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Issue: October 2003

By: Frank Bisbee

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Bisbee’s Buzz

Readers response to ACUTA eNews article:-

Fire Safety: Should Cables Have a Warning Label?

-----Original Message-----

Sent: Friday, October 03, 2003 3:46 PM

To: Frank Bisbee

Subject: Re: ACUTA eNEWS October 2003

Frank: I just finished reading the paper you gave at ACUTA; it seems that you have a real problem with FEP. You failed to note that other halogenated cables also give off acid gases. Since FEP insulated cables have a much higher resistance to ignition and will not support combustion they are still the best choice for Plenum rated cables. The issue of Toxicity is far too complex to write off so simply. Bottom line, there is no reliable test for toxicity of gases from fires. Have you discussed these issues with the FEP manufacturers?

October 6, 2003

Dear Sir,

From your response to the ACUTA paper it is clear that you are a victim of "misdirection". Houdini once claimed that he could make an elephant disappear in front of a live audience. When asked how he could do that, he replied - " Misdirection".

FEP is highly resistant to burning. It requires 95% oxygen and usually an external fuel load source to achieve ignition and to maintain the burn. Even with all of those factors, FEP still requires a temperature in excess of 1100 deg F to burn. In a fire scenario it is difficult to isolate and measure gasses from a single source (FEP).

The "misdirection" is wrapped in the words "fire, smoke, fuel load and flame spread". Those factors are considered in the UL test for plenum rating. We agree that those are important factors. However, safety considerations are not limited to only "fire, smoke, fuel load and flame spread".

Toxicity is part of the safety formula. Sub-lethal Toxicity that causes incapacitation may trap the victims in lethal conditions. FEP (according to the MSDS) begins outgassing Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) clear gasses at temperatures above 450 F. As heat decomposition progresses, 49% of the FEP is converted to HF. The smoke and fire detection systems in the HVAC are not equipped to recognize clear gasses. Neither is the UL test. Blinded and choking, your chances of escape from the building are significantly reduced.

We have spoken to numerous research laboratories that informed us they could conduct heat decomposition tests that measure and identify the toxic gasses released. Other materials give off acid gasses, but FEP is the only material used in the "Limited Combustible" cable that is proposed to replace all CMP. Our focus is on SAFETY in the cabling which is located in the indoor air distribution system. The best choice for plenum applications may not be FEP. With this new information about the incapacitation factor associated with heat decomposition of FEP, the building industry may be well advised to review the materials used in the air system distribution (plenum) spaces.

As long as you continue to look at the problem with the "fire, smoke, fuel load and flame spread" tunnel vision, you will not see the full safety picture. We have attempted to discuss this with the FEP manufacturers. To date, our emails and phone calls have not been returned. One industry insider commented that those chemical companies are spending most of their energies and money trying to "look good" rather than "be good".

Best regards,
Frank Bisbee
(904) 645-9077

Fire Safety: Should Cables Have a Warning Label?
by Frank Bisbee & Diane Santarelli
Communication Planning Corp. 904-645-9077

ACUTA eNEWS October 2003 -

The Association for Communications Technology Professionals in Higher Education

NEMA Releases new standard on exit sign visibility

The Emergency Lighting Section of NEMA, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, (Rosslyn, Va ) has released EM 1-2002, Exit Sign Visibility Testing and Requirements for Safety.

The purpose of this publication is to promote safety by setting forth visibility testing procedures and requirements for exit signs. These procedures and requirements are based on the best available objective research by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Lighting Research Center and on independent testing by CSA International.

EM 1-2002 contains performance requirements and test methods for evaluating exit sign visibility, which includes readability and the ability to attract attention in an emergency.

"During the past few years, NFPA and UL have allowed minimum visibility requirements for exit signs to degrade to the point where many authorities believe the signs no longer meet the need to be readily visible in order to help occupants evacuate a building," said Billy Helton, chairman of the Emergency Lighting Section. "EM 1 is an important document because it sets minimum visibility requirements for exit signs that are very cost effective and readily available. These requirements also allow better harmonization with CSA exit sign visibility requirements."

EM 1-2002 may be purchased for $51.00 by visiting or by contacting Global Engineering Documents at (800) 854-7179 (within the U.S.), (303) 397-7956 (international), or (303) 397-2740 (fax).

