alarming rate. More has happened than we have yet recognized.

Combustion of fossil fuel and deforestation of our tropical forests is accelerating the volume of "greenhouse gasses" so fast it is forcing global warming. Nothing we know about evolution suggests that life can adapt to such rapid change. We are talking about changes in decades vs. million of years (geological time). We are playing a very dangerous game with pollution and we are creating changes in our atmosphere that could be catastrophic. There are many uncertainties about how greenhouse warming will affect our global climate. The ever-increasing fossil fuel emissions may make our environment unlivable in perhaps 80 - 100 years.

Pollution is not a problem that can be dealt with by a single country. It is everybody's problem. This level of anticipation and abstract thinking is rare for governments. We are fortunate to have government representation that is willing to recognize these critical issues. Visions never start with completion; they do start with commitment.

Medical Research - Finding The Cure For AIDS:

The President was seeking $15 billion over 5 years to combat AIDS in the US, Africa and the Caribbean. We must stop the pandemic of AIDS. This battle must be fought and won before AIDS mutates to a new vector, like casual contact or spreading the disease like the common cold. If that happens, the Black Plague will look like a "walk in the park" next to the death toll from AIDS. Winning the war on AIDS means saving millions upon millions upon millions of lives.

The urgency of the environmental and medical issues cannot be ignored. These issues are important, but so are all of the other key issues of the State of the Union address (War -Iraq, War on Terrorism, Medicare, Social Security, Medical Malpractice, Abortion, Drug Treatment, Mentors, Growing Deficits and Taxes). But that's just my opinion. Frank Bisbee

Redundant Networks Inc. Chooses Belden(R) DataTwist(R) 350 LC Cabling to Solve Its Gigabit Ethernet Needs, Stringent Fire Safety Requirements

Belden Electronics Division (Richmond, IN), a world leader in the development of cable for the networking market, announces Redundant Network Inc.'s choice of Belden DataTwist 350 Limited Combustible (LC) Cabling for its new data hosting operations center in Reno, Nevada. Redundant was looking for a fail-safe operating environment and the means to deliver more bandwidth to its customers for both current and future applications.

Redundant Network Inc. also discovered that the local (Reno, NV) fire department had just issued some tough new guidelines for cabling installation -- including a requirement for an under-the-floor sprinkler system if standard data cables were installed. This new Limited Combustible Cable also has additional safety features. The DataTwist 350 LC 100% recyclable Cable is LEAD-Free, Phthalate-Free, and PVC-Free. If your goal is performance and safety this cable delivers it all. If your focus is "Green", this cable is definitely environmentally preferable. Belden also offers a new Industrial Ethernet cable product line which includes a LEAD-Free, PVC-Free, FEP insulated and jacketed cable .

After a thorough cost and performance analysis, Redundant Networks turned to Belden's LC solution -- with the most advanced fire safety performance technology in the marketplace today. This solution eliminated the need for the costly under-the-floor sprinkler system, while also meeting all fire code requirements. Belden LC cable also guaranteed the company's requirement to run Gigabit traffic.

According to Janice Fetzer, Redundant's VP of Operations, "The cable meets the fire safety requirements to a 'T' and, in addition, it delivers the high level of protection and performance we need to support our clients' increasingly sophisticated applications."

The cable provides superior electrical performance through use of Belden's patented Bonded-Pair technology. Superior fire safety (low smoke) performance is achieved through use of DuPont's Teflon® FEP fluoropolymer resin as a conductor insulation and as the overall jacket material. . [Note: We spent a quarter of an hour attempting to locate a product bulletin on the Belden website which covered the LC Cable. We're sure the LCC product bulletin is there, we just didn't have the time to locate it. However, we did locate the technical brief on the cable, but never found the full product description.]

More great news! The New Limited Combustible Safety Cable construction is available from several leading cabling manufacturers, such as Mohawk/CDT, Avaya, and Berk-Tek.


Draka USA Consolidates Copper and Fiber Cable Operations

Helix Hi/Temp Cables and Chromatic Technologies recently consolidated their two manufacturing facilities into one location and are now operating as one company.

Previously each was a separate business unit of Draka USA, they are now unified under the new name, Draka Comteq USA, Inc. The 165,000 square-foot facility in Franklin, MA, houses both copper and fiber optic engineering, research and manufacturing to support their versatile cable product line for data, voice, video, control, communications, and specialty applications. Also included is a newly constructed 10,000 square-foot atmospherically controlled clean room housing critical fiber processing operations.

"Through the consolidation, Draka Comteq USA, Inc., has made significant investments into state-of-the-art production equipment for both fiber optic and copper cable manufacturing," states Greg Glynn, Vice President of Operations. "With the latest and best manufacturing technology for both copper and fiber cabling under one roof, we now gain significant manufacturing economies and benefit from the cross-fertilization of skills and experience between our fiber and copper staffs. New composites cable constructions are eagerly under development for a myriad of interconnect applications," Glynn adds.

The company will keep the Chromatic Technologies and Helix/HiTemp Cables identities for fiber optic and copper products. Multimode and singlemode fiber optic products, under Chromatic Technologies, range from outdoor and indoor, backbone to fiber-to-the-workstation and include cables for many demanding applications such as marine/shipboard, industrial, and transportation. The Helix/HiTemp copper product line includes shielded and unshielded multiconductor, twisted pair and composite as well as coaxial and triaxial cables. Cables for automation, wireless communications, computer, broadcast and security applications are routinely designed and manufactured. "Our manufacturing will continue to operate a three shift schedule for fiber and copper production further maximizing asset utilization," notes Glynn.

"This is a case where less is more," states Bill Dungan, corporate vice president of sales and marketing. "The consolidation has had a dual benefit of reducing fixed costs while actually increasing cable throughput. Additionally, this helps us to capitalize on our market and customer synergy, allowing us to become more efficient, flexible and versatile in meeting our customers’ service and product needs," he adds.

"Draka Comteq USA, Inc., will use the union of these two companies to increase our focus on specialty markets, including robotics, military and defense, medical facilities, OEM and power plants," states Jeff Mahall, director of marketing for Draka Comteq USA Inc. "This will further allow us to broaden our technology to expand our customer base and market potential," Mahall adds.

