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HOTS 05/1999

Issue: May 1999

By: Frank Bisbee


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The good news is the big business slowdown, which took place in the first quarter of 1999, is OVER! Quotes and orders are stacking up and we expect a whiplash effect for the 2nd and 3rd quarters. The cabling business is looking up.

What about the 4th quarter? We just don't know. Obviously, we are not alone in devoting money and attention to the Y2K problem. In fact, it is reported that worldwide the millennium bug and paranoia is devouring up to 60% of the world's information technology resources and may cost more than $1.2 trillion when the scorecard is added.

Gigabit Ethernet on 2 km of multimode fiber? Mohawk/CDT has it now! If you are attending BICSI - Nashville (June '99) you might wrangle an invite to the luncheon presentation on Tuesday June 8th offered by Mohawk/CDT. Gigabit Ethernet will be demonstrated running on 2km of Mohawk/CDT AdvanceLite™ 2000 multimode cable with the Infinicor™ CL fiber using 3Com's Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-LX products.

Helix/HiTemp Cables, Inc. (Franklin, MA), a leading supplier of structured cabling products, announced today that all their baseline Category 5 UTP products shipped from their manufacturing facility in Franklin, MA, as of April 5, 1999, will meet the proposed Enhanced Category 5 requirements of TIA/EIA-568-A. The baseline product family, named SuperCAT100E, complements SuperCAT360 (Extended Frequency 5e) and SuperCAT1000 (Category 6). The SuperCAT100E product line, consisting of Enhanced Category 5 plenum and riser-rated horizontal cables, as well as patch cables, are ETL verified to TIA/EIA-568-A, Addendum 5, Draft 8b, better known in the industry as "Enhanced Category 5."

"We are dedicated to designing, manufacturing and supporting the most advanced networking products for today and tomorrow's emerging protocols," states Harry van der Meer, Marketing Manager Datacom Products for Helix/HiTemp Cables. "This means making sure that our baseline products are more than standard," he adds.

"To stay ahead of the competition in the datacom market, we've responded with the investment of high-end manufacturing equipment, which allows us to produce the highest quality of enhanced Category cables today, guarantee their performance and address advanced technologies, such as the proposed Category 5e, 6 and 7," states Bill Dungan, Vice President and General Manager, Helix/HiTemp Cables. The design of the SuperCAT100E is the same robust design that was used for standard Category 5 product.

The SuperCAT100E, 360 and 1000 product families are fully integrated into Harmony structured cabling program that was recently announced by Helix/HiTemp Cables, Inc. and Chromatic Technologies, Inc., both DRAKA USA companies. The Harmony program is an open architecture that brings together multiple component vendors to provide their customers with a selection of highly flexible copper and fiber-based end-to-end cabling solutions warranted to meet and exceed industry standards for link and channel performance. Utilizing Certified Installers, the total system, from the backbone to the workstation outlet, is guaranteed to be in compliance with standards such as TIA/EIA-568A, ISO/IEC 11801, EN50173 and NEMA WC63.1 and WC66.

Helix/HiTemp Cables, a Draka USA Company, established in 1984, is headquartered in Franklin, Massachusetts and manufactures copper cables for horizontal wiring and patch cords, either unshielded or shielded. Draka USA is a subsidiary of Draka Holding Group, an international group of companies, sharing the mission to provide appropriate wire and cable solutions to customers across the world. Operating in Europe, North America and the Middle and Far East, Draka is devoted exclusively to the development, production and sale of wire and cable for energy and data transmission and communications.

Nordx/CDT Inc. (Montreal, Canada), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cable Design Technologies (CDT) has introduced a new website with several innovative features and in-depth information, making it one of the first structured cabling industry websites to provide such a complete set of tools for its customers.

"By providing our structured cabling customers with a complete, one-stop resource center that is always maintained and available at any time, we are achieving our main goal - to provide the tools that make it easy to do business with NORDX/CDT," said Normand Bourque, President and CEO at NORDX/CDT. "We are proud to offer a website that includes such a display of informative tools. It is sure to become the website of choice amongst our structured cabling customers."