NEMA is the leading trade association in the United States representing the interests of electroindustry manufacturers. Founded in 1926 and headquartered near Washington, D.C., its 400 member companies manufacture products used in the generation, transmission and distribution, control, and end-use of electricity. Domestic shipments of electrical products within the NEMA scope exceed $100 billion

CDT 4th Qtr Financials

Cable Design Technologies (Pittsburgh, PA) announced results for its fourth quarter ended July 31, 2003. Fred Kuznik, CDT CEO stated, "Except for the writedown of a non- performing business and adjustments to our Canadian pension, the fourth quarter operating results exceeded our expectations."

In the fourth quarter, the Company recorded a net loss from continuing operations before the cumulative effect of an accounting change for goodwill of $0.7 million or $0.02 per diluted share. Included in this loss, was a business restructuring charge of $3.9 million ($2.3 million net of tax, or $0.05 per diluted share), the previously mentioned additional pension cost which was related to the discontinued NORCOM business of approximately $1.4 million ($0.9 million net of tax, or $0.02 per diluted share), and a $1.4 million currency translation impact on operating expenses.

Sales for the fourth quarter ended July 31, 2003, were $129.5 million versus $128.0 million last year. A favorable effect of foreign currency translation, primarily on European revenues, positively impacted sales by approximately 6% compared to the fourth quarter last year. Network Communication segment sales for the fourth quarter 2003 were $75.8 million and represented 59% of total company revenues and compares to $75.1 million for last year's fourth quarter. Specialty Electronic segment sales for the fourth quarter 2003 were $53.7 million compared to $52.9 million for the same period last year.

Industrial Ethernet Cable Solutions from Draka Comteq USA includes ToughCAT®

Draka Comteq USA, Inc., manufacturer of Chromatic Technologies and Helix/HiTemp standard and specialty fiber and copper cable products, introduces the new ToughCAT® line of cables intended for industrial Ethernet in harsh environments. These cables meet all mechanical, dimensional and safety requirements, whether for optical or electrical transmission, complying with the proposed TR42.9 as well as TIA/EIA-568-B.2 standards.

Dependent upon transmission needs, ToughCAT® includes Category 5e, Category 6 and Category 7 designs. To address a variety of EMI/RFI conditions they are available in either UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair), Sc/TP (overall shielded pairs), or S/STP (individually Screened Twisted Pair) configurations. To address environmental and mechanical needs ToughCAT cables come with a variety of jacketing configurations to provide resistance to abrasion, chemical, fluids, fire, crush and UV, as well as the need to address vibration and possible tensile requirements.

Loose tube, gel-filled constructions are preferred for the fiber optic cable offerings for harsh environments and are available for aerial, buried or in-duct installations. Offered with FR- PE (polyethylene), Polyurethane or low-smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) jackets, these cables provide superior resistance to crush, oil, chemicals, UV and the extremes of temperatures. All cables are available with up to 144 fibers and can be provided pre-installed with Draka Comteq’s unique Cable-In-Duct or with Draka Comteq’s flexible Interlocked Armor. All fiber optic cables are available with optical fibers that meet IEEE 802.3ae for 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications.

The criteria that sets Draka Comteq apart from others in the industry is our ability to manufacture a very wide range of products, both optical fiber and copper, designed to meet the harsh requirements of the industrial environment ,” states Harry van der Meer, RCDD, Director of Technology for Draka Comteq USA, Inc.. “Because Draka Comteq USA Inc. is part of the international Draka Holding Group, we can tap into the many focused research, development, sales, marketing and manufacturing resources from the other global cable partners,” van der Meer adds.

Draka Comteq USA, Inc., has made available a detailed brochure on their copper and fiber cables for Industrial Ethernet and harsh environments. Industrial Ethernet environments vary greatly from the rugged challenges of factory floors, to adhering to strict requirements found in clean rooms. These cables meet all mechanical, dimensional and safety requirements, whether for optical or electrical transmission, complying with the proposed TR42.9 as well as TIA/EIA-568-B.2 standards.

This brochure provides detailed information on specific applications and cable solutions, including the new ToughCat® Category 5e, Category 6 and Category 7 designs, as well as a selection of fiber optic cables, from loose tube to Draka Comteq’s unique Cable-In-Duct constructions.

