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HOTS 12/1998

Issue: December 1998

By: Frank Bisbee


Featured Story


Mr. Kevin St. Cyr has been appointed President of Berk-Tek (New Holland, PA), an Alcatel Company, succeeding Mr. Harold L. Styer who is retiring as President and CEO after a 30-year career with Berk-Tek, a manufacturer of high-performance copper and fiber-optic structured cabling solutions. The changes are effective January 1, 1999.

Mr. St. Cyr, who joined Berk-Tek in April 1996 as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, was also appointed Vice President of LAN Americas Product Group of the Data Cable Product Line for Alcatel's Cable and Components Division, reporting to Alcatel President Patrick Barth.

Under Styer's leadership as Berk-Tek President since 1988, the company's annual sales have grown from $40 million to more than $200 million and it has established itself as a global leader in the data cable industry. Styer also was instrumental in integrating Berk-Tek into the operations of Alcatel, which acquired the New Holland-based business in 1993.

According to Styer, St. Cyr's extensive knowledge of the North American LAN cable industry and his relationships in the market make him particularly well suited to lead Berk-Tek in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Prior to joining Berk-Tek, St. Cyr was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Champlain Cable Corporation for seven years. He also worked for 10 years at General Electric's Plastics Group in various technical, sales and marketing positions. He is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Lowell with a degree in plastics engineering.

Cable Design Technologies Corporation (Pittsburgh, PA) announced August 4th, 1998 that it has acquired 80% of HEW-KABEL in Wipperfurth, Germany for an undisclosed amount.

HEW-KABEL had sales in fiscal year 1997/1998 of approximately $45 million. The company is a leading European manufacturer of fluorocarbon, fluoropolymer and silicon-insulated specialty cables for process control, robotics, transportation, signaling, medical and other specialty applications and has an excellent established base of electronic specification approvals. HEW-KABEL employs over 300 people at a 300,000 square feet, state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facility near Cologne. The company is vertically integrated from copper fabrication to patented specialty insulation systems. HEW-KABEL's product lines will open new markets previously not supported by other CDT divisions. HEW-KABEL will become a part of CDT's specialty electronics products business group. The acquisition will allow significant cross-selling opportunities between CDT's specialty electronic facilities in Europe, Scandinavia and North America, and will strongly enhance its strategic position in the European marketplace.

In discussing the announcement, Paul M. Olson, President and CEO, stated, "With the acquisition of HEW-KABEL, we are confirming CDT's vision of expansion into profitable niche markets for specialty electronic cable products outside of North America. HEW-KABEL is a well-established manufacturer of cables requiring customized mechanical and high temperature capabilities including a wide variety of insulation and sheath materials for extreme and hazardous conditions. HEW-KABEL is one of the largest suppliers of tape-wrapped PTFE Teflon® cable products in Europe. CDT will enlarge the product offering of the HEW-KABEL facilities to include high tech specialty Internet cable products (both copper and fiber optic) for local and wide area networking, and communication systems. We are pleased to welcome HEW-KABEL and its employees as they bring to CDT a vast array of technical skills that will enhance the broad spectrum of our product offerings."

Cable Design Technologies is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced electronic data transmission cables for network, communications, specialty electronics, and automation and process control applications, including complete voice and data wiring solutions, fiber optic connective solutions and other components required to build high performance telecommunications infrastructures.

Greg Gitto, General Manager of Newline Color, Inc. (Fitchburg, MA), a manufacturer of specialized color concentrates and compounds for thermoplastics, recently announced the results of a 2-year Research & Development Program. The effort to develop unique color concentrates that both provide color for plenum cable while enhancing the flame and smoke properties of PVC compounds was the subject of a paper presented by Mr. Gitto at the 7th Annual Wire and Cable FOCUS '98 Conference (September 13-16 in Greensboro, NC).

The Newline Color Inc. research was undertaken in direct response to anticipated tighter standards to be used by Underwriters Laboratories in follow-up service testing and the new UL Component Recognition Program. All in the wake of recent performance issues of U.L. Subject 444 plenum cables in the UL burn test.

In 1997, the Technical Advisory Panel for Communications and Power-Limited Wire and Cable (TAPCOM) was formed to review industry data and make recommendation to UL for tighter standards and new requirements. These new requirements are being designed to help maintain the high level of safety in UL listed cables. All components of the cables have been reviewed including PVC color concentrates. It was found that color concentrates used in many cables could negatively effect their smoke and flame performance.

