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Bits N' Pieces

Bisbee's Buzz'.

While returning from the Annual Family Reunion in a nearby city, we passed a sign that warned: " MEN WORKING". My wife called the sign to my attention as we approached the construction zone. My daughter chimed in from the back seat, " Why don't they have WOMEN WORKING signs?" My wife quickly answered - Women work all the time! However, when men do it, they put up a sign to mark the occasion!

Looking back over the past six months, there has not been a great deal of good news to fill the lines of the "Heard On The Street" column. This month is different. We are hearing reports from cable manufacturers, distributors, and contractors that are promising. Orders and work seem to be picking up. We hope it's the beginning of a trend. Unfortunately, in the past, the business reports looked like a slinky going down the stairs.

Last month the FED reduced interest rates again. It the lowest level since 1958. With cheap money available, perhaps the market will finally show increased signs of life. Many projects have been on hold so long that they have developed rigor mortis. CFO's are continually reducing income estimates with annotations of having been "overly optimistic" in their previous forecasts.

"In this environment, customers are continuing to approach larger capital projects in a very cautious manner, and spending money only when they absolutely must," Chief Executive Robert Grubbs of Anixter, Inc., said in a statement. "This very cautious approach to capital spending has meant that we have not seen the historical seasonal pickup in sales in the second quarter."

This month BOMA International (Building Owners & Managers Association) held their 96th Annual Conference and The Office Building Show ® (June 28 - July 1). This years conference was completely redesigned and offered more than 35 education sessions on subjects for every job function and business discipline. The removal of abandoned cable was on the agenda of several committees. It dovetails with I.A.Q. (Indoor Air Quality) and liability issues.

The communications cabling industry is parallel to BOMA in its need for ongoing education. The President's Message by Larry F. Soehren, President of BOMA International (May 2003 issue of Magazine), described the challenge.

"Who among us can do your job without dedicating yourself to continuous learning and endless improvement? In today's dynamic, evolving marketplace, no one can afford to sit still. Leading edge ideas become yesterday's news at the speed of light, and those who fail to grow risk being left behind. Fortunately for us, BOMA International makes learning easy. In my view, it's one of the greatest benefits of BOMA membership"

In the world of cabling, we are fortunate to have several organizations, like NECA & BICSI, that are equipped to offer valuable training and continuing education in design and installation. Check out the BICSI 2003 educational resource catalog.

The NECA-NEIS is filled with up-to-date information for the cabling business professional. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) continues to be the leading source of structured training for installation and safety in the world of "infrastructure". IBEW is perhaps the most well respected union in organized labor. The spirit of trade unionism, education, and quality workmanship has made this 780,000-member organization the top ranked source for professional improvement in the electrical and communications industry.

On the Codes & Standards front, staying on top of the information, which we require to perform installations and MAC's (Moves, Adds & Changes), is mandatory. We suggest you consider a subscription to Cabling Standards Update. This bi-monthly publication has no equal in our industry.

Standards are about standardized performance. The TIA/EIA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop voluntary industry standards for a wide variety of telecommunications products. Codes are about "rules of the road" for structured safety. For communications cabling, the NEC (National Electric Code) is primarily devoted to fire safety. There is a glaring gap between these two important components of our industry regulations and guidelines. At this time there is no provision for product performance sustainability in the codes or standards arenas. Beyond the NEC 2002's focus on accumulated fuel load in the plenum, we must consider other aspects of the safety concerns for building occupants.

A major area of concern is product toxicity and environmental impact. The Indoor Air Quality in the workplace is a serious concern. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) indoor air pollution was ranked as one of the top five environmental threats to public health and one of the largest remaining health risks in the United States. EPA studies have shown that indoor pollutant levels inside can be 2-5 times higher and sometimes as much as 100 times more polluted than outside air. If this trend continues, we will be forced to focus on all components in the IAQ system. This potentially hazardous scenario includes communications cabling (CMP & Limited Combustible) installed in the return air plenums. Recent revelations about the potentially lethal nature of Teflon ® toxicity (when burned), has prompted several inquiries into the safety of cables made with Teflon ® materials. Information about the toxic nature of fluoropolymer materials (used in cabling) has been unabashedly absent in the development and consideration of codes and standards.

11 Firefighters Hospitalized In Toxic Warehouse Blaze
Houston Fire Dept: Teflon Toxic When Burned - June 25, 2003

Which came first - the chicken or the egg?