Draka Comteq USA, Inc. will be displaying their Industrial Ethernet product line at the upcoming BICSI Winter Conference (Orlando, FL) January 11-14 as well as have the brochure available for distribution.

Currently the brochure is on the website:, or hard copies are available with copper and fiber data sheet inserts by contacting the company directly.

Draka Comteq USA, Inc.
20 Forge Park
Franklin, MA 02038

Toll Free: 888 541 7100
Tel: 508 541 7100
Fax: 508 541 8122

About Draka Comteq
Draka Holding, N.V., headquartered in Amsterdam, is comprised of 60 operating companies in 25 countries in Europe, America and Asia. Draka Comteq is the worldwide marketing communications cable alliance under Draka Holding N.V.

The Draka Comteq organization includes, Draka Norsk Cable (Norway), Draka Cardinal Cables (Draka UK), Draka Multimedia Cable (Germany) Draka Fibre Technology (Netherlands), NKF Kabel (Netherlands), Draka Denmark (Denmark). Draka Telekom (Germany), NK Cables Ltd. (Finland), Draka DCT (Singapore) and,Draka Fileca (France). A comprehensive product portfolio and global presence enables the Draka Comteq companies to introduce innovative products and solutions in close co-operation with its customers around the world and around the clock.

NECA Bestows 2003 Industry Partner Award

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) (Bethesda, MD) has presented its 2003 Industry Partner Award to the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI). The ceremony took place at the inspector group's 75th anniversary meeting in Orlando, on September 8. NECA past president D.R. "Rod" Borden presented the award to IAEI president Ray Weber.

The NECA Industry Partner Award, given annually, recognizes those organizations and companies which contribute to the success of the electrical contracting industry. Previous recipients include the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and Square D Company/Schneider Electric.

IAEI was chosen to receive NECA's 2003 Industry Partner Award because of its long-standing commitment to electrical safety. "NECA contractors recognize that professional electrical inspectors are a critical part of the safety equation," said Rod Borden. "For many years, our association has had an official policy endorsing the inspection of electrical construction work. Qualified inspectors help protect the public against hazards due to incorrectly installed electrical products and systems, and also improve the reliability and performance of installed electrical systems."

In addition to partnering on the jobsite, both organizations have been active for close to a century in the National Electrical Code process. And now they are partnering on other industry standards as well. Next month, IAEI will begin training inspectors on NECA's National Electrical Installation Standards, the first quality and workmanship standards for electrical construction.

TIA committee seeks input on health care industry guidelines

The Telecommunications Industry Association TR-42 Engineering Committee on User Premises Telecommunications Infrastructure is considering developing guidelines for the health care industry relative to providing a universal, generic telecommunications infrastructure.

The committee is now seeking interest for participation on this subject. It is invitinginterested parties, including users, designers and integrators, to contribute to the proposed project development.

The guidelines would act as a supplement to ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.1-2001 (Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard). This standard specifies a generic telecommunications cabling system for commercial buildings that will support a multi-product, multi-vendor environment. It also provides information that can be used for the design of telecommunications products for commercial enterprises.

The guidelines would enable the planning and installation of a structured cabling system for health care facilities. Installation of cabling systems during building construction or renovation is significantly less expensive and less disruptive than after the building is occupied.

The TIA has identified that additional guidance relative to the use of generic structured cabling for the various types of systems and applications encountered in a health care facility could provide immense value to the health care user community, as well as the service providers that interact within these facilities. Further information would also be provided to address the environmental considerations that must be made to accommodate the structured cabling system to the unique environmental conditions of a health care facility.

Health care buildings, campuses and other facilities can range from the historical to the most modern structures. They vary in cleanliness, temperature and size and can be single buildings, campuses or an amalgamation of many phases and wings. The guidelines would address both clinical and non-clinical applications, as well as public and enterprise networks. The systems that can be accommodated using structured cabling can include but are not limited to voice, data and video, mobile applications, patient monitoring and diagnostic imaging.

Ortronics Signs Program Recognizer Agreement with C-Tech Associates, Inc.

In a proactive move to support the growing need for entry-level Telecommunications technicians, Ortronics, Inc., announced today the signing of a Program Recognizer agreement with C-Tech Associates, Inc. C-Tech is a New Jersey-based developer and manufacturer of training aids and curriculum for communications networking.