According to Mr. Gitto "Newline Color has studied currently available commercial PVC plenum compounds. After using NBS, Arapaho, OSU and Cone Calorimeter smoke tests, it is our conclusion that compounds colored with many standard color concentrates show consistently higher smoke and heat release values when burned than do uncolored compounds."

Additionally he offered, "fortunately our work has resulted in the development of unique formulations or combinations of additives, colorants and modifiers that can offer plenum cable makers and PVC compounders more freedom of choice. Newline Color can custom design PVC color concentrates to enhance your preferred plenum compound to pass the UL 910 tests".

Copies of completed R&D results with supporting test data were distributed at the FOCUS '98 Conference and will be available from Newline Color upon request.

SyNet, Inc. (Warwick, RI), a LAN/WAN network integration firm offering design, engineering, installation, certification and training services for telecommunication infrastructure systems, has announced the initial completion of their new website, In the spirit of shared knowledge, they packed their site full of forms, white papers and informative articles, some of which were written by their CEO, Jeffrey Deckman. This site is a valuable tool that shouldn't be missed.

Another important announcement for SyNet is their completion of a Telecommunications Infrastructure installation project for Salve Regina University in Newport, RI. SyNet, Inc. was contracted for not only the internal premise wiring of 32 buildings, but for the wiring of the outside plant as well. SyNet completed this project in conjunction with Salve's normal operating functions - summer classes, conventions, camps and other special events held at the university went forward as scheduled. This pretty much proves SyNet's ability to provide superior craftmanship and knowledge to any project they tackle, no matter how large.

LANart Corporation (Needham, MA), a leader in optimizing fiber connectivity solutions across the network, has announced a strategic partnership with Tech Data Corporation (Clearwater, FL), to distribute LANart's innovative line of fiber products. Tech Data will be offering LANart's AutoCross™ family of media converters as well as transceivers, unmanaged fiber hubs and network interface cards.

"Tech Data provides high quality computer products and services to more than 100,000 resellers and retailers with a fast, convenient distribution channel," said Roy Appelbaum, Vice President for Tech Data Networking Division. "LANart® Corporation has been a leader in fiber connectivity solutions, creating great products for the network. The LANart® fiber products we currently carry to give our customers the most comprehensive line of products available."

Tech Data will be selling LANart's 10Mb and 100Mb media converters which include single, 6- and 12-port products. All converters are equipped with LANart's patent-pending AutoCross™ technology. AutoCross™ automates the correct configuration for both crossed and uncrossed cabling to simplify installation and reduce manual troubleshooting. Tech Data will also carry LANart's complete line of unmanaged fiber hubs, transceivers and NICs.

"Due to extensive customer demand, LANart® pursued a relationship with Tech Data," said Bradford Winkler, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at LANart®. "Tech Data provides LANart® the entryway into a much broader range of system integrators and resellers. Through our partnership with this international technology products distributor, LANart's networking solutions will be easily accessible to our customers."

Communications Supply Corporation (Chicago, IL) recently announced it has recently completed the purchase of Fibertron Corporation. Fibertron, founded in 1985, is one of the nation's largest specialty distributors of fiber optic products for the private and public fiber network markets. Fibertron has a significant physical presence across the United States with locations in Buena Park, CA; Norcross, GA; and Harrisburg PA. On a combined basis, CSC and Fibertron are expected to have annualized sales approaching $300 million.

According to CSC President and CEO, Steve Riordan, "The combination of CSC and Fibertron represents one of the most strategic and complimentary mergers ever to occur in the data communications industry. Fibertron specialized approach to the fiber market, combined with their premier supplier relationships and experienced sales staff, provides a tremendous boost to CSC's capabilities."

Henry Cohen, Marlene Spiegel and Marc Spiegel, all original founders of Fibertron, will remain as the executive team of Fibertron, and will also own a significant equity interest in CSC.

"The affiliation with CSC will give is the additional resources necessary to provide our customers an end-to-end solution," said Henry Cohen. Marlene and Marc Spiegel, co-founders of Fibertron added, "We believe that CSC's philosophies towards its associates, suppliers and customers are very similar and provide the associates of Fibertron the best possible platform for personal and professional growth."

