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HOTS 08/1999

Issue: August 1999

By: Frank Bisbee


Featured Story


Just as K-MART and WAL-MART have become Supermarkets for the home, Staples is expanding to be the Supermarket for business. Staples has spotted a winner and grabbed it. Staples has acquired privately held Claricom Holding Inc. (Milford, CT), an industry leader in providing innovative telecommunications products and services to small businesses, for $140 million in an all cash transaction. Effective July 16th,Claricom will change its name to Staples Communications.

"Our acquisition of Claricom will help address the technology and telecommunications services needs of our customers," said Thomas G. Stemberg, Staples' Chairman and CEO. "Building our services capabilities is an important part of Staples' growth strategy."

Claricom was privately owned by Bain Capital, Triumph Capital and its senior management team.

Claricom had about 1,200 employees in more than 60 sales locations nationwide. Staples plans to operate Claricom as a separate subsidiary. Edward Lavin, Claricom's Chairman and CEO, will continue to head the operation and will report to Joseph Doody, President of Staples Contract and Commercial. Neil Lichtman will continue as Claricom's President and COO.

Claricom provides more than 100,000 business customers nationwide with advanced telecommunications services including key systems, PBX systems, voice messaging, automated call distribution systems, video conferencing, Internet, paging, wireless, long distance, data and other related network services . . . and high performance computer telephony cabling systems. Industry insiders expect Staples Communications to emerge as an aggressive competitor in voice, data and CABLING.

GenTek, Inc. (Hampton, NH) has agreed to purchase Berlin-based Krone AG from Jenoptik AG (Jena, Germany) for approximately $218 million in cash and the assumption of Krone debt. Krone had revenues of approximately $300 million in 1998.

"Krone is an outstanding company, with superior products and technology that will significantly enhance the growth opportunities of GenTek," said Paul M. Montrone, the Chairman of Gentek. "Further, the opportunity to integrate Krone with its current marketing partner, Prestolite Wire Corporation, could significantly enhance Krone's ability to compete effectively in selling complete systems. GenTek is currently evaluating the potential for such a combination."

The integration of Krone's and Prestolite Wire's telecommunications and data businesses would provide customers around the globe with total connectivity and wiring solutions that maximize bandwidth and network speed.

The changes in our marketplace are coming at us fast and furious. The above described combination of Prestolite and Krone will definitely have a major positive impact on the Datathing (pre-wired modular furniture) offered by Haworth Furniture, Anixter, and Krone. This high performance modularity promises to reduce labor and material expenses in the rental office space by hundreds of millions of dollars. This will definitely be a major hot item in the next decade. Krone has long been associated with Belden and we may see some changes in that relationship.

The big behind-the-scenes technology breakthrough is associated with network throughput. Thanks to technology like the test equipment offered by LeCroy, we can determine all of the physical characteristics in both an active and inactive network. This expanded testing capability is going to shoot down some products that appeared to be reliable high-performance cabling systems. When you tell the network manager that the throughput on his new 100Base-T network is less than 4 MB because of retransmission, or resends, you may wish to be at a safe distance. End users may need a legal group better than the dream team to make some of those warranties work.

Adding some icing to its collection of recently acquired data networking companies, Alcatel (Paris, France) has announced the purchase of Internet Devices (Sunnyvale, CA), a privately held maker of virtual private networking software and hardware.

Alcatel paid approximately $180 million for the company, which will be rolled into the U.S.-based subsidiary that already includes Assured Access, Packet Engines and Xylan. The purchase of Internet Devices is modest compared with that of Xylan, the data networking equipment maker that Alcatel acquired in March 1999 for $2 billion.

Internet Devices specializes in virtual private networks, which enable carriers and corporations to construct secure and encrypted tunnels across public networks such as the Internet. A low-cost alternative to leased lines or private data services such as frame relay, VPNs are based mostly on Internet Protocol technology.

Alcatel plans to market Internet Devices' existing product line and to integrate the company's technology into other products into the Alcatel portfolio. Alcatel is obviously still in a strong growth pattern and is one of the top three global power players in the communications and cabling industry.

The warning signs are here and we need to take heed NOW. Residence cabling will be driven by the services offered through the pipe to your doorstep.