Ortronics has reviewed C-Tech’s Communications Networking Programs for content, and applicability to the marketplace and recognizes C-Tech’s certifications known as Network Cabling Specialist and Voice Communications Professional; and will be promoting the hiring of C-Tech certified technicians to its national and global network of installers.

"Ortronics dedication to the future of data and telecommunications is exemplified through our involvement with educational programs such as C-Tech’s course offering. C-Tech efforts provide the necessary basic tools and training in preparing students for the advanced age of technology," states Cynthia Montstream, RCDD/LAN, Ortronics VP of Training and Standards. "We are pleased to recognize C-Tech’s commitment for the betterment of these students as they begin their careers."

C-Tech took an innovative approach in the development of its training programs. "Early on we recognized a need for trained technicians at an entry-level wage," stated Ken Lowenstein, Director of Marketing. "It is very important to deliver the technology at a level that addresses the majority of the population and still provides the much-needed skills."

Since entering the educational/training market in 1995, C-Tech has established a network of over 300 Training Facilities throughout the country, including Vocational and Comprehensive High Schools, Community Colleges, Labor Unions, community and faith-based organizations, Job Corps Centers and correctional institutions.

These training sites are equipped with the resources, knowledge and skills to provide entry-level job training to any individual regardless of age or background. More than 20,000 individuals possess the Telecommunications skills and knowledge base to work as technicians, sales associates, customer service representatives or a number of other positions.

Ortronics sees the C-Tech training program as a complement of the Ortronics certified training program. Once equipped with the basic skill sets of the industry, C-Tech graduates when hired by an Ortronics Certified Installer, will be better prepared for the advanced training that Ortronics offers and requires as part of our rigorous certification program," comments Montstream.

Duane Paulson of GE Interlogix to Keynote at 5th Annual Voice Data Video/Integrated Building Systems (VDV/IBS) Conference & Expo

Duane Paulson, Vice President of Strategic Marketing for the Security & Life Safety Group of GE Interlogix, will be the Keynote Speaker at the 5th Annual VDV/IBS Conference and Expo on Wednesday, March 10, 2004. Mr. Paulson will focus on the changes in security today due to the events of the last several years, and the opportunities this presents for our sector of the market.

This annual event has evolved to incorporate all products used in the Integrated Building Systems industry. The conference and trade show focuses on:

Network Cabling / Datacom Systems Installation & Maintenance
Home Automation
Audio & Video Systems
Fire/Life Safety
Building Automation and Industrial Controls
Security, CCTV, Access Control
Public Address Systems and Nurse Call

Seminars will be presented in a Basic, Intermediate or Advance level format. “This conference has pertinent Basic and Intermediate information for those just entering this market, or Advanced knowledge to share, if you have twenty years in the business, and need to know the latest developments and techniques”, says Steve Schultz, NECA Director, Convention-Exposition. In all, we have compiled some of the industry’s foremost experts to speak on the most- timely information. Just a sampling of topics to be presented include:

Signal & System Noise
Abandoned Cable Removal
Cat 6: Cable’s Last Stand?
CCTV and Surveillance Systems
Open Protocol Technology / Clear Connection
Proper Use of OTDR’s to Test Fiber Optic Networks
How to Bid Using the New MasterFormat

Expanded Manufacturers Product Training Programs

In response to the success of the 2003 show, expanded Manufacturer Training Programs are being offered. Three full days will be dedicated to providing attendees in-depth discussions with industry leaders and their peers. Manufacturer Product Training & Certification Programs will be offered by some of the industry leaders such as: Accubid, Leviton, Ideal Industries and Fluke. In addition, the National Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee (NJATC) will be offering Technical Courses from Monday, March 8, through Wednesday, March 10, 2004.

The VDV/IBS Conference is sponsored by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and co-sponsored by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). VDV/IBS Conference will be held March 8-13, 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. The Trade Show will be held March 10-12, 2004.

Win a Free Trip to Las Vegas for Two! for the next VDV/IBS Conference and Expo. Visit and enter today!

For more information contact, Sue McCart at 404.378.9849 or e-mail or visit our website at for up-to-date information.