About the Draka family

Draka Comteq USA, Inc., is part of the global Draka Comteq alliance through Draka Holding, N.V. In addition, Draka Comteq USA, Inc., is a partner with the North American subsidiaries of Draka Holding's Draka USA.

Draka Holding, N.V., the parent company to Draka Comteq and Draka USA is headquartered in Amsterdam, and has over 60 operating companies in 25 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia and employs 8,100 worldwide employees. With decades of experience in providing integrated cable solutions, Draka Holding, N.V., together with all its members, is solely engaged and dedicated to worldwide development of superior quality cable products and systems to become a global forerunner in the industry.

Cabling Standards Newsletter Changes Format & Frequency But Maintains Info Quality

Major changes have taken place at Cabling Standards Update, a newsletter edited and published by Marilyn Michelson since 1995. Michelson has taken on Joe Salimando, an industry wordsmith, market researcher, and consultant, as an investor in CSU and Associate Publisher. has monitored this publication since its premier issue. The publication is perhaps one of the best values in print today. If you are cutting corners to tighten your financial belt during these difficult times, this is one corner you cannot afford to cut. Finding out about a code or standard change after the fact can be a very painful and costly lesson. To stay on top of the world of cabling codes & standards, sink your teeth into this condensed and up to date publication. It's easy to read and understand.

Additionally, the publication's frequency has changed. Formerly sent by U.S. mail four times a year (typically as a 36- or 40-page document), CSU will now be sent via e-mail (as a PDF attachment) 24 times a year. As was the case in the past, CSU will not accept advertising, differentiating it from some other industry publications.

"We'll create eight pages of information on standards and how to apply them, plus a full page of links to news and information of interest to our subscribers," says Michelson. "In the old format, a page of links would have been cumbersome. With an electronic publication, we can embed the links in our text."

"Subscribers now can obtain the latest industry cabling, home networking, and industrial automation news and resources, if they like quickly and easily. At the 9-page-per-issue size, newsletter subscribers will receive at least 216 pages in 2003 compared with a max of 160 in the old format.

What's more, the newsletter will now be timely. Michelson was set to cover early February TIA committee meetings and report on them in the Feb. 28th issue of CSU. In the old print-and-mail set-up, she notes, subscribers might not have read key info from those meetings until late April.

Additionally, sample copies of CSU are now available. HOTS readers can obtain a free sample issue plus a $20 discount off of the $245 annual subscription price by sending an e-mail with their name, company, and title to To get the $20 discount offer, put "HOTS" in the subject line!

Note: CSU is also creating "site licenses" or company-wide discounts for manufacturers, distributors, reps, contractors, end-users, and other organizations. The idea is to allow such corporations or other entities to distribute the publication to field engineers, sales people, or others legally. For information on these special discounts, contact Joe Salimando, Associate Publisher, at

IEC Increases Representation on NEC Code-Making Panels

At the 2005 National Electrical Code (NEC) Report on Proposals (ROP) Panel Meetings last week in Hilton Head, South Carolina, the approval of three IEC code panel nominees was announced. Now, IEC is represented on 18 of 19 code panels. Code-making panel representatives review proposals from the public. They then make recommendations to approve, modify, or reject the proposals. Each Code-Making Panel is responsible for different articles of the National Electrical Code, which is updated every three years.

"This represents a victory for IEC," says Gene Mini, IEC National President. "The more representation we have on code panels, the better we can ensure that our members voices are heard."

Code-Making Panel (CMP) 14 is a new panel for IEC with the addition of Greg Hall, owner and CEO of Better-Way Electric in Longmont, Colorado. Hall joins this panel with 33 years of practical electrical experience. He has to his credit many safe installations in hazardous locations. CMP 14 is responsible for articles in the NEC that deal with hazardous locations, Classes I, II, and III, Division 1 and 2; intrinsically safe systems; Class I, Zone 0, 1, and 2 locations; commercial garages, repair and storage; aircraft hangers; motor fuel dispensing facilities; bulk storage plants; and spray application, dipping and coating processes

William Zanicchi, owner and CEO of AAA Certified Electrical Inc. in Largo, Florida, moved from the alternate position on CMP 19 to the principal position. CMP 19 is responsible for articles in the NEC that focus on manufactured buildings; agricultural buildings; mobile homes, manufactured homes, and mobile home parks; recreational vehicles and recreational vehicle parks; park trailers; floating buildings; marinas and boatyards; manufactured wiring systems; and electrically driven or controlled irrigation machines.

N. Kent Morgan, Project Manager at AC Corporation in Greensboro, North Carolina, joins CMP 19 as the alternate. Morgan has experience with manufactured buildings and wiring mobile homes.

All Code-Making Panel members are listed on the IEC website under "NEC Code Panel" at:

Established in 1957, IEC is a trade association made up of more than 3,200 merit shop electrical and systems contractors with 74 chapters nationwide. Headquartered in Alexandria, Va., IEC is dedicated to promoting the common interests of those engaging in the business of electrical and communications construction. IEC also works to initiate federal legislation that makes the electrical industry safer and stronger.

Daikin America, Inc. Introduces EFEP - New Melt-Processable Fluoropolymer

Daikin America, Inc. is proud to introduce EFEP, a new melt-processable fluoropolymer derived from ETFE. This material has the unique characteristics of combining functionally reactive groups in a fluoropolymer resin with processing temperatures that are more compatible with engineering resins and conventional thermoplastic polymers. This combination allows EFEP to be processed in conventional thermoplastic co-extrusion equipment and to bond to a wide variety of polymer substrates, including nylon, modified PE, EVOH and ETFE. The functional reactivity even allows bonding of EFEP to glass and metal surfaces without etching or adhesives.

Melt points of the various grades of EFEP range between 165º C and 195º C making these materials easy to co-extrude with many engineering resins.

EFEP has exceptional chemical resistance and very high clarity, making it an excellent candidate for applications where transparency is important. One application example is in the chemical processing industry where liquid levels must be viewed through valves or pipes. EFEP is targeted for a wide variety of applications including automotive fuel systems, downhole drilling, solar panels, industrial films, and tubing and injection molding parts for semiconductor handling equipment

Daikin America, Inc., headquartered in Orangeburg, New York is one of the largest fluoropolymer suppliers in the US. Daikin provides molding resins, fine powders, aqueous dispersions and melt processable fluoropolymers for many critical applications. Daikin America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd. of Osaka, Japan. Daikin is Japan's leading manufacturer of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, and Japan's largest producer of fluorochemical products.