Recently, Reynoldsburg, Ohio has become the 30th Columbus-area municipality to allow Ameritech New Media to offer competitive cable television services to its residents.

Ameritech serves million of customers in 50 states and 40 countries. They provide a full range of communications services including local and long-distance telephone and data, cellular, paging, security, cable TV, Internet and more. One of the world's 100 largest companies, Ameritech has 70,000 employees, 1 million shareowners and $30 billion in assets.

"We're delighted that Reynoldburg has joined so many other area communities in welcoming cable competition," said Donna Garofano, Vice President of Public Affairs for Ameritech New Media. The Reynoldsburg city council voted unanimously to grant Ameritech a 15-year cable television franchise. Located adjacent to Columbus to the northeast, Reynoldburg has a population of 32,000 in 12,000 households and currently is served solely by Time Warner.

The largest competitive cable TV company in the nation, AmeriTech New Media now has won cable franchises in 30 area cities and towns, including the city of Columbus. In every case, Ameritech competes or will compete with the former monopoly cable provider in that community.

Overall, Ameritech New Media now provides its Americast® cable television service to more than 200,000 customers in 89 communities in the Columbus, Cleveland, Chicago and Detroit metropolitan areas, and has franchises to serve residents of 106 Midwestern cities and towns. Let us hope the cabling contractors in these areas don't wait for an anvil to hit them on the head before they start pursuing upscale residential communications cabling services.

Anicom, Inc. (Rosemont, IL) has announced souls and yearnings for the second quarter of 1999 will be below expectations. Anicom expects sales for the second quarter of 1999 of approximately $132 million, compared to $113 million in the second quarter of 1998, and first half sales of approximately $269 million, compared with $215 million for the first half of 1998. Anicom expects to report second quarter 1999 earnings of $.03 to $.05 per share, after giving effect to a previously announced charge of $.03 per share. This charge was incurred in connection with the settlement of a civil lawsuit stemming from the disposition of a non-strategic product line in March 1997.

Scott C. Anixter, Chairman and CEO, stated, "Fiscal 1999 sales are expected to be approximately $550 million as compared to $470 million for fiscal 1998. While results have continued to improve year-over-year, we believe our 1999 sales will be impacted by disappointing results at the locations we acquired from TW Communication Corporation. All of our other acquisitions are performing as expected. These results also reflect a slowdown in converting booked to billed sales, resulting in an order backlog exceeding $25 million of day-to-day business, as well as unexpected scheduling delays on several major contracts with large customers."

"We are disappointed that these expected results reflect lower growth than we had anticipated. We believe it is prudent to expect Anicom's earnings to be approximately $.36 to $.40 per share for fiscal 1999."

Carl Putnam, Anicom's President and COO said, "We have taken steps to improve the performance of the former TW locations. TW is one of 16 acquisitions that we have made since 1995. We have put in place new regional management and sales initiatives to diversify the business mix at these locations into products that have more attractive margins and to take better advantage on Anicom's full product line."

The company also reported that its results were impacted by its previously announced investments associated with opening centralized distribution centers to more efficiently support its 75 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

"The new centralized distribution centers, which should be fully implemented by the end of this year, will have a significant impact on our ability to reduce costs as a percentage of sales. We expect to begin realizing the benefits of these investments in Fiscal 2000. For now, however, we have had to duplicate some resources until the new facilities are brought on line," said Mr. Putnam.

Mr. Anixter added, "Anicom has registered five consecutive years of impressive growth, from $18 million in sales in 1994 to more than $470 million in 1998, and we remain very optimistic about the future of our business. Our top priorities will continue to be increasing sales and improving margins while maintaining the strength of our balance sheet. All of these efforts are designed to accomplish our goal of bringing more to the bottom line and increasing stockholder value for the long term."