The chemical industry is a major building block in the cabling business. Revelations about fire hazards, toxicity and waste disposal have heaped concern on the cabling consumer. Many industry insiders have been asking " who commands the cabling industry?" Is it the chemical companies or the cabling/connector manufacturers and installation contractors? The alliteration "Teflon Toxicity" is receiving as much attention as the ever-popular "Lethal LEAD". The news stories which are focused on "popular poisons" may cause buyers to rethink their specifications.

To add insult to injury, Reuters News headline proclaimed (June 27, 2003)
"One word for plastics -- slump"
"Plastic, the versatile material found in every nook of the American economy, is struggling through one of its worst slumps in recent memory."

Putting materials in the return-air-plenum that can burn, generate smoke, and release noxious and toxic gasses, may have been driven by the chemical industry. There were two major distribution methods before plenum approved cable - steel pipe or floor systems. The cabling industry may be forced to override the commercial imperative of the chemical industry. TIA and NEC may revert to safer (much more expensive) distribution pathways. After all is said and done, we have to ask ourselves how do you put a price on safety.

Remember, Safety is Everybody's job and it is too important to ignore….

We hope that you take a few moments and reflect on the value of freedom.
This July 4th, 2003, United States of America celebrates her 227th Birthday.

But that's just my opinion. Frank Bisbee

National Electrical Installation Standards® (NEIS) are now available on CD's

National Electrical Installation Standards® (NEIS) are now available on CD-ROMs. This new format offers improved convenience and functionality for consulting engineers, electrical contractors, plant/facility managers, inspectors and others --- all the building professionals who depend on NEIS® as authoritative technical references that define the best ways to install and maintain electrical products and systems.

In addition to offering new features, the NEIS CD SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE offers a value-priced alternative to NEIS in paper book form. Here's how it works. Four times a year, paid subscribers will receive an updated CD, containing:

Published NEIS --- Full text and graphics of all current installation standards (21 as of June 2003).

Standards Update --- Draft installation standards in progress, for review and comment or technical reference (12 as of June 2003).

Committee Lists --- Subscribers can join the Technical Subcommittees responsible for developing new NEIS standards --- online.

Each new NEIS CD (mailed in Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) will contain one or more new NEIS since the previous release, an updated 'standards in progress' section, and the most current NECA newsletters.

Improved Functionality

The new NEIS CD SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE gives users new ways to use NECA's electrical construction standards.

Fast and Easy to Use. Simply slip the NEIS CD into a computer (or load it on the hard drive) to have National Electrical Installation Standards at your fingertips --- anytime, anywhere. Finding the technical information you need is fast. Cutting and pasting text to insert in project specifications is easy. No more dealing with 21 separate publications in an awkward three-ring binder!

Online Convenience. And with an Internet connection, you get additional functionality, such as: NECA's Code Question of the Day, fast-breaking industry news about NEIS, and the ability to order NECA technical and safety publications on line.

Maximum Convenience, Minimum Price

And this may be the best news of all: Users get all the expanded benefits of electronic NEIS at a lower price than ever before. The NEIS CD SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE costs 1/3 less than buying all 21 current National Electrical Installation Standards in paper book form.

"We're very excited about the new subscription service. It's the right product at the right time," says Brooke Stauffer, NECA executive director for standards and safety. "Consulting engineers have been asking us about NEIS on CD-ROM for some time. Likewise, electrical contractors who use our standards on job sites have been wanting electronic versions. These days, every big construction project has Internet access.

"Let's face it, the construction industry is getting more electronic and computerized every day," observes Stauffer. "The new NEIS CD SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE is a great way to be responsive to user needs."

ORDERING INFORMATION: The NEIS CD SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE is priced at $400, with NECA-member discount available. Contact the NECA Order Desk at (301) 215-4504 tel, (301) 215-4500 fax, or and request Index No.1500. Provide your name, company, mailing address and NECA member number (where applicable). All orders must be prepaid by check or credit card.

The National Electrical Contractors Association, founded in 1901, is the leading representative of a segment of the construction market comprised of over 70,000 electrical contracting firms. The industry employs over 650,000 electrical workers and produces an annual volume of over $95 billion. NECA includes 120 U.S. chapters in addition to others in countries around the world. The association sponsors the NECA Show, renowned as the industry's premiere event, which features cutting-edge technologies, highlights new trends, and provides courses to help contractors broaden their knowledge and skill. NECA is dedicated to enhancing the industry through continuing education, labor relations, current information and promotional activities. To learn more about the industry or NECA's services, please visit

DuPont wants to show their "Softer Side"

(Reuters) - DuPont Co. wants to show the softer side of its old industrial self, hiring a famed ad agency to remind the public it is more than just a chemical company. Last month, the company took a major step toward that goal by hiring ad agency Ogilvy & Mather to handle its $75 million account, which includes products like Tyvek home wrap and Teflon coating.