Information is also available on Daikin's Technical Wizard, the Fluoropolymer Industry's First Interactive Database. Log onto to request your free copy today

Avaya Soars to Leadership Positions In IP Telephony Market

Avaya Gains Number One Position in U.S., Second Worldwide According to Two Industry Reports; New Advertising Campaign Focuses on Company's Strength in IP Telephony

Avaya Inc. (Basking Ridge, NJ) a leading global provider of communications networks and services for businesses, today announced it has garnered leadership positions in the Internet Protocol (IP) telephony market, a status it achieved through significant increases in market share, and rapid growth that outpaced competitors in this emerging technology market.

The statistics, which measured growth in enterprise IP telephony for the third calendar quarter of 2002, reflect Avaya's commitment to delivering leadership in voice communications in the IP arena. Avaya now ranks number two worldwide -- with 22 percent of the overall IP telephony market -- according to global figures provided by Synergy Research Group's report on Enterprise Voice over IP (VoIP). The report also notes that Avaya grew faster than its competitors, increasing its total IP telephony lines shipped worldwide by 83 percent, from the second quarter of 2002 to the third quarter of 2002.

DuPont Profit Nearly Triples and Sales Rise

DuPont Co. (Wilmington, DE) said fourth-quarter profit, excluding a huge one-time gain a year earlier, nearly tripled with stronger sales of everything from nylon and spandex to automotive paint.

DuPont, the No. 2 U.S. chemical company, recorded its first increase in sales in more than two years, a period in which it has announced thousands of job cuts and closed plants to cope with depressed demand and prices for its plastics and chemicals.

Now the company -- whose chemicals are used to make products ranging from Stainmaster carpets to Teflon coatings, -- says it is starting to see "modest growth" in many of its businesses. Revenue for the quarter rose 8.6 percent to $5.68 billion.

But much of the rise in sales came from higher volumes, and analysts suggested that the company sacrificed prices to push its plastics and chemicals to customers.

While chemical prices are still relatively depressed, pension expenses are also up and energy costs have been climbing steadily as the United States has made preparations for a possible war with Iraq.

Unless business or world events change dramatically, the company said its earnings in the first-quarter would be similar to what they were a year ago, which would be below most current analysts' estimates.

But after a recent warning that its fourth-quarter earnings would fall short of expectations, the company reported results on Tuesday that surpassed many forecasts. Excluding special items, profit rose to $345 million, or 34 cents a share, from $124 million, or 12 cents a share, a year ago. Its fourth-quarter earnings were 2 cents a share above the Thomson First Call consensus forecast, but were also helped by a more favorable tax rate.

Net income fell to $350 million, or 35 cents a share from $3.92 billion, or $3.82 per share a year ago, when its results were heavily influenced by a huge gain from the sale of its pharmaceuticals business.

DuPont Reports First Quarter Dividend

DuPont (Wilmington, DE) (1/29/03) declared a first quarter common stock dividend of 35 cents per share, payable March 14, 2003 to stockholders of record Feb. 15, 2003. This dividend is the same as that paid in the fourth quarter 2002. This is the 394th consecutive quarterly dividend since the company's first dividend in the fourth quarter of 1904.

Environmental/Energy Crisis

DuPont is a company with a vision for our future needs. DuPont already has a research unit working diligently on Fuel Cell development. This area of environmentally preferable energy research may lead to the breakthrough that we need to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels. Hats Off to the management at the DuPont Company for their wise investment in our lives and our planet.

CommScope arranges new $100 million credit facility

CommScope Inc. (Hickory, NC)), a maker of communications network cable, said on Monday it had arranged a new $100 million credit facility for corporate use, replacing another facility that expired last month.

CommScope also said it had repaid a $10.4 million eurodollar loan and acquired its previously leased corporate office building in Hickory, North Carolina, for $12.8 million. Both deals closed last month and were funded from available cash balances.

The company, a maker of coaxial and fiber-optic cable, said it entered into the senior secured revolving credit facility on Friday. The facility will be used for future liquidity, working capital needs and general corporate purposes.

CommScope, which had about $132 million of cash and cash equivalents at the end of September, said the credit facility is secured by essentially all its assets. CommScope's shares rose 31 cents, or 3.4 percent, to $9.52 on the New York Stock Exchange. Wachovia served as the agent and arranger for the deal.

SCTE Honors Theresa Simons for Contributions to Broadband Fiber CommScope-Sponsored Polaris Award Given at SCTE Conference on Emerging Technologies

CommScope, Inc., a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance broadband communication cables, yesterday presented the prestigious Polaris Award to Theresa Simons at the SCTE (Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers) Conference on Emerging Technologies in Miami, Florida. The award, which recognizes exceptional achievement in the use of optical fiber, was presented to Ms. Simons by CommScope Chairman and CEO Frank Drendel.

Simons earned the Polaris Award based on her involvement in the launch of Mercer Net, a countywide interactive classroom-learning network, and her efforts in the construction of a fiber interconnect from northern New Jersey to Baltimore that enabled the launch of Comcast's regional news and sports network. Simons, an SCTE member since 1985, was formerly the Director of Network Planning for Comcast and is currently an engineering consultant for the Communications Construction Group (CCG) Inc. of West Chester, Pennsylvania.

The Polaris Award was established by SCTE in 1993. Each year the SCTE recognizes a member who, as an engineering manager, displays exceptional achievement in the development and use of optical fiber. In recognition of Simons' accomplishments, CommScope plans to contribute to the SCTE Scholarship Fund to help engineering professionals further their professional development. CommScope also plans to donate $5,000 to an educational institution of her choice.

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers is a non-profit professional organization committed to advancing the careers of cable telecommunications professionals and serving the industry through excellence in technical training, certification and standards. SCTE currently has over 15,000 members from the U.S. and 70 countries worldwide and offers a variety of programs and services for the industry's educational benefit. SCTE has 70 chapters and meeting groups and has technically certified over 3,000 employees of the cable telecommunications industry.

CommScope is the world's largest manufacturer of broadband coaxial cable for Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) applications and is a leading supplier of high performance coaxial, fiber optic and twisted pair cables for wireless, LAN and other communications applications. ¹

You've heard of the Dixie Chicks - but did you know about The Cable Divas (a.k.a. The BISCI Chicks)?