Chromatic Technologies, Inc. (Franklin, MA) has announced GigaCore+™, a Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) IEEE 802.32, 1000Base SX, and 1000Base LX compliant fiber cable. Gleason Gallagher, Vice President & General Manager states, "100% of our product is fully compliant to IEEE 802.32. We are also releasing an enhanced multimode product offering which extends the distance to 400/1,000 meters on 62.5/125 at 850/1300 nm and 750/2,000 meters on 50/125 at 850/1300 nm. The enhanced GbE product does not require expensive mode conditioning patch cords. The fiber in our cabling process uses a proprietary patented process called 'plasma chemical vapor deposition' (PCVD), which eliminates differential mode delay (DMD). Using fiber manufactured by Plasma Optical Fibre B.V. (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), the enhanced GbE product exceeds standard GbE distances by 80% to 350%, depending upon fiber type and operating wavelength. An optimized dual window fiber is also available."

Chromatic Technologies, Inc. and Plasma Optical Fibre are members of Draka Holding (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), a $1.5 billion worldwide manufacturer of copper and fiber cable products. Draka is an extremely powerful organization that may well be hunting for additional acquisitions in the U.S. to compliment the current operations of Helix/HiTemp and Chromatic Technologies. In the recent months of surprise mergers and acquisitions, a move by Draka would be a reasonable expectation.

As additional proof that the cabling must grow to fit the pipe to the outside world, we must consider the construction of broadband service companies like WinStar Communications.

WinStar Communications, Inc. (New York, NY) has completed a $35 million accounts receivable securitization financing. The financing, $25 million of which is initially available, is at London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR), plus 1.5%. WinStar is the first fixed wireless provider to complete this type of commercial paper-based facility. This groundbreaking transaction provides WinStar with a new source of Flexible, low-cost financing, setting the stage for it to significantly reduce its interest expense and strengthen its capital structure.

The securitization was arranged through BancBoston Robertson Stephens, Inc. and funded by EagleFunding Capital Corporation, a multi-seller commercial paper conduit administered by BancBoston Robertson Stephens Inc.

"This is another example of how WinStar is securing new sources of capital while reducing its costs," said William J. Rouhana, Jr. WinStar's Chairman and CEO. "We have funded our capital expenditures and infrastructure costs through our partnerships with Lucent and Williams, creating a foundation for increased customer growth. As we grow our customer base, accounts receivable financing will become an increasingly important source of new low-cost funding for us. We expect to be able to increase the amount of this facility over time."

WinStar Communications, Inc. provides business customers with broadband communications services, including local and long distance phone service, as well as high-speed Internet access, data and information services. WinStar provides these Wireless FiberSM services in more than 30 U.S. markets over its own local broadband networks, using its licenses in the 28 and 38 GHz spectrum, which are connected to the company's nationwide fiber-optic network. In addition, the company offers Wireless Fiber services in two markets outside of the U.S.

Berk-Tek (New Holland, PA), an Alcatel company, has extended its recently introduced Adventum™ fiber optic loose-tube and plenum-rated cable series to include fiber counts from six to 72 with 62.5 µm standard multimode fiber, 50 µm multimode fiber and singlemode fiber. It is also available with Berk-Tek's enhanced 62.5 µm and 50 µm GIGAlite™ fiber.

Adventum is the first cable of its kind with a completely dry water blocking system in both the cable core and buffer tubes. Due to its loose tube, plenum design, it is a product that can be used in virtually any indoor and outdoor application.

William D. Charuk, Berk-Tek Fiber Optic Group Business Manager, said the revolutionary Adventum cable is especially advantageous for campus LANs, as well as numerous other premises networking applications. "Adventum is designed to be installed in any campus environment - in a conduit, aerially or in plenum spaces - without the need for expensive transition points," Charuk said.

Berk-Tek engineered Adventum cable without any gel-type filling compounds in the cable core or buffer tube. However, Adventum cable is fully water-blocked because it features a dry compound water-blocking scheme inside and outside of the buffer tube. This compound, along with state-of-the-art jacketing material, allows Adventum cable to be plenum-rated.

Adventum cable is smaller than tight-buffered cable of equal fiber counts, making it easy to install in confined conduit runs where space is at a premium. Because Adventum has no gel-type filling compounds of any kind, cleaning is simplified, which significantly reduces cable preparation time. Adventum cable can be run from the outdoors directly into a plenum environment, which eliminates the need for a building entrance terminal transition point. This can save up to 20% on network installation costs.