Berk-Tek Sets New Standard in 50 micron Cabling Technology

Fiber optic and copper cabling technology and solutions leader Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company, announced today a significant improvement in the optical performance of its cutting edge 50-micron GIGAlite™ multimode fiber, with guaranteed Gigabit Ethernet distances now up to 750 meters using 850 nm Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSELs).

Further complementing the enhanced performance parameters at 1 Gb/s, Berk-Tek's 50 micron GIGAlite fiber will also offer improved performance at 10 Gb/s. With the Differential Mode Delay (DMD) performance of the fiber guaranteed and maintained both before and after the critical cabling process, 50-micron GIGAlite multimode fiber supports 10 Gb/s applications to 150 meters a 66% improvement over comparable products offered on the market today.

Fully able to support legacy systems including Ethernet and Fast Ethernet, Berk-Tek's enhanced GIGAlite 50-micron optical fiber will be the standard 50-micron product offered today.

Berk-Tek has succeeded in being the first optical fiber cable manufacturer in the industry to offer a standard 50-micron product, which delivers a 36% improvement over the IEEE 802.3ae distance specification for multimode fiber.

The improved 50-micron GIGAlite product will compliment the current GIGAlite-10 product, one of the first products guaranteed to 300 meters using 850nm VCSELs at 10 Gb/s transmission speeds.

With the increasing demand for cost-effective cabling infrastructures capable of supporting both one and 10 Gb/s, both the new standard 50-micron GIGAlite and the GIGAlite-10 cabled fibers, offer tremendous value to the specifying end user, as well as peace of mind, " said Beni Blell, Berk-Tek's optical fiber product business manager.

When combined with enhanced cabling solutions from Berk-Tek such as Adventum™, the patented all-dry outdoor/indoor Riser and Plenum-rated cable, and Armor-Tek™, featuring aluminum or steel interlocking armor which can replace conduit or inner duct, the 50-micron GIGAlite and GIGAlite-10 quality cabled fiber products set the industry benchmark for optical, mechanical, environmental and physical performance.

About Berk-Tek, A Nexans Company

For more than 40 years, Berk-Tek has been a leading manufacturer of more than 100 different network copper and fiber-optic cable products. The company has led in the development of high-performance and enhanced UTP and optical fiber cables designed to transport high-speed data and voice transmissions. Berk-Tek has major manufacturing facilities at New Holland, PA, Fuquay-Varina, NC and Elm City, NC. For more information, visit

About Nexans

Nexans is the worldwide leader in the cable industry. The Group brings an extensive range of advanced copper and optical fiber cable solutions to the infrastructure, industry and building markets. Nexans cables and systems can be found in every area of people's lives, from telecommunications and energy networks, to aeronautics, aerospace, automobile, railways, building, petrochemical, medical applications, etc. With an industrial presence in 28 countries and commercial activities in 65 countries, Nexans employs 17,150 people and had sales in 2002 of 4.3 billion euros. Nexans is listed on the Paris stock exchange. More information can be found on

IEC installed its 2004 National President at the 46th Annual Convention and Electric Expo

In front of a national audience of independent electrical and systems contractors, apprentices, manufacturers and distributors at the 46th Annual Convention and IEC Electric Expo Awards Banquet in Anaheim, Ca., the Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc. (IEC) announced that J.B. Wise has been elected IEC National President for 2004, succeeding Eugene Mini.

"We look forward to the leadership of J.B. Wise," says Gene Mini, current IEC National President. "He has been involved with IEC for many years, and I feel confident that he will continue to grow this Association and improve the benefits we offer chapters and members."

"J.B. has built a rewarding career for himself and places much satisfaction on growing the industry," says Gary Baumgartner, IEC National Immediate Past President. "We can expect nothing but greatness from a person of his caliber."

Wise started his 41-year electrical career in June of 1962 when he began his apprenticeship. After working in the field for eight years, he advanced to the position of General Foreman. Then, at Bergelectric Corporation, he advanced from Estimator to the head of the Sales Division. In order to start his own business in Washington State, Wise left Bergelectric in 1979. However, he moved back to Southern California in 1984 to start Wise Electric, Inc., which would grow from just three employees in 1984 to over 250 employees by 1989. In 1994, Wise Electric moved to Colorado Springs, Co. where it still thrives to this day.