Carol Everett Oliver, a freelance marketeer and writer (principle of Everett Communications) specifically focused on the cabling industry, has brought together many women in the industry to form the "Cable Divas". This bonding group which was formed over two years ago by Oliver and Pam Keogh, formerly of Microtest, now at Gruber Industries, which started as a social club, has turned into an industry information and idea sharing among women in the biz. This group of wonderful women usually convenes at the BICSI Conferences (hence coined the term "BICSI Chicks") and other trade shows to casually discuss and share happenings, both personal and business that affect them. Today this group includes women of the press, as well as company delegates from Draka Comteq, Fluke Networks, Ortronics, Wireville, and Gruber and are constantly welcoming new and fun members.

(contact Queen Diva Carol at )

Leviton introduces Angled Patch Panels - Category 5e and field-configurable angled panels simplify cable management and maximize rack density

Simplify cable management and maximize rack density with Angled Patch Panels from Leviton Voice & Data Division (Bothell, WA). Available in a modular component-rated Category 5e version or an empty, field-configurable panel, the angled design allows cables to flow directly into vertical cable managers, eliminating the need for front horizontal wire management, and freeing up vertical rack space for increased rack density.

Pre-configured to handle enhanced applications such as Gigabit Ethernet and ATM, the Category 5e panel features 110-style punchdowns and accommodates both T568A and T568B wiring configurations. Rear designation labels are reversible, with color-coded wiring diagrams for T568A, 25-pair or T568B configurations. The field-configurable panel accommodates any Leviton QuickPort-style connectors or fiber adapters, allowing the user to bring fiber, copper, audio or video to the rack. All panels feature 48 ports, mount on standard 19" equipment racks and accommodate top, bottom or side cable entry.

In addition to the panels, a variety of optional angled accessories are available, including: angled cable management bars to facilitate dressing and organization of cable; transitional cover to maintain an aesthetic appearance and protect panel termination field; and 1RU and 2RU angled blank panel inserts for future panel expansion.

Many contractors wrestle with the difficult challenge of achieving connectorization without exceeding proper bend radius. This product is a real blessing!

Leviton's Angled Patch Panels are backed by a Limited One-Year Product Warranty. For additional information, visit Leviton's website at

Mohawk/CDT's Red Hawk Brand Announces PowerSense Support for 24 Volt IP Phones

Unique Modular Power Over Ethernet Solution Now Powers IP Phones Which Are Not Yet Ready for IEEE 48 Volt Standard, Gives Customers a Guaranteed Upgrade Path From 24 Volts Today to 48 Volts IEEE Standard in the Future

Cable Design Technologies (Pittsburgh, PA) announced that its Mohawk/CDT Red Hawk brand PowerSense Power over Ethernet Hub Family now offers support for most popular brands of 24 Volt IP Phones. The news comes at a time when many VoIP manufacturers are not yet producing their phones to accept power via the emerging IEEE 48 Volt standard. PowerSense now supports all 3 of the major categories of powering technologies including Cisco protocol, IEEE 48 Volt protocol and now 24 Volt protocol. The new 24 Volt modules fit either the 20 slot or 10 slot Modular PowerSense chassis or are built as 6 port or single port fixed units as well. Phones from VoIP manufacturers such as 3Com, Siemens, Nortel, SNOM and others operating on 24 Volts can now be powered centrally and safely over Category 5 through Category 6 grades of data cabling.

"PowerSense is truly about flexibility in support of premise customer's VoIP Networks," said Lance Rasmussen, Sales and Marketing Manager for Red Hawk's Active products. "Now the entire segment of customers wanting to choose IP Phone systems from manufacturers whose phones run on 24 Volts can choose PowerSense to seamlessly power these products safely and securely from a central location. All the benefits of centralized power can be theirs as well including individual port modularity, fused port protection, full hot swap capability and the ability to upgrade their modules to 48 Volts if so desired in the future."

To further differentiate themselves from manufacturers offering only fixed port style units, Red Hawk is offering a guaranteed trade-in program for those customers buying 24 Volt modules today, but wanting to upgrade to the 48 Volt modules in the future.

About CDT and Red Hawk:

Cable Design Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of high bandwidth network connectivity products, assemblies, components, and communication cable products used in wireless and local loop applications. CDT is a founding member of the IEEE 802.3af Task Force leading the development of an industry standard for powering Ethernet devices over the LAN infrastructure. CDT also manufactures electronic data and signal transmission products that are used in a wide range of specialty applications. From its Silicon Valley, California office, Red Hawk designs and manufactures cutting-edge networking products that are integral to today's converged networks. Using ISO 9002 certified manufacturing, with worldwide sales and service, Red Hawk is uniquely positioned to provide both standard and custom product solutions to meet the customers' needs.

Graybar touts "VIP FIBER" as Vital for New Multi Mode Fiber Installations Demand for Enterprise Fiber Networks to Increase Steadily

Amid the growing demand for high-speed fiber networks connecting facilities in a campus environment, Graybar (St. Louis, MO) North Americas largest distributor of comm./data and electrical equipment and components said today its new VIP Fiber assurance program would become a vital step for customers who purchase and deploy multi-mode fiber networks.

Graybar's VIP Fiber program -- the distribution industrys first independent comprehensive laboratory test for multi-mode fiber optic cabling systems -- was created recently to test components for their performance and interoperability in advance of installation and deployment.

Importantly, products from 11 leading industry suppliers have just passed the program's rigorous testing and certification procedures, which are conducted independently by ETL SEMKO Testing Laboratories, the world's largest product testing organization, said Dennis DeSousa, Graybar senior vice president, sales and marketing.

And that's good news, as the demand for enterprise fiber networks continues to grow. Based on preliminary data released by industry analyst Frost & Sullivan, the premises fiber optic cabling market in the United States is projected to grow steadily to $240 million by 2005.

"This market is driven by a variety of factors," said Alpa Shah, research director, Enterprise Communications & Carrier Networks, Frost & Sullivan. "They include future bandwidth demand (for more video-type applications), more standards supporting fiber architectures, lower price differential between fiber and copper-based systems, projected increases in commercial buildings being wired for fiber optic networks, and an uptake of fiber-to-the-home and fiber-to-the-curb."