Ogilvy will run all of DuPont's public relations and advertising within the next nine months, the first time one firm has had sole control of the company's public image. The move comes as the company clamps down on costs by cutting jobs and consolidating amid a three-year chemical slump. Go to article to read more

Anixter International Inc. Comments on Sales and Earnings Outlook

Anixter International Inc. (Glenview, IL), the world's leading distributor of communication products, electrical and electronic wire & cable and a leading distributor of fasteners and other small parts ("C" Class inventory components) to Original Equipment Manufacturers, today commented on current sales trends and their expected impact on earnings.

Robert W. Grubbs, President and CEO, said, "Over the past several months we have seen very steady, but flat, daily sales. The current market can best be categorized as one where customers are focused primarily on doing maintenance spending and smaller projects. In this environment, customers are continuing to approach larger capital projects in a very cautious manner, and spending money only when they absolutely must."

"This very cautious approach to capital spending has meant that we have not seen the historical seasonal pick up in sales in the second quarter. In addition, there are also three fewer shipping and billing days in the second quarter compared to the two prior quarters. As a result, while we expect the second quarter to show comparable daily sales rates to the last two quarters, the fewer number of shipping and billing dates will generate a drop in total sales compared to the past couple of quarters."

Commenting on the number of shipping and billing days, Grubbs said, "Our fiscal first quarter had no significant holidays and, as such, had 65 shipping and billing days. Looking back to the fourth quarter the large number of holidays was offset by the fact that our fiscal calendar resulted in a 14 week quarter, so we effectively had 65 shipping and billing days in that quarter as well. The current quarter has the Good Friday, Memorial Day and July 4th holidays, which effectively leaves us with only 62 working days."

"For the second quarter, the fewer number of shipping and billing days, at the same daily sales rates as the past two quarters, will result in sales of between $630 and $640 million," commented Grubbs. "Looking forward, until we see a stronger level of overall economic recovery and in particular a pick up in capital spending, a continuation of the flat daily sales rates will produce some volatility in quarterly sales based on the varying number of working days. In particular, as we look at the balance of fiscal 2003, the number of shipping and billing days will increase from 62 days in the current quarter to 64 days in the third quarter, but will then fall to 60 days in the fourth quarter when we have Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all occurring on Thursdays."

Grubbs concluded, "For the current quarter, sales of $630 to $640 million will likely result in earnings per share of between 25 and 27 cents per diluted common share."

About Anixter

Anixter International is the world's leading distributor of communication products, electrical and electronic wire & cable and a leading distributor of fasteners and other small parts ("C" Class inventory components) to Original Equipment Manufacturers. The company adds value to the distribution process by providing its customers access to 1) more than 185,000 products and nearly $500 million in inventory, 2) 142 warehouses with more than 4.4 million square feet of space, and 3) locations in 175 cities in 40 countries. Founded in 1957 and headquartered near Chicago, Anixter trades on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AXE.

New Connectors Complete Berk-Tek's Offering for Fiber Optic Systems

Berk-Tek, a Nexans Company, introduces its new full range of field terminable fiber optic connectors. Combined with Berk-Tek's optical cable, these connectors support campus and building backbones, horizontal cabling applications for LANs or SANs, device termination and data centers.

The new connectors include:

ST series featuring the typical bayonet-type twist lock for mounting..

SC versions utilizing the "push-pull" method for connection.

Small form factor LC connectors using a latch system similar a common telephone plug

The connectors are available for singlemode and multimode fibers. To fully support the connectors, Berk-Tek will offer a full line of termination tool kits and consumable parts.

The connectors have a PC polish and are manufactured for high performance, ruggedness and flexibility. They are designed for installation on 900 µm buffered fibers and feature low average insertion loss performance with proper installation.

The connectors utilize precision zirconia ferrules and are compliant to all applicable industry standards including ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.3 Optical Fiber Cabling Components Standard.