While NORDX/CDT's primary focus was to design a website to serve the needs of its structured cabling customers, it has also included several informative sections that would be of interest to the general visitor and to the novice cabling professional. The site provides information on everything from the basics of structured cabling systems to the company's in-depth product catalogs.

The new website is fast and easy to use, for instance, the product-related sections include customized pages that are separated by product line with links to all related documents for that product line or topic.

The product catalog section is what makes this website interesting. It offers a completely new and unique feature that enables the user to "shop" for various cabling products, placing any number of products in a "virtual shopping basket". At the end of the session, the user can choose to Request a Quotation (an RFQ service) by faxing the shopping basket, directly, to one or more of the listed Distributors or Cabling Vendors located within that user's territory.

Each product family within the catalogs includes photos of the product and a downloadable Acrobat PDF file. The catalogs have a simplified search tool to assist with product searches and a catalog user registration tool to track RFQ's.

In March of 1999, Critchley Group acquired DiTel, Inc. (Charlotte, NC). The Critchley Group's offerings include wire marking systems, computer printable labels, and raceway systems. DiTel, Inc. is a specialist manufacturer of fiber-optic raceway systems and enclosures, which are used in the telecommunications industry.

"The acquisition of DiTel brings to the Group a new range of products for the installation and management of fiber," said Ian McCallum, Chief Executive of Critchley Group.

Peter Biagioni, General Manager of Critchley's Cable Accessory Business in the US said, "With our combined resources we can increase the product range and services to DiTel's existing and future customers."

Anicom, Inc. (Rosemont, IL) has announced that its Board of Directors has adopted a Stockholder Rights Plan. Scott C. Anixter, Chairman and CEO, stated that, "The Board adopted the new Plan to protect against future abusive takeover tactics such as partial tender offers and selective open market purchases. The Plan was not adopted in response to any specific effort to acquire control of the Company. The Plan is intended to assure that stockholders receive fair and equitable treatment in the event of unsolicited attempts to acquire the Company." Mr. Anixter further stressed that "the Plan is not intended to prevent an acquisition of the Company on terms that are favorable and fair to all stockholders. The Plan is designed to deal with the very serious problem of unilateral actions by hostile acquirers that are calculated to deprive the Company's Board and its stockholders of their ability to determine the destiny of the Company."

AMP's new owner, Tyco International, has revealed a cost-cutting program that is more than double the original planned cuts. The former chief executive Robert Ripp, has been replaced by AMP's new President Juergen Gromer. Ripp's plan was to eliminate 4200 jobs, close 27 manufacturing plants and 26 administrative offices. Ripp estimated the total cost reduction at $320 million. Tyco now has plans to increase cost cutting to more than $650 million. There is a lot of speculation by industry watchers on the form that these cuts will take. "Copper communications cabling may not be a 'fit' with the overall Tyco scheme," said one industry insider who works for a competitor. One thing is certain; consolidation will be an important part of the AMP future under Tyco.

DataWorld Solutions, Inc. (Long Island City, NY) has acquired VERTEX, a manufacturer of computer cable, harnesses, and assembly products. Daniel McPhee, President and CEO of DataWorld Solutions, Inc. (DSI), said that the business unit would be re-named under the DSI banner.

Many BICSI and ACP members have requested a list of sub-contractors who can install Inside Plant and/or Outside Plant facilities. Neither ACP nor BICSI provides such a list. However, ACP does maintain an industry website directory on this website's Router page. If you wish to have your company's website added to the roster on the Wireville site, call the Association of Cabling Professionals (ACP, Jacksonville, FL) at (904) 645-6018 or E-mail to There is no cost to be listed.

Berk-Tek (New Holland, PA), and Alcatel company, has enhanced its fiber-optic outside plant loose tube cable offerings with the addition of Outside Plant Duct Dry Core (OPDD) and Outside Plant Armor Dry Core (OPAD) cables.