This acquisition represents the fifth acquisition completed by Riordan and the CSC management team in less than two years. CSC has also opened three (3) new locations in the past year. CSC is considered to be one of the nation's largest privately held distributors of communications products. This acquisition gives CSC twenty-one (21) branch locations and approximately 500 associates throughout North America.

Hewlett-Packard Company (HWP: Palo Alto, CA) has announced the signing of an agreement to acquire Scope Communications Inc. (Marlborough, MA), a privately held developer of handheld network-test equipment.

HP expects to integrate Scope Communications, Inc. and its employees into the Service Test Division. The division is a new HP unit, based in Westford, MA, and created to develop low-cost, small-format test tools for the communications market.

"We believe that there is an excellent fit between Scope Communications' product platforms and staff expertise and our division's mission to provide customers with a complete range of low-cost, handheld test and measurement tools for emerging network technology," said Edward Richards, General Manager for HP's Service Test Division. "Scope Communications' products have an excellent reputation, and the company has strong customer relationships. Our combined resources will allow us to bring new handheld deployment products to market quickly and broaden HP handheld offerings and distribution. The geographic proximity of our two companies is an added benefit."

"Scope Communications' handheld cable testers add an important physical element to HP's existing solutions for LAN testing." Said Peter Williams, President of Scope Communications, Inc. "HP's worldwide presence will allow us to bring these and future products to a global customer base. Both companies have strong reputations for new-product innovation that will serve our combined customers well going forward."

Telect, Inc. (Liberty Lake, WA), a global manufacturer in the telecommunications and fiber optic connectivity industries, is backing its belief in E-commerce in a big way by introducing its own Internet site to sell Telect fiber optic products directly to end users. The new site,, is now fully operational, offering customers all the benefits of online shopping, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Initially, offers a variety of Telect rack- and wall-mount fiber enclosures and splice trays, plus accessory items such as patch cords, pigtails, and adapter plates. New products will be added to the site on an ongoing basis, depending on customer input and demand. All purchases require a credit card, although standard PO purchases will be available by the end of the year.

"We believe that E-commerce has a strong future as a sales channel in our telecommunications market space of major fiber providers," said Wayne Williams, President and CEO of Telect. "While we will continue to market configured fiber systems through our standard sales channels, allows us to reach a target audience currently not being served by our other channels, namely Internet-enabled customers who have a need for fiber products seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year," added Williams.

Williams continued, "Over the next three to five years, a new generation will enter the workforce, one that has grown up on computers. They already buy a lot of products for themselves over the Internet, and they'll expect to do so in their work environment as well. By coming online now we'll be ready, and in fact, we're helping to create the demand for other online buying services in our market."

Customers who are in the middle of installations and need equipment immediately will find the site extremely useful. All orders placed by 2 p.m. Pacific Time can be delivered overnight (weekend and holiday orders are processed the next business day). As an introductory special, shipping is free for all orders over $500.

Customers who are involved in multi-location installations throughout the U.S. will also benefit from the new site. By ordering through, products can be shipped to various locations across the country overnight.

The majority of products on the site are being offered at substantially discounted prices derived from the reduced costs associated with online buying. "So many times, everyone focuses on the cost to make the product, but not on the extra costs of the ordering and delivery systems," Williams said. "Telect is committed to driving down the costs of ordering and passing those savings back to the customer.

Cable Design Technologies (CDT: Pittsburgh, PA) recently announced the release of its AdvanceLite™ fiber optic cable produced by Mohawk/CDT. The AdvanceLite™ fiber optic cable line is designed for use with gigabit networks, while maintaining full compatibility with existing installed FDDI-grade cable. AdvanceLite™ cables are manufactured with Corning™ Infinicor™ fiber to provide the highest level of quality and consistent performance. Along with Mohawk's standard TruLite™ fiber optic cables, AdvanceLite™ cable comes with the industry verified performance to TIA/EIA-568-A. AdvanceLite™ cables, with Infinicor™ fiber, are designed to work with VCSELs, and other laser sources, as well as LED-based sources. AdvanceLite™ 300 provides for a 300-Meter cable length as defined by TIA/EIA TSB-72. AdvanceLite™ 600 provides for a 66-Meter cable length, which exceeds the requirements of ISO 11801 and IEEE 802.3/z.