Adventum launched a new fiber-optic series for BerkTek. The company's fiber optic offerings also include a full range of outside plant loose tube cables, loose tube and tight buffered indoor/outdoor riser rated backbone cable and heavy duty, breakout style riser rated cable. Berk-Tek also markets GIGAlite™ fiber solutions, designed to meet the demands of Gigabit Application protocols such as Gigabit Ethernet, ATM and Fibre Channel.

Fotec (Medford, MA), a fiber optic test company, has introduced a series of new fiber optic cable plant test and certification kits that allow precise testing of both multimode and singlemode fiber optic cable plants in any application. These kits cover practically every connector and cable type currently in use including the new small form factor connectors, the MT-RJ, Volition, LC and Fiber Jack.

Testing and certifying fiber optic cable plants require more than just fiber optic instruments. High quality reference cables that mate with the cables to be tested and precision mating sleeves are mandatory to get reliable, accurate measurements. Fotec cable certification kits include the best quality components, thoroughly tested and packaged with instructions, cleaning supplies and any other necessary accessories.

Belden, Inc. (St. Louis, MO), and Cable Systems Holding Company ("Holding Company") have completed their merger agreement whereby Holding Company, and its subsidiary, Cable Systems International (CSI - Phoenix, AZ), have become wholly-owned subsidiaries of Belden. CSI is a manufacturer of copper cable products primarily for telecommunications applications. This completes the transaction originally made public on May 24, 1999.

Concurrent with the completion of the transaction, Belden has announced the creation of two new operating units. The Belden Communications Division will be comprised of the newly acquired Cable Systems International operations plus related products lines that were already part of Belden. The Belden Electronics Division comprises all other Belden operating units including the Alpha Division that was formally a stand-alone unit. Richard K. Reece has been named President of the Belden Communications Division and Peter J. Wickman has been named as President of the Belden Electronics Division. Both executives also will be corporate Vice Presidents and report to C. Baker Cunningham, Chairman, President and CEO of Belden.

"We are very much pleased to add Cable Systems International to our growing business family," said C. Baker Cunningham. "CSI improves our ability to serve the dynamic communications market, particularly as voice, video and data transmission technologies converge," Cunningham added. CSI has recently introduced a new cable, "VeloCSIty 2000™". This high performance cable is an all fluoropolymer construction with a VATAR™* jacket and Hyflon®* MFA insulation. (*Both are trademarks of Ausimont USA.)

Corning Incorporated (Corning, NY), a manufacturer of optical fiber, has announced that Eurotunnel, an international telecommunications provider, will deploy Corning® LEAF® optical fiber in an advanced fiber-optic network linking the U.K. to France through the Channel Tunnel. This network represents the first fiber-optic deployment though the 31-mile Channel Tunnel, which is owned and operated by Eurotunnel.

"Eurotunnel's decision to use LEAF fiber further reinforces the product's technical merits," commented Barry Linchuk, Manager of high data rate fiber applications for Corning Incorporated. "We're very pleased to be working closely with Eurotunnel, and to have LEAF fiber included as an integral part of this unique Channel Tunnel link between the U.K. and France.

LEAF fiber, an advanced, non-zero dispersion-shifted optical fiber, offers a critical performance advantage to network builders - large effective area technology. Fibers with a large effective area have the ability to combat nonlinear effects, which can be detrimental to overall system performance and are a critical consideration for all network builders.

Alain Bertrand, Managing Director for Eurotunnel Telecoms, commented, "We are delighted to be working with Corning Incorporated. The Channel Tunnel is already the natural choice for cross-Channel transport for passengers and freight between the U.K. and France. For the 21st century it will also become the natural choice for telecommunications between continental Europe and the U.K. to North America.

Eurotunnel's telecommunications business has two separate activities. Through its telecommunications subsidiaries, Eurotunnel acts as a commercial telecommunications operator, providing international telecommunications services between London and Paris. Eurotunnel also operates as a provider of telecommunications infrastructure, by giving access to Eurotunnel's own fiber-style cables and by laying new cables to be used by other operators.

GN Nettest's Fiber Optic division has signed an agreement to acquire PK Technology and York Sensors, the Optical Test and Measurement Division of IFR Systems, Inc. The move gives the new company, GN Nettest Optical Division, a greater market share in the fiber optics industry and positions it to more effectively compete in the global optical testing market.