William Charuk, Berk-Tek Fiber Optic Group Business Manager, said the new cables feature a dry water-blocking scheme between the buffer tubes and serve applications with multi-tube construction. Installation is simplified and speeded up because gel no longer has to be cleaned off the buffer tubes.

"These are cables in which the area between the buffer tubes are typically water-blocked with gel, but with the new design, we have replaced the messy gel with a dry, water-blocking yarn," Charuk noted. The company, which is changing all standard loose tube cable to dry core designs, will continue to make gel-filled OPD and OPA cables for those customers wishing to purchase them.

The Berk-Tek outside plant fiber-optic cable series, which meets or exceeds all applicable standards, is designed for interbuilding and lashed aerial, open outside tray, direct burial and underground conduit applications. The series is excellent for confined conduit runs and quick and easy terminations; fully water-blocked to protect against water migration; sufficiently robust for direct burial and other demanding installations; and fully capable of supporting present and future networking applications.

The United States Telephone Association (USTA - Washington, DC) unveiled its 1999 USTA Membership Directory. A vital update to the telecommunications industry's rapidly changing marketplace, the USTA Membership Directory contains detailed profiles of more than 1,200 local exchange carriers (LECs) and other telecom companies part of the USTA and is now available in print and CD-ROM.

Now in its third year of publication, the USTA Membership Directory is an indispensable resource that includes complete address, phone, fax, E-mail, Website, number of access lines, products and services, and multiple contact names and titles for each company listed. The improved electronic database on CD-ROM features extended search capabilities and a print function for generating reports. Additionally, the 1999 Directory includes an expanded section with data on more than 25 of the LEC industry's largest holding companies. Also included is a reference section with contact information for the FCC, state telecom associations, and other industry organizations.

The 1999 USTA Membership Directory cost $350 for the 450-page book or CD-ROM, or $399 for the book and CD-ROM. As an added bonus, purchasers will also receive a complimentary copy of 1998 Phone Facts, valued at $20. Phone Facts is an excellent resource containing basic facts about the LEC industry, information on access lines, industry revenue, and a list of the 150 largest LECs.

The world of cabling is changing. The previously male-dominated business is diversifying and many more women are joining the ranks. Remember, men and women are different - yet equal AND men are women are equal - yet different. There are services to guide your organization through the maze of these issues. Check out National Workplace Standards.

Just when you thought you understood long term warranties for cabling along comes another surprise. Alcoa Fujikura, Ltd. (AFL) warrants to the original purchaser of products in AFL's family of tight buffered fiber optical premise cables, indoor/outdoor loose tube cables, connectors, and hardware panel products that those products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship and will meet AFL's published performance specification in effect at the time the product is shipped for as long as the purchaser occupies the building into which the products were originally installed. For more information, check out

In an effort to support the need for increased bandwidth in a secure environment, BTR Telecom (Eatontown, NJ) and Champlain Cable (Colchester, VT) introduce the ShieldPRO channel. The ShieldPRO family of shielded connectivity components is easy to terminate and they are modular, allowing users to grow and expand at their own speed. In addition, the ShieldPRO components are competitively priced their UTP products.

When installed with Champlain's shielded cables, the system delivers performance in excess of the proposed Category 5E standard. In addition to providing superior electrical performance, this system will protect critical data from EMI interference. More and more MIS professionals are realizing that the information being transmitted over the network is critical to both their businesses as well as their customers. This is especially true in medical environments or in banking and stock trading.

For more information on this solution, check out their websites:

UtiliCorp United, Inc., a global energy company, is using more than 4.5 million feet of enhanced copper and fiber-optic cable manufactured by Berk-Tek (New Holland, PA), an Alcatel company, in its recently completed multi-state high-speed LAN and WAN structured cabling network that links the corporate headquarters with some 80 other buildings and power plants.

UtiliCorp Network Services Manager Ken Johnson said the multimillion major reengineering project with some 25,000-network connections, allows the utility to not only stay competitive in the era of deregulation, but also provides for real-time communication with all employees simultaneously.