Paul M. Olson, CDT's President and CEO commented, "We are delighted with the opportunity to expand our penetration into the fiber optic marketplace with this exciting new product line." Cable Design Technologies is a manufacturer of technologically advanced electronic data transmission cables for network, communications, specialty electronics, and automation and process control applications, including complete voice and data wiring solutions, fiber optic connective solutions and other components required to build high performance telecommunications infrastructures.

American Access Technologies, Inc. (Altamonte Springs, FL) has announced that it has received $3 million from a private equity placement arranged by its investment bankers Capital International Securities Group, Inc. and Merrill Weber & Co., Inc.

CFO Bobby E. Story stated that proceeds of the offering would be used to clear a heavy order backlog; acquire and expand the company's OEM manufacturer, Omega Metals, and move American Access closer to a Nasdaq listing. "These fresh funds for equipment, inventory and working capital will fuel a faster deployment of our leading-edge telecom products," he said.

The three largest shareholders of the company, who were entitled to free up 600,000 shares for public trading on October 21, have agreed to extend their lock-up for an additional twelve months, to October 22, 1999, Story noted. "Top management of American Access also owns the largest stakes in the company, so they have a vested interest in enhancing shareholder value. That is why they are waiving their rights to cash out at this early stage of company growth. Market makers should note that the 600,000 shares due to come on the market on October 21 will now not be available for short covering," he said. Story added that the public float of American Access is only some 1,300,000 shares.

American Access' patented, UL-approved Zone Cabling Termination Cabinet (ZCTC) products for ceiling grids and raised floors apply the concept of "Zone Cabling" to replace conventional telecommunications wiring with a system that provides complete flexibility for voice and data cabling infrastructures. In addition to the benefits of greater convenience and ease-of-use, zone cabling is estimated to reduce the long term cost of installing and maintaining a telecom wiring system by as much as 70%. American Access Technologies, Inc. is a telecommunications technology company that develops, designs and markets innovative products designed to support the evolving structured cabling system components of the telecommunications industry. Its first product, the Zone Cabling Termination Cabinet, was introduced in January 1997 and is marketed in conjunction with leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers and distributors such as Anixter International Inc., Graybar Electric, State Electric, Coleman's and Platt DSV Resource Center.

LANart® Corporation (Needham, MA) has announced the introduction of the SXC1015, a new media converter sporting revolutionary SX-technology. The SXC1015 is a 100Base-TX to 100BASE-SX multimode converter, which allows an early migration to fiber as the mainstream wiring media in installations with cabling requirements up to 300 meters. The converter is equipped with LANart's innovative AutoCross™ and LinkALERT® capabilities, making it the most flexible solution available.

"LANart® continually strives to provide customers with the most versatile converter product offering," said Bradford Winkler, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing. "LANart® has always been at the forefront of the fiber industry and has designed the SXC1015 for customers who want the advantages of 100BASE-FL without the associated costs. The 100BASE-SX is the most cost-effective way to implement 100Mb networks. With LANart's ASIC capabilities this technology provides a foundation for LANart® to offer additional fiber products, solving the 10/100 auto-negotiation problems that exist in today's Ethernet networks, when implementing fiber."

Although the optical components needed to implement 100Mbps Ethernet are similar to those used for 10Mbps, Fast Ethernet is the only Ethernet standard that has not yet offered a short wavelength fiber solution. The new 100BASE-SX technology uses the same short wavelength as the existing 10BASE-FL. This provides a highly cost-effective solution over the shorter distances. Because of the distance limitation, 100BASE-SX is not intended to be a backbone standard. However, it can be used in backbones that require individual link distances under 300 meters.

Because low cost optical components are used, 100Mbps Fast Ethernet - SX converters can be built at almost the same cost as 10Mbps items. This results in an immediate cost reduction of almost 50% for a 100Mbps fiber link to the desktop. This allows companies to future-proof their networks with fiber, yet not have the costs associated with the benefits of fiber.

And now an excerpt from the X-FILES: Bundled Cable Battles Alien Crosstalk (by Dick Patterson, Sr. Design Engineer, Champlain Cable Corp.)

Bundled cables may offer many advantages to installers and continue to grow in market acceptance and utilization. These cables work well in present applications and are being scrutinized more closely because of higher requirements for electrical performance. With increasing high-speed transmissions, bundling cable has become a more sophisticated process than some wire and cable manufacturers realized.