Hubbell Premise Wiring announces a line of low profile, field configurable surface mount boxes

The new ISM Series surface mount boxes are ideal for today's most demanding workstation outlet needs in supporting open office/MUTOA cabling, compact surface mount environments, and retrofits. Available in 5 sizes and 5 color options to accommodate 1-, 2-, 4-, 6-, and 12 Xcelerator jacks and snap-fit connectors, each box has the right combinations of features and density for UTP, Audio, Video, and fiber optic applications.

All housings can be mounted with supplied screws or adhesive mounting tape. Both the 4- and 6-port boxes come with adjustable furniture latches to provide an additional mounting option to common ANSI/TIA/EIA standard furniture openings. For solutions requiring fiber, the 4-, 6-, and 12-port surface mount boxes have fiber storage posts that can store 1-meter of fiber cable with the proper bend radius.

All ISM Series surface mount boxes feature a low profile design. They are constructed of a durable high impact fire-retardant (rated UL 94V-O) plastic and contain a tamper resistant screw located behind the faceplate label field. Each box features port and faceplate identification fields that are compatible with Hubbell laser-printable label sheets to meet TIA/EIA 606-A administration standards.

Hubbell Premise Wiring, a division of Hubbell, Inc. (Delaware), is a leading manufacturer of structured cabling systems/enclosures and accessories. Hubbell's broad offering includes high-performance jacks, patch panels, patch cords, racks and cabinets, cable management accessories, and fiber optic products

Cable Design Technologies Corporation Plans $110 Million Convertible Subordinated Debenture Offering and Simultaneous Share Repurchases

Cable Design Technologies Corporation (NYSE: CDT) announced today that it plans to offer, subject to market and other conditions, approximately $110 million aggregate principal amount of its Convertible Subordinated Debentures due 2023 through an offering within the United States to qualified institutional buyers pursuant to Rule 144A under the Securities Act of 1933 and outside the United States to non- U.S. persons pursuant to Regulation S under the Securities Act. The number of shares issuable upon conversion of the debentures is to be determined by negotiations between the company and the initial purchaser of the debentures. The company stated that it expects to grant the initial purchaser a 30-day option to purchase up to an additional $16.5 million principal amount of debentures.

The company intends to use the net proceeds of the offering (1) to repay approximately $83 million of indebtedness, representing substantially all of the current amount outstanding under the company's bank facilities, (2) for repurchases of up to $20 million of shares of its common stock in negotiated transactions simultaneous with the issuance of the debentures or immediately thereafter in market repurchases and (3) for general corporate purposes.

Graybar Named "Best of the Best" by Industry Peers

NAED Honors Graybar With Five Awards for Marketing Excellence

Graybar, a leading national distributor of high quality electrical, telecommunications, and networking products, has received the prestigious "Best of the Best Overall Distributor" award for marketing excellence from the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED).

Graybar earned the top award in recognition of its creative, high-impact marketing and advertising programs and overall effectiveness in improving the company's brand position in the marketplace. Judging of the nearly 300 entries for this year's "Best of the Best" was conducted by a panel of industry peers.

In addition to receiving the "Best of the Best" honor, Graybar captured four individual category awards and an Honorable Mention, the most NAED honors earned by a single company at this year's competition. It's the second straight year Graybar has been recognized by the NAED for its marketing leadership in the electrical industry. "Being recognized as a leader is always an honor. But being recognized as a leader by a group of your peers is one of the highest honors a company can achieve," said Charles R. Udell, Senior Vice President, Electrical, Graybar. "This series of NAED awards speaks volumes to Graybar's ongoing commitment to raise the bar on performance for our customers, as well as the suppliers serving the electrical industry."

In addition to the "Best of the Best Overall Distributor" Award, Graybar’s marketing initiatives earned the following honors:

Best of Merchandising - Graybar earned top honors for its "Counter Marketing" strategy, for improving counter convenience at its distribution facilities nationwide, and making those areas more customer/user friendly while increasing profitability in counter operations.

Best of Print Advertising - Graybar's "Automation Ad" entry was recognized for its positioning of Graybar as the only single-source provider of automation, communications and electrical solutions in the U.S.

Best of Literature/Selling Tools - Graybar's "Automation Brochure" received this award for its use as a personal selling tool, generating sales leads and increasing awareness of the depth and breadth of best-of-class automation and control products Graybar carries.

Best of Integrated Promotional Campaign - Graybar's "epoint program, a "frequent buyer" reward program for contractors in the electrical, data and telecommunications industries, captured the top award for strategic use of sales brochures, direct mail, special promotions and its web site to increase sales by building customer loyalty.