"We wanted to put in an infrastructure that we can run on for a number of years, not replace in two or three, which is why we chose Berk-Tek's enhanced LANmark™ 350 and fiber cable. Five of our locations include 80 percent of our installed user base, but we needed to provide leading-edge capabilities including more fiber and dual backbone at all our location in Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma and West Virginia," Johnson explained.

Johnson said the company built a common backbone network using Berk-Tek's Premises Distribution Plenum (PDP) 12-fiber cable and designed it to be highly redundant and fault tolerant, replacing a multitude of previous systems, mostly Legacy applications on a main frame. Utilicorp's new WAN employing T1 technology is a hub and spoke configuration with a primary WAN going into primary hubs in eight states. Call centers are located at Kansas City, MO; Lincoln, NE; and Monroe, MI.

The inter-building LANs, which incorporate Berk-Tek LANmark™ 350 enhanced UTP and 62.5 um premises distribution fiber-optic cables, are primarily high-speed ATM with no low-speed links and employ DS3 and multiple T1 connections as the primary backbone. Utilicorp added all new desktop computers with 100Mb/s access to all desktops and servers. Also included is 32-bit Internet desktop access.

The focal point of the network is Utilicorp's Kansas City corporate headquarters at 20 W. 9th Street, the restored 1890 New York Life Building and a major city architectural landmark. The 10-story Italian Renaissance structure was completely gutted to produce a fully code-compliant building with state-of-the-art technology and environmentally responsible building materials.

The 20 West 9th building incorporates state-of-the-art office design, extremely efficient use of energy and advanced communications systems. Its LAN network with 155 Mb/s ATM backbone to the desktop and 100 Mb/s Switched Ethernet to the servers uses both Berk-Tek LANmark 350 UTP and PDP cabling. LANmark-350 cable was used for the horizontal wiring of the network in all other buildings except for several power plants where fiber to the desktop was used due to electromagnetic interference.

Tom Geders, with Thomas L. Dowell & Associates (St. Louis, MO), the Berk-Tek representative, commented that by using this combination of UTP and fiber, it will assure that UtiliCorp will be able to run Fast Ethernet in the future on both copper and fiber.

Johnson said, "We wanted to select products that would best suit our needs and standardize our network by making it more supportable and allowing for flexibility. We not only looked at price points, longevity and warranties, but also for components that were known for their consistent, reliable performance." He added that Berk-Tek was strong in all of the qualities UtiliCorp was looking for in suppliers for its network.

All facilities were designed and installed by ST Communication (Kansas City, MO), a major integrator in the Midwest. AllTel Supply and Best Communications supplied cabling and termination equipment. ST President Curt Gordy said the UtiliCorp network installation presented several challenges because it involved so many locations throughout the U.S. and had an aggressive timetable. "But the result is a completely new, Category 5 compliant and standardized network and telephony infrastructure for UtiliCorp's facilities." Gordy noted that ST Communications completed much of the work over a two-year period. "We supported the installation of more than 850 miles of cable."

Gordy also said, "Berk-Tek is our No. 1 choice. It is cost-effective and is first in the marketplace in performance characteristics. They have the best technology and the support we receive from Berk-Tek is incredible. Berk-Tek always stands behind their product, which makes our job much easier."

Nordx/CDT Inc. (Montreal, Canada), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cable Design Technologies (CDT), has launched its Residential Universal Network (RUN™), a complete home cabling system that leverages today's new technologies as well as provides a migration path to the requirements of tomorrow.

RUN™ is an in-home cabling network that ties together all residential communication systems. Using the RUN system, homeowners are provided with a complete multimedia cabling system for residential and small business applications.

This system offers any service to any room. Using NORDX/CDT's new RUN™ System, homeowners can interconnect and distribute throughout their homes, all of their phones, fax machines, personal computers, printers, video (CATV, digital satellite) signals and security systems. Like a house foundation, the RUN™ system provides a solid cabling foundation for the information superhighway and makes migration to newer technologies a lot easier and a lot less costly.

GS Metals (Pinckneyville, IL) has introduced the CLEANSHEAR™ Cutter and FLEXMATE™ Connection System, new technologies that should simplify and drastically cut installation time for its FLEXTRAY® Cable Management System.