GN Nettest (Utica, NY) will officially take ownership of PK Technology upon clearance by U.S. antitrust authorities, making it one of the world's largest suppliers of test and measurement equipment for optical communications.

"The acquisition of PK Technology is a considerable step toward ensuring that we achieve a leadership position in the industry, as we move toward our ultimate goal to become the global leader in the optical testing market," said Erik H. Nielsen, Vice President of business development and acting president of GN Nettest's Fiber Optic Division.

PK Technology (Beaverton, OR) is a manufacturer of test and measurement equipment for fiber optic networks. York Sensors (Hampshire, U.K.) is a manufacturer and distributor of Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) products for power, hydrocarbon processing, oil and gas, and fire detection industries worldwide.

Jim Gelose, General Manager of GN Nettest's Fiber Optic Division, added that the acquisition of PK Technology and York Sensors will provide customers with expanded products and services.

"We will be able to offer a wider range of instruments and systems for testing optical fiber and cable during manufacturing, installation and maintenance, and for the total monitoring of optical fiber networks," Gelose said. "We will also offer products to test the fast-growing Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) networks, as well as the emerging All Optical Networks."

Ortronics Inc. (Pawcatuck, CT) has expanded their Category 6* (*Draft #4) GigaMo+® breath of products by offering new standard and high density Modular Patch Panels and TracJack™ Workstation Outlets with snap-in CAT 6 modules.

GigaMo+ 19" wide patch panels are available with 6 or 8 port module groupings and include front and rear designations strips, a rear cover and cable management. The RJ45 (8P8C) jacks are terminated to a 110D-type IDC PCB mounted connector, providing easy termination for 22-26 AWG solid horizontal distribution cables. Standard and high density 6 port module panels come in 24, 48 and 96 port configurations and the high density 8 port module panels come in 16, 24, 32, 48, 64 and 96 port configurations.

Category 6* TracJack Modules are another new addition to the Gigamo+ product offering. Snap-in modules are front loadable and removable for easy 110 terminations and changes. The wide variety of TracJack interfaces available allows for customized combination of CAT 6, 5/5E and multimedia in a single faceplate or in a full selection of workstation outlets.

Also available are GigaMo+ Interface Cords that combine a state-of-the-art EFP-1000 cable and improved plug design to complete the balanced GigaMo+ channel. As per the ISO/IEC 11801-B Class E proposal, the plug has a backward compatible standard RJ-45 footprint. Green cable jackets are standard, however a full selection of 606 colors is available.

GigaMo+ is a bandwidth UTP 100 ohm, copper-based cabling system and channel solution. From end-to-end, it has the flexibility to fit non-standard requirements and physical environments. All GigaMo+ interface cords, modular jacks, modular patch panels and Ortronics' approved UTP horizontal cabling have been optimized to ensure that high bandwidth protocols will operate consistently and reliably, and will minimize any possible data transmission faults. In order to guarantee high-speed protocols, all the GigaMo+ components must work in unison with the 1000-type horizontal distribution cable to create a clear data transmission channel.

Berk-Tek (New Holland, PA), an Alcatel company, is expanding its enhanced LANmark™-350 cable series with a new shielded FTP (foil twisted pair) version designed for users requiring a solution that offers more isolation against noise than that provided by enhanced UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cable.

Dan Kennefick, Berk-Tek's Business Manager for Copper products, said LANmark-350 enhanced FTP cable, which meets the TIA/EIA-568A Category 5e, Draft 11 standard, extends the cable migration path for users moving from Category 5 to Category 5e who require more signal isolation in their structured cabling networks.

"This shielded migration path that now includes enhanced FTP cable is recommended for users migrating from 10 BASE-T Ethernet to 100 BASE-T Fast Ethernet," Kennefick said.

LANmark-350 enhanced FTP cable has a flexible aluminum/polyester tape shield with a tin coated, stranded copper drain wire for easy grounding. This construction is ideal for installations that may be subjected to higher than normal external electromagnetic noise interference.