Wise became involved with IEC, Southern California, in 1986 and then with IEC of Southern Colorado in 1996. He wanted to be involved with an organization that espoused similar values to what he believed. Wise states: "I strongly believe in training, business ethics and in moving the open shop philosophy forward through business-friendly legislation. It is my intense desire to help build IEC to the point that it becomes one of the most influential construction associations in America."

A champion of such legislation, Wise served in public office from 1990 to 1994 as City Councilman in El Segundo, Ca., where he also became Mayor Pro Tem. He received several recognition awards from the California State Senate and State Legislature. Wise also served on the IEC Rocky Mountain Government Affairs Committee, where he was instrumental in building the coalition between IEC and the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). It was this coalition that succeeded in passing the new apprentice ratio into law. Additionally, Wise received the Republican National Committee Eisenhower Commission Lifetime Recognition Award signed by former Presidents Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and Gerald Ford.

Wise credits many people for his successes. "My mentors in the electrical business were Mr. Al Berg and Mr. Bob Briscoe of Bergelectric Corporation," Wise says. "They taught me how to be a businessman and how to become a professional. Their teachings were invaluable." Wise is grateful to his heroes: his father, Johnnie Wise, Sr.; his father-in-law, Reg Hayward; and former President Ronald Reagan.

Wise is quick to point out that by far, the greatest accomplishment in his life and the one he is most proud of is his wife and family. He says, "Without doubt, they are the most important part of my life." Wise and his wife Teri Lynn recently celebrated their 40-year wedding anniversary. They have four children: Rob, Electrical Contractor in Colorado Springs, Co.; Wendi, General Manager, Old Navy in Great Falls, Mt.; Kevin, Electrical Contractor in Colorado Springs; and Rick, Foreman, Rex-Moore Electric in Sacramento, Ca.; and 14 grandchildren.

Established in 1957, IEC is a trade association made up of more than 3,200 merit shop electrical and systems contractors with 73 chapters nationwide. Headquartered in Alexandria, Va., IEC is the nation's premier trade association representing America's independent electrical and systems

contractors. IEC National aggressively works with the industry to establish a competitive environment for the merit shop - a philosophy that promotes the concept of free enterprise, open competition and economic opportunity for all.

University of South Florida, One of the Nation's Largest Universities, Receives Converged Network Upgrade from Avaya

Revamp Readies School for Future Growth and High Technology Corridor Efforts

Avaya Inc. (BASKING RIDGE, NJ), a leading global provider of communications networks and services for businesses, today announced that the University of South Florida has upgraded its communications network with the latest in Internet Protocol (IP) telephony solutions. The new converged network is enhancing services and lowering operational costs for university faculty, staff and over 40,000 students.

The University of South Florida holds the distinction of being the nation's twentieth largest in the country, the twelfth largest research university in the nation and the second largest university in the state of Florida, according to school officials, with several regional campuses and other remote sites. With the upgrade, the Tampa Bay-area school extends Avaya MultiVantage (TM) Communications Applications -- including telephony, messaging and contact center applications -- to any location, and represents one of the largest deployments of an IP telephony network at a university.

IP telephony provides a collaborative framework that delivers a seamless coexistence of voice and data applications allowing users to access next generation communications on a converged network. Avaya is number one worldwide and in the U.S. in IP telephony, according to InfoTech.

The beauty of our upgrade from Avaya is that we did not have to forklift our existing configuration, but just leveraged our current investment while migrating toward a fully converged network that is very reliable," said Kate Nidasio, director of Telecommunications and Customer Service at the university. "The platform upgrade delivered reliability and increased processing power while enhancing our voice over IP telephony capabilities. We're also benefiting from new applications of unified messaging that help increase productivity."

The upgrade to a converged voice and data network allowed school officials to reuse nearly 95 percent of its existing network infrastructure to support more than 16,000 IP, digital and analog phones, at its Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota-Manatee, Lakeland and Tampa Port Authority campuses. Avaya Global Services provided design and implementation services for the new network, including extensive project management to ensure that the large voice and data network would perform at optimal levels.

Nidasio said the emergence of IP-based voice response, speech recognition, and voice storage capabilities makes IP telephony easier and less expensive for the university to deploy and operate. The network upgrade will support the future growth and technology efforts of the university.

The university has been at the forefront in contributing to the state's technology growth and was key in the creation and development of the Florida High Technology Corridor, from Florida's East Coast along Interstate 4 to the Gulf coast. This area has become the state's high-tech leader, encompassing some 60 percent of Florida's high-tech industries.