Best Web Sites - Graybar earned an "Honorable Mention" for its redesigned Web Site for the e-point program. New graphics and literature convey a "sporty" look, showcasing trip imagery for users seeking the latest trips and merchandise available for redeeming points for select Graybar purchases.

Winning entries were announced May 21st at the close of the NAED annual meeting in Atlanta.

About Graybar

Graybar, a Fortune 500 corporation and one of the largest employee-owned companies in North America, is a leader in the distribution of high quality electrical, telecommunications and networking products, and an expert provider of related supply chain management and logistics services. Through its network of 250 North American distribution facilities, it stocks and sells products from more than 4,200 manufacturers, serving as the vital link to hundreds of thousands of customers.

DuPont denies link to birth defects

The DuPont Co. told the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency there is no link between C-8, used to make Teflon, and confirmed or suspected birth defects in children born to two employees who worked at its Teflon operations near Parkersburg, W.Va., as described in a 1981 memo. The EPA is reviewing that company memo in response to allegations by the Washington, D.C., -based Environmental Working Group that DuPont broke a law requiring the reporting of information that "reasonably supports the conclusion" that a chemical is harmful. In a June 20 letter released yesterday, DuPont also said the chemical wasn't known to cause birth defects. An EPA spokesman said the agency had no immediate comment. (6-25-03)

Berk-Tek introduces GUARDmark

Berk-Tek, a Nexans company, introduces GUARDmark, a new high performance shielded cable series ideal for applications demanding the most advanced cable performance.

GUARDmark state-of-the-art Foil Twisted Pair (FTP) designs increase signal isolation which prevents contaminant noise from entering the cabling systems and disrupting network performance.

GUARDmark-6 is the first cable of its kind to receive ETL verification to the ANSI TIA-EIA 568-B.2-1 Category 6 standard. Berk-Tek's GUARDmark series also includes Premium Category 5e and standard Category 5e cables, all verified by ITS ETL SEMKO.

"The release of the GUARDmark product line is a direct result of a concentrated corporate effort to develop leading edge capabilities in the manufacture of shielded cable technologies," said Dan Kennefick, Copper Products Business Manager at Berk-Tek. "Today, the Government, Military, Educational Institutions and Corporate America are focusing as a priority on Network security and the protection of intellectual assets. The GUARDmark products provide users the combination of proven Berk-Tek performance and a cabling solution that is more secure."

Hubbell has Lighted 110 Punch-down Tool

Hubbell Premise Wiring has a lighted 110 punch-down toolwith a battery operated high-intensity light mounted on the front of the tool to illuminate panels in dark cabinets, work areas and closets. It is used to terminate 28-22 AWG solid or stranded wire on jacks and panels that have 110 style IDC contacts. The cushioned handle has a foldout wire pick to separate twisted-pair cables, a hook to feed wires and a multi-use spludger that can be used as a screwdriver or an IDC contact insertion tool. Like the standard punch-down tool, it has a comfortable ergonomic grip, easy-to-install twist lock blades, and adjustable high/low impact settings. Batteries and 110 style punch-down blades are included. Additional 110 blades, 66 block punch-down blades, replacement light and batteries may be ordered separately.

DOW Wire & Cable Compounds Develops High-Performance Solutions for Fiber Optic Cable Applications

Dow Wire & Cable Compounds (Houston, TX), a business group of The Dow Chemical Company and its subsidiaries, now offers new materials for fiber optic telecommunications cables that provide improved performance, cost efficiencies and manufacturing cost savings. Novel products based on developmental INSPIRE* performance polymers feature high melt strength and a balance of high stiffness and toughness. They also offer good potential to advance overall cost and performance improvements in key optic cable applications.

For buffer tube use, these high stiffness/high toughness materials contribute substantially improved crush resistance and cable grease compatibility versus conventional IMPP (impact modified polypropylenes) currently in use, as well as physical properties approaching or superior to those of polybutylene terephthalate. Enhanced compatibility with the less expensive buffer tube filling gels offers system cost advantages in addition to clearly superior physical properties, compared to conventional IMPP, which requires higher-viscosity and higher-priced gels.

For fiber optic core tube (center tube) and slotted core applications, Dow's high melt strength polymers offer good extrusion characteristics with minimal sag, while providing the desirable high modulus and corresponding crush resistance of conventional polypropylene materials. These materials have also demonstrated the necessary balance of other performance characteristics such as good surface smoothness, low post-extrusion shrinkage contributing to excess fiber length and signal attenuation, and sufficient cold-impact performance for outdoor installation and use in cold climates.