"Today, more university and healthcare campuses, business buildings and government facilities -- and even entire communities -- are being wired with fiber to unclog the bandwidth bottleneck and enhance online performance for end-users," DeSousa said. "And when contractors and service providers buy and install a cabling system certified through our VIP Fiber program, they are assured the tested channels will exceed the TIA/EIA and IEEE standards by at least .25 db."

DeSousa said 1 Gigabit per second transmissions over 50 micron fibers have emerged as the preeminent application for the visible future in new communications networks. Designed for backbone fiber solutions and higher speed networks, the VIP Fiber program measures performance beyond the TIA/EIA 568B.3 cable and connector specifications.

Under the VIP Fiber testing program, the cable and connectors the same materials customers would buy from one of Graybar's more than 250 branch or zone warehouses -- are randomly selected by ETL SEMKO from Graybar's off-the-shelf inventory, and tested quarterly to ensure consistent quality.

Graybar's VIP Fiber announcement was made at the Graybar Technology Showcase at the BICSI Winter 2003 Conference in Orlando, Fla.

Advanced Fiber Solutions announces new line of data storage meters

The OM200 series is designed with the technician and installer for ease of use, reliability, and affordability.

The OM200 Series is the most versatile, user friendly and efficient data storage meter on the market today. The OM200 series offers three meter variations. The OM220 is designed for general purpose applications, the OM210 is designed for POF and short wavelength applications while the OM230 is designed for high powered CATV applications.

All meters in the OM200 series offer the following features:

Auto power down, Zero reference capability, User selectable resolution of 0.1dB or 0.01dB and data storage of 500 plus readings that are time and date stamped.

All units are sold with easy to use PC software for professional reporting and documentation.

The OM200 series is sold separately or part of an optical loss test kit (OLK6 series).

Belden Introduces Multi-Media Control Cables for Analog & Digital System Controllers

Belden Electronics Division (Richmond, IN), a world-leader in the development of wire and cable products for the audio-video and broadcast markets, introduces a new addition to its Brilliance® line: Multi-media Touch Panel Control cable. These composite data/power cables are appropriate for either analog or digital system controllers and are recommended for all aspects of building management, including: PC, A/V and Internet integration; remote monitoring and control of building systems and security surveillance; equipment self-monitoring and maintenance alert; A/V system pre-programming; home theatre and entertainment systems; ambient lighting/window shade automation; lighting system controllers; and energy, environmental and climate control programming.

Belden 1502R and 1502P 2-Pair Composite cables are designed for maximum flexibility. The data pairs offer excellent noise immunity and are precisely engineered and tested for 100 ohms impedance. The signal/control pairs are rated at 300V and have a temperature rating of 750C. These high durability cables also meet all the physical and electrical requirements of: EIA-RS-422/485, NEC and UL/(C) UL, AMXâ AXLinkâ and Crestronâ Cresnetâ .

Each cable consists of a shielded data pair and an unshielded signal/control pair. The data pair in the riser-rated 1502R construction is comprised of two 22 AWG 7-strand tinned copper conductors insulated with foamed polyethylene (FPE) and shielded with a Beldfoilâ tape and a drain wire. The power pair has two 18 AWG 16-strand tinned copper conductors insulated with a flame-retardant PVC. The data pair is color-coded Blue and White; the power pair is color-coded Black and Red. The overall, highly durable PVC jacket is available in Black, White or Aqua.

The data pair in the 1502P (CMP) construction is comprised of two 22 AWG 7-strand tinned copper conductors insulated with foamed FEP and shielded with Beldfoil tape and a drain wire. The power pair has two 18 AWG 16-strand tinned copper conductors insulated with Flamarrest PVC. The data pair is color-coded Blue and White; the power pair is color-coded Black and Red. The overall Flamarrest PVC jacket is Natural-colored.

TIA applauds Senator Daschle initiative

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has applauded Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle for recognizing the need for fiscal incentives to deploy broadband technology throughout the United States.

Daschle, D-S.D., made the call today as part of his introduction of an economic growth plan.

"Over the last two years, TIA has promoted the need for such incentives and we're pleased to see Senator Daschle's efforts compliment our work," states TIA President Matthew Flanigan.

"Instruments such as the broadband tax credit and the proposed increase in depreciation levels for new equipment purchases are critical for the economic health and well being of the United States," says Flanigan. "Targeted incentives such as these will certainly encourage increased investment by service providers, thus stimulating growth in a depressed industry that is pivotal to the recovery of our national economy."

Flanigan says the TIA is encouraged by the actions of Senator Daschle today and hopes to be a resource for his office as these issues move forward.

The TIA, based in Arlington, Va., is the leading trade association serving the communications and information technology industry.

New Flame testing R & D tool available from Underwriters Laboratories

Ever dream of predicting the outcome of a large-scale flame wire and cable test based on the results of a small-scale test? Now, you have a new tool to help achieve this goal, and you benefit by saving time and expense. UL has introduced the Material Analysis Performance Program covering the chemical and physical characterization, and fire performance evaluation of material used in wire and cable and other end products. This new program will help in two areas: product and material identification for UL's Follow-up Service and customer-driven research programs.

UL is now able to investigate the correlation between small-scale and large-scale fire tests, such as vertical-tray, riser and plenum cable tests. This technology can be used to screen materials for improved fire performance via small-scale test methods. UL

is working with material suppliers and cable manufacturers to identify the key elements in material properties related to fire performance to reduce time-to-market of new products. The test equipment utilized in this program includes FT-IR, high temperature TGA and DSC, a mechanical test system, bomb calorimeter, oxygen index apparatus, and cone calorimeter.

Today, polymers such as plastics and elastomers are the focus of the new laboratory. Future plans will incorporate other materials as needed. For more info click here. l

Anixter Unveils CCTP A New System for Converging Physical Security and IT Networks Brings Flexibility, Organization, and Future-Proofing to Video Surveillance Networks

Anixter Inc. (Skokie, IL), the world's leading distributor of data communications products, has introduced the first-ever video surveillance system that runs video, power and control signals over a single, Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable. This new solution, called Closed Circuit Twisted Pair (CCTPTM), addresses the escalating movement in corporate America to converge physical security into the IT domain.