The CLEANSHEAR Cutter will obsolete the old offset head bolt cutter previously used by FLEXTRAY and other wire mesh products. The unique redesigned cutting head utilizes a "shearing" technology, similar to a pair of scissors. CLEANSHEAR Cutters will give a clean, flush edge with no sharp points time after time after time . . . with little or no advanced training.

The new FLEXMATE Connection System consists of Connectors and a Connecting Tool. The FLEXMATE Connector is placed over the longitudinal and transverse wires and the FLEXMATE Connecting Tool crimps the Connector in place providing a structurally rigid connection. This simple operation promises to be the most economical and time saving method to connect straight sections, as well as configuring radius curves. The FLEXMATE Connecting Tool can be used to connect 5mm, 6mm and 7mm steel rods.

We understand that IEEE has formed a workgroup to investigate 10 Gigabit. We understand they will move forward and either will, or have formed a task group to develop the standard. We expect their first effort will be focused on 50-micron multi-mode fiber optic cable using VCSL technology (sort of a cross between laser and LED). There is also an interest in exploring the copper solution in this new speed bracket. Chris DiMinico of Mohawk/CDT is involved in this process and we will corner him for a guest spot on this subject in upcoming issues.

Siemens AG (Munich, Germany) is about to expand into the data networking business by creating a new American unit, buying two private U.S. companies, investing in another company, and hiring a senior executive from IBM.

Europe's manufacturing giant is also in preliminary talks with 3Com about paying $1.2 billion for the 3Com unit that sells networking equipment to phone companies, according to executives close to the company's planning. Supposedly, Siemens has also agreed to buy data networking firms Castle Networks (Westford, MA) for $300 million cash; Argon Networks (Littleton, MA) for $240 million cash; and a $30 million interest in Accelerated Networks (Moorpark, CA).

It has been mentioned that the company has allocated about $1.7 billion to invest in its new venture, and is also considering combining its existing U.S. operations in the venture and then selling stock in the unit later this year.

The manufacturer is also in negotiations to hire Martin Clague, who is the General Manager for global network computing solutions at IBM, as chief executive of the new venture. Clague would be on the board of the new company, executives close to the company said in a statement.

Reportedly, a deal with 3Com would be for cash and it is rumored that the nation's second largest U.S. computer networking firm recently asked Newbridge Networks of Canada if it would be interested in buying the 3Com equipment unit, but Newbridge declined. Telephone equipment makers have been forced to expand their product lines amid the explosion of the Internet and as the appetite for data grows.

At the interim TIA (Telephone Industry Association) UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Systems Committee Task Group meeting in late March 1999, the unthinkable happened. The logjam broke on CAT 5E and TSB95 (The "new" minimally compliant CAT 5). The problem with return loss measurement accuracy for channels (patch cords) was rationalized, if not "solved" by further tightening cable and connector return loss requirements. Look forward to a final ballot approval and ratification in the fourth quarter of 1999. For these guys, this is WARP 10. If you're asking if CAT 6 is on the way, we certainly hope so. Today, the cable and connector industry is producing products that are the best value buy in the history of cabling. While prices have climbed, the value has rocketed to new highs. These technological accomplishments have been driven by manufacturers who are dedicated to producing better products to carry us into the next millennium and beyond.

Recently, we conducted an unofficial installer's product test. We gathered most of the top performance UTP 4-pair cables that are available in the market today and challenged the installers to install and test these samples. The contest was close but the nod went to Mohawk's GigaLAN™.

Recently, Ameritech announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to buy Anixter International Inc.'s (Skokie, IL) North American Network Integration business for $200 million in cash, as adjusted for changes in working capital. This transaction follows the previously announced fourth quarter 1998 sale of Anixter's European Network Integration business.