The new network is powered by Avaya Communication Manager, the company's flagship IP telephony software that operates in an open, multi-vendor environment. The Avaya software provides more than 700 features and includes advanced communications capabilities such as reliable call routing, conferencing, transfers and a unique set of media encryption, scalability applications, and simplified network administration tools.

The Avaya Communication Manager allows the university to save conferencing expenses rather than paying costs to conference service providers. It enables owners of multiple line-appearance phones to use other line appearances to dial out from a meet-me bridge and conference on other participants as necessary, including the ability to chain multiple meet-me conferences together.

Several departments within the university will utilize the Avaya Extension to Cellular feature of the Avaya Communication Manager. This mobility solution enables the staff to have business calls that come into their desk phones migrated directly to their cellular phones, whether they are on or off campus. University officials said this feature will be particularly useful for staff in its athletics department when they are out of the office or on scouting tours and want to be easily reached via one telephone number.

Other divisions that are planning to use the feature are the university's alumni association, whose highly mobile workers need to remain in contact with their constituents without having to leave a trail of phone numbers where they "may" be reached. Now, critical business decisions can be discussed and made on-the-spot with the Avaya Extension to Cellular offering.

The university also expanded its voice messaging system and its 10,600 voice mailboxes that are being used in student dormitories as well as the rest of the campus. As part of the Avaya MultiVantage(TM) Communications Applications suite, the university has new messaging features such as fax messaging, message manager, voice messaging management and internet messaging via the Web.

The university's contact center, which is utilized for its medical clinics, registrar, admissions and financial aid offices, was also upgraded to help improve operational efficiencies and productivity. Patients and students need dial only one number instead of multiple ones in seeking the correct department from the contact center's prompt.

General Cable files for $100 mln mixed shelf

General Cable Corp. a maker of wire and cable products, filed on Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission to periodically sell up to $100 million in debt and stock.

Net proceeds from the offering will be used for general corporate purposes, the company said in a shelf registration statement with the SEC. Such a filing gives a company advance regulatory permission to sell securities in one or more offerings, with the terms and conditions determined at the time of sale. Highland Heights, Kentucky-based General Cable develops and distributes copper, aluminum and fibre optic wire products for the communications and energy markets.

Berk-Tek appoints Rich Domville to Strategic Account Manager

Fiber optic and copper cabling technology and solutions leader Berk-Tek (New Holland, PA), a Nexans Company, has appointed Rich Domville to Strategic Account Manager.

Domville will be responsible for sales to large National Integrators, Government and other opportunities that are national in scope. Most recently he was the Southeast Regional Sales Manager for Berk-Tek.

Domville brings extensive experience in both sales and marketing. Over the last 26 years, he has been successful in the CATV, Business Communications and Data Networking market places. He has held a variety of positions from inside and outside sales manager to General Manager of a 75-person distribution facility. Domville graduated Cum Laude from Springfield College, Springfield, MA.

DAIKIN AMERICA announces new Fluoroelastomer Sales Representative

Daikin announces the newest addition to its sales staff, Dante Capriotti as part of their on-going commitment to expand their Fluoroelastomers Business. Dante joined Daikin in July 2003 as Sr. Technical Sales Rep. for Fluoroelastomers.

Dante brings with him over 25 years of fluoroelastomer experience. Holding a BS in Chemistry, spending three years in the military in Germany as a Chemist, and beginning his career in the specialized rubber industry by joining Industrial Electronic Rubber Company in Twinsburg, OH, he broadened his career as R&D Director for the development of new FKM compounds for the auto industry. His other experiences include Chief Chemist for a custom mixing company, Technical Service for Dupont Dow Elastomers and over 15 years in field sales as a Sr. Account Manager.

Daikin America recently invested over $1 million in a specialized Fluoroelastomer testing laboratory, which was built at their Orangeburg, NY headquarters. The lab is fully staffed and has been conducting new industry testing for over a year.

The facility also includes ATSM compliant equipment for properties such as elongation, tensile stress, tearing strength, and hardness. Daikin has the capability to prepare data helpful to its customers in determining their material needs and ways to improve and modify its properties.