The CCTP system offers an organized, flexible approach for maintaining video surveillance networks and complex security solutions. It has been designed to readily integrate onto an existing IT infrastructure and is the first solution to address physical security at the network layer, using twisted pair cabling technology to eliminate the need for multiple cables. Specifically, CCTP offers:

The ability to easily, cost effectively accommodate future moves, adds or changes

An open system architecture that fosters PC integration
Compatibility with existing IT infrastructures to enhance both security systems and digital networks

Reduced labor costs and lower total cost of ownership

Physical security is increasingly becoming the responsibility of corporate IT departments. According to a recent survey conducted by CSO Magazine, forty percent of Fortune 1000 security departments now report into the IT department. As such, there is a driving need for these two staffs and associated technologies to work together seamlessly.

There has been a significant industry shift in the handling and prioritization of security initiatives," cited Steve Leatherwood, Senior Vice President of Sound and Security at Anixter. "With CCTP, chief security officers (CSOs) and IT managers no longer need to be constrained by the fragmented, compartmentalized approach to security and can create a unified, coordinated program of protecting buildings, people, and networks."


Anixter developed the CCTP solution with a consortium of leading companies in the security and IT data networking fields, including Philips CSI, Belden, and Middle Atlantic. In addition, Anixter will be the exclusive distributor of the CCTP system.

"The worldwide IT security market has shown remarkable growth over the past year," stated Robert Smulders, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Philips CSI. "Due to the increased demand in security, we were happy to be a part of CCTP as it is specifically designed to provide companies with the tools to stay on top of and easily adapt to any future developments industry-wide."

CCTP can be readily expanded or upgraded to digital systems and power over Ethernet. It also can accommodate technical upgrades such as digital integration and IP-based networks, allowing end-users to run an application anywhere, anytime. By operating on the existing IT infrastructure, CCTP does not limit users strictly to a video surveillance system. It can be converted to a fully functional data network ready for PC integration.

"CCTP's design and engineering has paved the way for simpler, easier, IT security management initiatives," states Isaac Papier of Underwriter Laboratories Inc., "It's the first solution to provide a smooth transition into the digital future." Initial applications of CCTP have met their intended objectives of system flexibility and integration.

"The CCTP system was very easy to install, and up and running immediately," stated Walter Ostopowicz, Telecommunications Engineer for The Illinois Railway Museum. "The systems we previously had in place were disparate, the result of expanding and upgrading at different points in time."

Traditional closed circuit television (CCTV) system moves, adds or changes can cost up to six times more when compared to CCTP. Unnecessary electrical work and labor-intensive cable pulls are eliminated, as cameras are solely powered through CCTP's unique one cable design.

"The main concern at our transportation hub was to implement and sustain a system that could run on our existing backbone infrastructure," stated Howard Shapiro, Project Manager for New Jersey Transit. "CCTP made a night and day difference. We are now able to expeditiously handle customer service and monitor employees. Before, we literally had to shut down the system at times to handle routine, day-to-day functions."

CCTP is 100% standards-based and is compliant with ANSI/TIA/EIA National Telecommunications Standards, exceeding Cat 6 performance specifications. With its cabling and complex data integration, CCTP significantly increases security capabilities while simultaneously reducing IT maintenance by migrating physical security onto an intelligent IT infrastructure.

About Anixter

Anixter International is a leading distributor of communication products and a leading distributor of "C" Class inventory components to Original Equipment Manufacturers. The company adds value to the distribution process through its valued added service and logistics programs and by providing its customers access to 1) more than 185,000 products and approximately $500 million in inventory, 2) 125 warehouses with more than 4.4 million square feet of space, and 3) locations in 193 cities in 40 countries.

3M Completes Purchase of Solvay Fluoropolymers, Inc.

Dyneon LLC (ST. Paul, MN), a wholly-owned subsidiary of 3M, announced today that it has closed the previously announced transaction to acquire Solvay Fluoropolymers, Inc., a subsidiary of Solvay America, Inc. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

As a result of this transaction, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) fluoroplastic products formerly marketed under the Solef brand by Solvay Fluoropolymers, Inc. will be marketed by Dyneon under the Dyneon brand. PVDF materials are used extensively in the wire/cable and chemical processing industries.

The acquisition includes the PVDF manufacturing facilities located in Decatur, Ala., and the remaining 50 percent interest in Alventia LLC, a joint venture between Solvay Fluoropolymers, Inc. and Dyneon that produces VF2 -- the principal building block of PVDF.

Dyneon is one of the world's leading fluoropolymer producers specializing in fluoroelastomers, fluorothermoplastics, PTFE and polymer processing additives. This acquisition reflects Dyneon's interest in growing its fluoropolymers business and is a tangible demonstration of its commitment to the fluoropolymer industry. ¹

Belden posts fourth-quarter loss

Belden Inc (St. Louis, MO) posted a fourth-quarter net loss as its customers in telecommunications, technology and industrial sectors curtailed their spending.

The maker of wire and cable for electronics and communications said its fourth-quarter loss was $24.5 million, or 99 cents a share, compared with a profit of $6.4 million, or 26 cents a share a year ago.

The recent quarter's loss included cash and non-cash charges for items including impairment and its exit from non-strategic products. Belden said that on a pro forma basis it posted a profit of 3 cents a share in the fourth quarter.

During the first quarter revenue is expected to continue at the same level as the last couple of quarters while earnings will be about the same as its pro forma fourth-quarter results, Belden said.

The companies fourth-quarter revenue fell to $199.1 million from $211.2 million last year. We have seen the Belden team in action. From product development to quality control, this company is an outstanding example of dedication to performance and quality in all of their products. The resiliency of this corporate organization is not to be underestimated. We see Belden as a strong competitor, building market share in the datacom cabling world.

Corning closing Summerville, SC plant 24 people to lose jobs

Corning Cable Systems, which makes telecommunications equipment , will shut down its Summerville, SC plant by the end of February, throwing 24 people out of work.

The 250,000-square-foot facility, in the McQueen Industrial Park, will be closed because of "the long and continued depression in the telecommunications industry," according to Patricia McVay, a spokeswoman for Corning Cable Systems. The telecom meltdown hit in 2001 and has continued. She said that Corning has been in the process of restructuring for the past year and a half, closing some businesses and reducing its work force.