Commenting on the transaction, Anixter President and CEO Robert Grubbs said, "It had become increasingly apparent over the last few quarters that our operation was being hampered by limits we placed on the business. These limits were designed to avoid conflicts with our Distribution customers. We believe this sale accomplishes a very important objective: allowing us to focus 100% of our time and efforts on expanding our very attractive Distribution business. Anixter's core competence has always been its knowledge of communication products and superior logistics capabilities. By devoting all of our efforts to distributing communications and wire and cable products, we believe we can profitably build on our position as a leading global distributor."

"We are excited about the growth potential for our Distribution business around the world," Grubbs explained. "Our focus on additional value-added distribution opportunities, expanding our product offering, and bringing our current product set to new markets, will provide the foundation for continued growth."

Grubbs also identified three new growth opportunities: expanding the newly formed Integrated Supply business, continued geographic expansion of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Supply business, and capitalizing on the opportunities in the changing Public Network market. "These opportunities, plus the expansion of our global structured wiring business, put us in a great position to continue our history of solid top- and bottom-line growth," he added.

"This transaction is expected to be dilutive in the near term, primarily because Anixter will still have an overhead structure that was built to serve a larger business. We are confident, however, that through continued growth, sound expense management and selected reductions in overhead, in a few quarters we can produce industry-leading operating margins," Grubbs concluded.

The combined North American and European Network Integration businesses had 1998 revenues of approximately $700 million and employed 1,400 people. Net proceeds from the sale of these businesses is expected to total approximately $175 million after taxes. Anixter plans to use this to reduce debt and repurchase shares. In conjunction with exiting the Network Integration business, the company anticipates reporting a net gain in the range of $50-55 million (following the closing of the North American transaction). The company expects the transaction to close following the completion of certain customary due diligence items, after receiving regulatory approvals and certain specified consents.

General Wire (Worcester, MA) has announced the availability of a new all-fluoropolymer UTP plenum cable featuring a VATAR™ fluoropolymer foamed crossweb construction and a VATAR™ jacket over all FEP primaries.

This new cable has passed the UL910 Steiner Tunnel Test, exhibiting superior low smoke performance compared to low-smoke PVC jacketed cables. The cable also meets the proposed Category 6 specification for crosstalk and attenuation.

The cable's crossweb is constructed of VATAR™ XT-F fluoropolymer, a high performance modified ECTFE electrical material designed for profile extruded components. The crossweb component allows for the proper configuration of pairs to minimize crosstalk. The cable's VATAR™ 2005 jacket shows significant improvements in flexibility, thus allowing the easier installation with no kinking or stress-whitening problems.

What is 150' wide and nearly 4 miles long? Hint: It produces top quality communications products.

  • Answer: The production lines of CDT - Cable Design Technologies.

Today, education equals sales. You cannot sell solutions to a customer that does not know they have a problem. While the sales and marketing team have clearly defined functions, a major contributor to their product's success is education. At Berk-Tek, Melynda S. Wagner pours out a continual stream of valuable information for the consumers and purveyors of cabling products. There are no measurement tools to determine the effectiveness of a good product information and education program. Unless, you quit doing it. Then, watch the sales results fall off. Keep up the good work Melynda!

Talk about a great slogan! "Bringing you better communications - one cable at time!" The credit goes to Golden Communications, Inc. (Euless, TX). This firm is located between Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas and serves the copper and fiber optic cable installation needs of a wide spectrum of end users. Have testers and tools, will travel! (800) 241-0570

American Access Technologies, Inc. (Altamonte Springs, FL) has recently announced that is has received approval for NASDAQ listing. The company's current symbol, AATK, will remain unchanged.

"NASDAQ recognition of our growing assets and number of shareholders is a significant milestone for American Access," said company CEO Richard A. Murray. "This upgrade in our market liquidity should make our shares of greater interest to institutional investors," he noted.

American Access' patented, UL-approved Zone Cabling Termination Cabinet (ZCTC) products for ceiling grids and raised floors apply the concept of "Zone Cabling" to replace conventional telecommunications wiring with a system that provides complete flexibility for voice and data cabling infrastructures. In addition to the benefits of greater convenience and ease-of-use, zone cabling is estimated to reduce the long term cost of installing and maintaining a telecom wiring system by as much as 70%.