Daikin America Inc. Daikin America, Inc., headquartered in Orangeburg, NY is one of the largest fluoropolymer suppliers in the U.S., supplying molding resins, fine powders, aqueous dispersions and melt-processable fluoropolymers and fluoroelastomers for many critical applications.

Metrobility's line protector wins audience award at Cabling Systems Exhibition

Metrobility Optical Systems, Inc. won the Best of Show Award for its line protection and restoral product at the Cabling Systems Conference & Exhibition 2003. The device is designed to provide redundant data paths to prevent data loss due to cable or port failure.

The conference, which was sponsored by Cabling Installation & Maintenance ( and produced by PennWell, took place Sept. 22-24 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.

"We are pretty excited," says Raylene Kadrmas, marketing communications manager for Metrobility (, based in Merrimack, NH.

During the exhibit portion of the conference, attendees were given the chance to vote on what they considered to be the best new product being showcased. Information on all products were presented in a section of the exhibit hall called the Product Showcase. Attendees were each given the chance to submit a ballot that chose the product they considered Best of Show.

The attendees chose Metrobility's new GigE "redundant twister," which is designed to offer both primary and backup links between two network switches, routers or bridges to help ensure network reliability, minimize network downtime and maintain the security of Gigabit Ethernet backbones

The "redundant twister" monitors links between network devices and automatically switches to the backup link when the primary link fails. It then restores the primary link when that link status returns to normal.

The GigE "redundant twister" is based on the company's patented "redundant twister" product line for Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. These units have been deployed in U.S. stock exchanges and other mission-critical applications. The GigE version will support Metrobility's SONAR (Switch-On No Activity Received) feature, which senses switch activity as well as link. Another feature, Network on Demand, allows IT administrators to select automatic failover or manual path selection for network maintenance and backup operations.

The GigE "redundant twister" will be available as both a line card for the company's Radiance R5000 Central Service Platform and as a standalone for customer premise applications. The models introduced provide copper to redundant copper, copper to redundant fiber, and fiber to redundant fiber media types. The products will begin shipping in February. Metrobility manufactures media converters and extended LAN applications.

Anixter’s CCTP Video Surveillance System on list for 2003 New Product of the Year

Anixter Inc., (Glenview, IL) the world’s leading distributor of data communications products, has been named a finalist for the “2003 New Product of the Year” with its Closed Circuit Twisted Pair (CCTP) video surveillance system. The award, presented annually by Access Control & Security Systems magazine, was established to recognize and honor excellence in new product development within the security industry.

This past April, the CCTP video surveillance system was named “2003 Best New Technology” by Government Computer News magazine during the Federal Office Systems Expo (FOSE) held in Washington, D.C. An expert panel of judges from Government Computer News and Washington Technology chose CCTP from a select group of finalists based on innovation, product features, relevance to the federal market and value.

Anixter formally introduced the CCTP system earlier this year and it has received industry-wide acclaim for its innovative, cost-effective approach to video surveillance. It is the first-ever system to run video, power and control signals over a single, Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable. This differs dramatically from traditional CCTV surveillance systems that require up to three, separate and distinct proprietary cables.

CCTP offers an organized, flexible approach for maintaining video surveillance networks and complex security solutions. Specifically, the CCTP system offers:

The ability to easily, cost-effectively accommodate future moves, adds and changes

An open architecture that fosters PC integration with 100% upgradeability to digital technology

Compatibility with existing IT infrastructures to enhance both security systems and digital networks Reduced labor costs and lower total cost of ownership.

According to Access Control & Security Systems magazine, final judging and announcement of the award recipient will take place in December. “We are honored to be named a finalist in the competition,” said Steve Leatherwood, senior vice president of marketing for Anixter. “This underscores and validates the value of our system in the security marketplace.”

For more information about the CCTP video surveillance system, visit the Anixter website at:

About Anixter

Anixter International is the word's leading distributor of communication products, electrical and electronic wire & cable and a leading distributor of fasteners and other small parts ("C" Class inventory components) to Original Equipment Manufacturers. The company adds value to the distribution process by providing its customers access to 1) innovative inventory management programs, 2) more than 220,000 products and nearly $500 million in inventory, 3) 151 warehouses with more than 4.5 million square feet of space and 4) locations in 180 cities in 40 countries. Founded in 1957 and headquartered near Chicago, Anixter trades on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AXE.


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