"There have been a number of cost-cutting measures," she said. Corning as a whole cut 6,600 jobs companywide in 2002, she said.

She said that all of the employees in Summerville will get a severance package and job assistance but doubted that any would be transferred. The plant was formerly owned by Omega Communications. Corning took it over in 2000. The closure is the latest setback for Dorchester County, which has experienced a number of job losses in recent months.

In November, Linq Industrial Fabrics, which produces fibers used in cotton bales, construction site barriers and weed control covers, laid off 100 employees, attributing the layoffs to the weak national economy.

Zimmer's Communications New - Pull-Right Tool A faster and easier way to pull cables

Better installations for less time and money with one simple device. Pull-Right helps ensure proper pulling tension every time. Less risk of damaging a new or existing cable plant. Quicker, more precise horizontal cable plant placement. The Pull-Right tool, when used properly in a normal environment, applies pressure and force evenly to the cables being pulled ensuring the cable manufacturers specs of pulling force is not exceeded.

Designed by Zimmer's Communications, the Pull-Right tool will save costs in installation labor and help prevent damage to the cable during installation. Our installers have been using this product since it first hit the marketplace. You could not get the techs to give up this super labor saver. " It's as handy as a shirt pocket."

EZ Mount makes your life easier

iNNOdata, LTD is an iNNOvative company that responds to the requests of the data/telecom designer and installer world. At the BICSI Winter Conference, we saw the newest EZ Mount (R) product. It is the Big Brother to the already popular EZ Mount Network Shelf (EZMS) which is 16 inches deep. Many requests to provide a shelf for Cisco, and other deeper products, has caused iNNOdata to "LISTEN" again, and now they offer the EZMS2, which is identical to the original unit, however, is a full 22 inches deep.

Bob Laukonis of iNNOdata, LTD invented the EZ Mount® Swivel Bracket, which was then incorporated in the EZ Mount Network Shelf for a neat and professional solution to a small LAN/Telecom network installation.

It is the first in a line of products that will enhance/address practical solutions for network design, where space is at a premium and the finished product must emulate a great looking finished product. iNNOdata, Ltd. is a young company, dedicated to the development of products that allow the installer, consultant or engineer to complete a LAN/Telecom network installation that is aesthetically appealing as well as multi-functional for the technician.

Berk-Tek Introduces Power Sum Category 5e, Independently Verified 25-Pair Cable

Berk-Tek (New Holland, PA), a Nexans company, announced that it has expanded its line of multi-pair cables with the addition of a 25-pair Power Sum Category 5e design to provide increased flexibility to designers, integrators, OEMs and end-users in interconnect and zone cabling applications.

The new 25-pair design can be used with existing 50 pin RJ-21 connectors giving end-users a traditional CAT 5 termination option. In addition, Berk-Tek's Power Sum Enhanced Cat 5 cable delivers full Cat 5e performance when used in a zone cabling architecture, providing the user with increased flexibility whether the cabling plant employs a traditional consolidation point or a Multi User Telecommunications Outlet (MUTOA).

"Zone cabling keeps the majority of the channel intact during a MAC (Move, Addition or Change)," said Dan Kennefick, Copper Business Manager for Berk-Tek, "while still providing maximum flexibility for reconfiguring the work area cables."

Installing four pair cable in a "home run" configuration is the most widely installed network cabling installation practice. The entire length of cable is removed and/or rerouted during a MAC, making the process time-consuming and expensive, Kennefick said.

The zoned cabling approach simplifies the cable layout by consolidating the number of distribution points," said Kennefick, "and less cable is disturbed, which is a major advantage to the long-term investment of the cabling plant."

The product performance is ITS ETL SEMKO verified to meet the ANSI TIA-EIA 568B.2 Category 5e standard, and is available for immediate orders in both Plenum and Riser-rated versions.

About Berk-Tek, A Nexans Company: For more than 40 years, Berk-Tek has been a leading manufacturer of more than 100 different network copper and fiber-optic cable products. The company has led in the development of high-performance and enhanced UTP cables designed to transport high-speed data and voice transmissions. Berk-Tek has major manufacturing facilities at New Holland, PA, Fuquay-Varina, NC and Elm City, NC.

About Nexans: Nexans is the worldwide leader in the cable industry. The Group brings an extensive range of advanced copper and optical fiber cable solutions to the infrastructure, industry and building markets. Nexans cables and cabling systems can be found in every area of people's lives, from telecommunications and energy networks, to aeronautics, aerospace, automobile, railways, building, petrochemical, medical applications, etc. With an industrial presence in 28 countries and commercial activities in 65 countries, Nexans employs 17,150 people and had sales in 2002 of euros 4.3 billion. Nexans is listed on the Paris stock exchange. More information on

About ITS ETL SEMKO: ETL SEMKO is a division of Intertek Testing Services Ltd., the world's largest product and commodities testing organization, which operates 240 laboratories and 469 offices in 93 countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia. ITS ETL SEMKO provides product safety testing and certification, EMC testing, performance testing and quality management systems registration for global clients in such industries as medical, HVAC, appliances, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, building products and power generating systems.

Beyond Cat 6 TM GigaFlex 4800LX cable and IBDN 4800LX System The new High-Quality Video Solutions

NORDX/CDT Inc.(Montreal, Canada), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cable Design Technologies (CDT) Corporation, is proud to confirm IBDN 4800LX System is amongs the best twisted pair cabling solution for high quality video, extending to 650 MHz. The Low Loss performance of the GigaFlex 4800LX "Beyond Category 6" cable easily meets the bandwidth requirements of new applications that will have a dramatic impact on networks. It ensures IBDN 4800LX System end-users the best performance for today, and for years to come.

Category 6 Standard

The recent publication of the Category 6 standard by TIA marks an important milestone in the evolution of network cabling. Category 6 at least doubles the bandwidth requirement (usable frequency range) compared with Category 5/5e cabling. It also provides about 10 dB (or ten times) higher Signal-to-Noise Ratio over the bandwidth utilized by existing Ethernet networks. All this means that Category 6 systems are less susceptible to transceiver impairments and other environmental effects such as temperature that can slow down your network.