SyNet, Inc. (Warwick, RI) has been invited by the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation (REIDC) to assist in the promotion of a "Smart Building" strategy which could help attract developers and tenants into the state.

"This marks the beginning of a tremendous opportunity", stated SyNet's President and CEO, Jeffrey S. Deckman. The past two years have seen Deckman and SyNet working to develop, define, refine and perfect several "Smart Building" concepts and models, as well as the solutions and services needed to make them work.

"By working with property owners, property management firms, technology partners, and advertising companies we have been able to learn what is important to them and have developed solutions that address their concerns. In doing this SyNet has been able to push itself to the forefront of this emerging industry." Deckman continues, "'Smart Buildings' represent a whole new way of doing business, which requires that many of the standard methods of doing business in our industry will be abandoned. However, for those who understand and will embrace this new model - opportunities and profits will be astounding."

SyNet will be working with the state to educate developers interested in exploring the subject of implementing the technology into their buildings. "If it is done properly the technology can be marketed by the property owners to rent space faster (at a higher rate), all the while increasing tenant retention and adding to the bottom line", stated Deckman. The REIDC sees "Smart Buildings" as an opportunity to entice businesses to relocate to and remain in Rhode Island and has recognized SyNet as a leader in developing true "Smart Building" solutions.

Deckman concluded, "The only true "Smart Building" is one that is fully rented and is offering the property owner a higher return on their investment.

BEST BUY: We just reviewed the program for the sixth annual conference sponsored by Cabling Business Institute, The Association of Cabling Professionals and Cabling Business Magazine. Cabling The Workplace '99 is a technical training conference and exhibition which will be held at the Hyatt Regency DFW, Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport, Texas from May 23-26, 1999. This conference will introduce new certification programs for Cabling Infrastructure Contractor (CIC), Cabling Facilities Integrator (CFI), Cabling Installer/Technician (CIT), Network Cabling and Applications Integrator (NCAI), and Infrastructure Consultant (IC).

CTW's course selections consist of two different formats: Core Sessions and Workshops. Core Sessions are one- and two-day classes covering a broad range of topics relating to specific segments of the cabling industry. After completing a Core Session, you will be provided with a record of completion noting the number of classroom hours fulfilled. Course numbers beginning with the letter "C" in the CTW brochure indicates a Core Session.

A Workshop is a short, but informative, learning format that covers a specific topic. Many of their Workshops provide the opportunity to implement what you've learned in a hands-on environment. Course numbers beginning with the letter "W" in the CTW brochure indicate a Workshop.

Steve Paulov, Publisher & Editor of Cabling Business Magazine said, "We have mailed more than 400,000 conference programs to the marketplace and if we missed you, call us (214/328-1717 - FAX 214/319-6077, website:" This show is designed to provide the telecommunications/data professional with everything they need to achieve their objectives. This is the richest show of the year in terms of educational content. The exhibition offers an excellent opportunity to go one-on-one with the manufacturers. There will be many new products and services to review. Even the vendors understand that you cannot sell solutions to someone who does not know that they have a problem. We give this conference FIVE STARS for content and value. The conference is co-located with the lodging facility and transportation to and from the conference is as simple as pushing the elevator button. There are five restaurants plus lounges on the site and many nearby. See you in Dallas!

Cabling Business Magazine is ALMOST FREE. You have to fill out a subscription renewal every 6 months. If you haven't been doing this, start NOW. Subscription forms are in the magazine and on the website or call (214/328-1717). This is a small sacrifice for such a big value.

Be sure and check the class schedule for Cabling Business Institute in Dallas. CBI has also added the ACP certified 200 course to their offering. The have a world-class training facility with regular classes on installation, structured wiring with Category 5 certification, LANs, fiber optics and design.

ACP Continuation Training Program

Course 200

Available at Cabling Business Institute


On the Road from ACP: When you want it & Where you want it.

For additional information, contact:

Grace Shimp at ACP at 904-645-6018, email


Cindy Webb at Cabling Business Institute 214-328-1717,



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