As the world's leading global producer of polyolefin-based wire and cable materials, Dow Wire & Cable Compounds, a business group of The Dow Chemical Company, brings more than 50 years' experience to the power, telecommunications, flame retardant and end-user markets. Our polyethylene compounds are used as insulation and jacketing materials, providing a unique combination of mechanical strength, flexibility, electrical properties, aging stability and processability. Dow Wire & Cable Compounds,, creates value for global customers by supplying material and compounding solutions that are backed by solid research and development, product development, engineering and market validation expertise.

Dow is a leading science and technology company that provides innovative chemical, plastic and agricultural products and services to many essential consumer markets. With annual sales of $27 billion, Dow serves customers in more than 170 countries and a wide range of markets that are vital to human progress, including food, transportation, health and medicine, personal and home care, and building and construction, among others. Committed to the principles of Sustainable Development, Dow and its approximately 50,000 employees seek to balance economic, environmental and social responsibilities.

Wiremold Perimeter Raceway Features Inline Power and Data

The Wiremold Company has introduced V2400 Series raceway, an intermediate sized perimeter raceway system with inline receptacles and data outlets. This all-steel raceway is designed to provide power and/or communications in classrooms, laboratories, hotels, and other locations that require a low-profile raceway.

An exclusive feature of single compartment V2400 Series raceway is inline, field-configurable receptacles. This design eliminates the need for a box, enabling the raceway to fit into tighter spaces, such as under a blackboard. Inline 106 frame data outlets accommodate a wide range of modules, including Ortronics® TrakJack® and Pass & Seymour connectivity solutions, without using a box.

This raceway system is also available in a dual compartment configuration that manages power and data/communications cabling in a single raceway. The V2400D divided raceway, which requires a box for receptacles and communications jacks, features over-the-raceway boxes that install over a continuous run of raceway base, eliminating time-consuming cutting. These boxes accommodate a full range of power and communications options.

V2400 Series raceways all-steel construction provides superior strength and tamper resistance. FiberReady corner and tee fittings are UL verified for a 2" cable bend radius so cables are protected during lay-in or pull-through installations. All raceway components are color-matched with a durable ivory Scuff-Coat finish.

The Wiremold Company and Ortronics are part of Legrand, the world's leading producer of wiring devices with operations in 51 countries and 28,000 employees. The Wiremold Company offers the industry's most complete line of wire and cable management solutions. Ortronics is a global leader in high-performance connectivity products. .

TIA Publishes New Wireless Standard TIA-683-C

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has published a new standard, "Over-the-Air Service Provisioning (OTASP) of Mobile Stations in Spread Spectrum Systems," TIA-683-C. The document is a revision of TIA/EIA-683-B.

This document describes over-the-air service provisioning in CDMA and analog systems. The procedures defined are intended to be extendable and flexible enough to be used with future air interface specifications. The procedures in this document do not require support for continuation of the service provisioning process following a CDMA-to-analog handoff.

BICSI Releases Newest Edition of the Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual

BICSI, a telecommunications association, will publish the 10th edition of its popular Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM) on May 30, 2003. The TDMM is a valuable resource for those who design telecommunications infrastructure in commercial and multi-dwelling residential buildings.

Containing a complete overview of telecommunications distribution, the TDMM takes the reader from design through construction, installation, and maintenance. First published in 1980, the manual is updated every three years to provide the latest information on techniques, methodologies, codes, and standards. It is the basis for the exam for BICSI's prestigious Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDDâ) designation.

The TDMM is written and edited by many talented subject matter experts under the direction of BICSI's Technical Information & Methods Committee. The new TDMM follows the BICSI tradition of providing up-to-date comprehensive material that is vendor-neutral and standards-based," says James R. (Ray) Craig, RCDD/LAN Specialist and committee chair during work on the 10th edition. "This edition is global friendly with more international terms and standards," said Craig.

Indexed and illustrated, the two-volume manual includes 22 chapters and glossary with more than 1700 pages. There are over 420 diagrams and drawings of telecommunications systems as well as more than 250 charts and tables with details on specifications, requirements, descriptions, and procedures. The 10th edition TDMM is available in an easily referenced three-ring binder set or on CD-ROM, and sells to BICSI members US$179 and US$329 to nonmembers.


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