New Application Opportunities

One of the most demanding applications on the market today that can take full advantage of the higher bandwidth and improved performance of Category 6 cabling is broadband video, commonly known as CATV or cable television. It carries a broad range of signals extending from 54 MHz to beyond 600 MHz. Coaxial cable (RG-59 or RG-6) is commonly used for these applications, primarily for home networks. Most people are not aware that high performance twisted pair cabling can also support broadband video. A big advantage of broadband video over twisted pair is that it has the capability to transmit many channels simultaneously using only a single pair in a 4-pair cable for broadcast video or two pairs for bi-directional video transmission.

To simulate a worst-case scenario, Paul Kish, Director, IBDN Systems & Standards at NORDX/CDT, commissioned the IBDN Systems Lab to test three 100-meter channels that were representative of Category 5e, basic Category 6 and Beyond Cat 6 TM IBDN 4800LX cabling. They have been tested for two different configurations. The first configuration evaluated the picture quality using a modulated signal at 547 MHz (Channel 78). The second configuration evaluated the picture quality using a modulated signal at 67 MHz (Channel 4) while applying a 100BASE-TX Ethernet signal simultaneously on the same cabling

"Broadband video is definitely one application that can take full advantage of the improved transmission performance offered by Category 6 cabling and beyond. Broadband video can find all kinds of applications in a business environment including specialty news channels, video conferencing, distance learning and security monitoring. High quality video will be the next wave of applications that will have a dramatic impact on your network. IBDN 4800LX cabling Beyond Cat 6 TM is definitely well positioned to meet the bandwidth requirements for these applications" concludes Paul Kish.

Highest Performance System

The IBDN 4800LX System combines two new leading-edge products: the IBDN 4800LX Cable and GigaFlex PS6+ Connecting hardware, which offers an information capacity up to 4 times higher then Category 5e. This system has been designed to support the IEEE recommendation that the next generation of cables should have a lower Insertion Loss performance. The channel Insertion Loss is 4.5 dB lower (more than twice the signal power) and the Signal-to-Crosstalk Noise Ratio is 10 dB higher than the current Category 6 at 200 MHz, resulting in a system offering unprecedented information capacity for network infrastructure. This system goes far beyond today's standards to provide you with state-of-the-art technology that will lead the way to the next generation cabling standards.


With over 100 years of experience, NORDX/CDT is a leading manufacturer of structured cabling solutions. Its product line consists of complete data and voice wiring solutions, telecommunications distribution cables, optical fiber solutions and other components used to build high-performance telecommunications infrastructures. NORDX/CDT operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of CDT.

Cable Design Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of high bandwidth network products, fiber optic cable, interconnecting hardware, and communications cable products used in wireless, central office and local loop applications. CDT also manufactures electronic data and signal transmission products that are used in automation and process control applications.

For more information, please see Paul Kish's White Paper

NORDX/CDT TM and IBDN TM, GigaFlex TM and Beyond Cat 6 TM are trademarks of NORDX/CDT, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


This BICSI conference was much more positive and upbeat than previous conferences. It seems as though the contractors have readjusted to focus on MAC's (Moves, Adds & Changes) in a non-bid environment and reduced their expectations for new business in the bid market. Having said that, many of those participants are upgrading their solutions even in the MAC arena.

The cable manufacturers are acutely aware of the pressures which are building to reconfigure their CAT 5e and CAT 6 - plenum & non-plenum - 4 pr UTP cable products to LEAD-Free. In our discussions with Hitachi Cable Manchester Inc. , a leading cabling manufacturer, we were informed of their program to complete the development of a full line of LEAD-Free cable products. They care.

The building owners may begin introducing their own set of cabling standards (regarding LEAD etc.). After all, it looks like the building owners will end up holding the (very expensive) bag for removing abandoned cable left by former tenants. That's one large financial penalty that they building owners will not want to repeat. They will plug that hole in the dike and reduce downstream liability regarding HAZMAT (in the plenum).

Overall, I have to give this conference high marks for the manufacturers and distributors. BICSI functioned as a vehicle for this meeting of buyers and sellers. The accomplishments of the Codes & Standards Committees gave further reinforcement to our high marks for the BICSI committee member volunteers who contribute many hours at personal expense.

Obviously the pains of our economy are being felt everywhere and the climb out of the hole seems to be a long and hard journey ahead. What is the future going to look like and "WHO REALLY KNOWS?" Read an excellent editorial note by Ken Anderberg, Editor of Communications News Magazine. (Editors Note for January, 2003)

We interviewed several Accu-Tech and Anixter customers at the BICSI Conference and probed their level of satisfaction. They commented that they had used other distributors in the past, however they were much more confident in the Anixter (or Accu-Tech) teams. One contractor said, " There are a lot of cheaper outfits out there, but you can't uninstall a job." He went further to say that he couldn't afford to take chances with questionable distributors. Anixter has become The Benchmark for Quality & Performance (with a built-in assurance of interoperability).

The Media was very well represented at the BICSI Winter Conference. We saw every major publication in our industry from across the country and Canada. (Notables include: Cabling Installation & Maintenance, Structured Cabling, Cabling Systems, Electrical Contractor, Communication News, PowerOutlet, Electrical Construction & Maintenance, and

For an excellent blow by blow description of this conference, read the EC&M (Electrical Construction & Maintenance Magazine) "BICSI Field Report" by Joe Knisley.

Siemon’s Centennial celebration

Many Siemon’s customers and BICSI attendees had a chance to celebrate the Siemon’s 100th benchmark anniversary. There was food, fun, dancing and one really lucky guest won a 2003 Centennial Edition Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

Very few companies can boast 100 years of great service to their customers. This remarkable record of achievement is testimony to the commitment of the Siemon’s family and staff. It hasn't been easy, but it sure has been worth it. Many of their customers toasted " Here's to another 100 years of success!"

Calendar of Events

Electric West

Feb 4-6

Los Angeles, CA

Internet Telephony Conference & Expo

Feb 5-7

Miami, FL

Voice Con

Feb 17-20

Washington, DC

Electronic House Expo & Conference

Feb 26 - March 1, 2003

Orlando, FL

VDV Expo

March 10-12

Las Vegas, NV

IEEE Wireless Communications & Networking Conference

March 16-20

New Orleans, LA

National Facilities Management & Technology Conference/Expo

March 18-20

Baltimore, MD

Optical Fiber Communication Conference

March 23- 28

Atlanta, GA



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