Berk-Tek also manufactures HYPER+Plus™ Category 5 FTP cable. Their other offerings include the OASIS (Open Architecture Systems Interconnection Solutions) Program, designed to address component compatibility and deliver guaranteed system performance. In addition, Berk-Tek offers GIGAlite™, the next-generation optical fiber solution for gigabit application protocols such as Gigabit Ethernet and ATM. Recently, while cruising the Berk-Tek website, we found several exceptionally helpful tools for any cable designer. They have installed a system that allows you to layout, design, and price both fiber optic and/or copper cabling networks with connectors. A very impressive tool for the contractor and the specifier.

SBC Communications Inc. and Ameritech have agreed to a broad settlement package of 28 conditions proposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in order to receive merger approval. The conditions are aimed at ensuring that the merger helps open local phone markets to competition.

The conditions include schedule for the two companies to enter new markets, provides for lower rates for competitors to lease network space and a variety of other requirements. Hefty fines will be levied against the companies if the conditions are not met.

WinStar Communications, Inc. (New York, NY) has announced The Bank of New York has purchased from Lucent Technologies, for syndication, WinStar's borrowings under its credit facility provided by Lucent. This purchase of the loan, in the amount of $350 million by The Bank of New York, contains the key terms and conditions of the Lucent borrowings. As part of its strategic relationship with Lucent, which was announced in October 1998, WinStar has access to up to $2 billion in equipment financing, not to exceed $500 million at any one time held by Lucent. This sale triggers the availability of an additional $350 million under the Lucent credit agreement.

"As anticipated, we have successfully sold the initial borrowings of our $2 billion facility," said Charles Dickson, Executive Vice President and CFO of WinStar. "Utilizing the Lucent credit facility to expand our fixed wireless broadband network allows us to reduce our weighted average cost of capital and strengthen our balance sheet. We are pleased to be working with The Bank of New York on this first syndication."

Communication Supply Corporation (CSC- Chicago, IL), a distributor of communications products, has announced that it recently completed the purchase of Computel, Inc. Computel (Springfield, NJ) is one of the largest independent datacom distributors serving the New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York markets.

The Computel management team consisting of Frank Kacerek, Bill Dalton and Tom Kacerek will remain with the new organization with Dalton serving as Branch General Manager.

"The alliance of these companies brings together the two dominant independent datacom distributors in the tri-state trading area and gives CSC a strong market position in one of the most important markets in North America," said Steve Riordan, President and CEO of CSC. "It will create significant opportunities for both new and long-term growth in the northeastern United States," added Riordan.

"The association with CSC will inject the additional resources and capabilities necessary to further penetrate and dominate our core markets," said Bill Dalton. Frank and Tom Kacerek added, "We believe that the alliance with CSC provides the best platform for personal and professional growth to the associates of Computel, and we are proud of our new beginning with CSC."

The acquisition of Computel represents the sixth acquisition by Riordan and the CSC management team in the past 2½ years.

3Com® Systems, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) announced its endorsement of the Superior Modular Products line of Fast Ethernet Solution products for interconnectivity with 3Com's CoreBuilder 9000. Superior's Fast Ethernet line includes RJ21x patch panels, 110-style patch panel, RJ21x (telco) to RJ21 cable assemblies, RJ21x to RJ45 Hydra assemblies, and four-pair patch/equipment cords.

"Before we recommend any RJ-21 cable assembly or patch panel to our CoreBuilder 9000 customers, we must be sure the products fully comply with TIA/EIA 568A Category 5 specifications," said Herbert Fuller, 3Com Product Manager.

"That's why we performed our own testing of Superior Category 5 RJ-21 cable assemblies and patch panels with our CoreBuilder® 9000 10/100 Base-TX switching modules. Our test results showed that not only do Superior's products comply with the Category 5 specs, in many cases they exceed the specs. We fully recommend these products," he said.

Superior Modular Products Fast Ethernet Solution line, introduced in 1998, contains one of the largest selections of Category 5 high pair count cable assemblies and patch panels in the industry. These products are in stock and available through an international network of leading distributors that carry voice and data communication products.

Superior Modular Products (Swannanoa, NC) is a developer and manufacturer of high-speed cross-connect products for communication networks. The company's product line encompasses all segments of the communication transport environment, from station to backbone.

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