As a result, TIA has adopted Addendum 3 to EIA/TIA-568A specification. This addendum calls for a 3dB power sum near-end crosstalk (PSNEXT) margin over the standard near-end crosstalk (NEXT) measurement at a given frequency. The Addendum 3 specification is being sent to the IEEE 802.3 committee for review and is expected to be incorporated in the developing 1000Base-T specifications. A 1000 Base-T system uses full duplex channel transmission over four active pairs.

Alien Crosstalk (Alien PSNEXT), signals coupled from adjacent cables within a bundle, can become a major source of noise that can be controlled only by design of the bundled cable and the units contained within it.

In contrast, a CAT 5 installation with a single 4-pair UTP cable is typically two active data pairs, one send, one receive. Performance is judged on the power of the signal on the near-end receiving pair, relative to the coupled noise from the near-end transmitting pair. Reflection and NEXT from the signals on each internal pair under the same jacket can be electronically canceled by the network's active components. However Alien PSNEXT creates a unique problem for the network's active components because it creates a foreign signal that cannot be filtered.

Alien PSNEXT is not a standard cable property; there is no way to predict or confirm Alien PSNEXT performance by testing individual cable before or after assembly. Alien PSNEXT performance does not indicate a particular level of performance for individual cables in the bundle. The predominant component in Alien PSNEXT is pair-to-pair NEXT between the pair under test and the same lay pair in each adjacent cable.

Manufacturing individual cables with additional PSNEXT headroom is not enough to solve the problem of Alien NEXT within the bundle.

Furthermore, Alien PSNEXT can't be tested in the field because there are no hand-held or field testers sophisticated enough. The manufacturer/bundler must do the testing.

Alien PSNEXT is a property of the assembled bundle; the bundle must be designed to minimize same lay-pair-to-pair NEXT. Champlain Cable employs unique assembly techniques that minimize same lay NEXT contribution to Alien PSNEXT with no reduction in individual cable PSNEXT performance.

Most cable manufacturers and distributors subcontract their bundling. Champlain Cable does their bundling in-house to control the process from manufacture of the individual pairs to the completed bundle.

Dynamics can change radically depending on variables like the number of components in the bundle. Each bundle is a custom creation. No one single formula can be followed to meet Addendum 3 requirements. We welcome the challenge of combining different constructions and configurations.

Alien PSNEXT is one of the five NEXT parameters defined for each pair in a cable bundle. The other four are:

    • Cable Pair-to-Pair NEXT CPPN
    • Cable Power Sum NEXT CPSN
    • Bundle Pair-to-Pair NEXT BPPN
    • Bundle Power Sum NEXT BPSN

A typical automated Network Analyser can test a 6-cable bundle (24 pair fan-out fixtures) and report CPNN, BPPN, CPSN, and BPSN for each pair in the bundle.

For Pair #1 in Cable #1 of a 6-cable bundle:


Cable PPN and PSN (1,2), (1,3), (1,4)

Bundle PPN and PSN (1,2) through (1,24)

Alien PSNEXT for Pair#1 is calculated by summing the voltage ratios from pair-to-pair NEXT readings for combinations (1,5) through (1,24) or by taking the difference in voltage sums for cable PSNEXT and bundle PSNEXT.

Superior Telecom Inc. and Essex International Inc. have announced that they have entered into a definitive merger agreement pursuant to which Superior will acquire all of the outstanding shares and options of Essex plus assumed debt of Essex of $419 million. Under the terms of the merger agreement, Superior will make a first-step cash tender offer of $32 per share for up to a maximum of 22,562,135, or approximately 81%, of the outstanding Essex common shares. The offer is subject to the tender of at least a majority of Essex's shares, to completion of financing, which has been committed to by Bankers Trust Company, and to customary conditions, including governmental approvals. Following completion of the offer, the remaining shares of Essex are expected to be converted into the right to receive 0.64 of a share of new series Superior convertible exchangeable preferred stock with a per share liquidation value of $50. This preferred stock is convertible into Superior common stock at $56 per share. If fewer than the maximum number of shares are purchased through the tender offer, the remaining Essex shareholders will receive both preferred stock and cash for their shares so that the aggregate cash and stock consideration paid in the merger is the same as if the offer had been fully subscribed. The merger is expected to be closed in the first calendar quarter of 1999.

Panduit Sales Corporation has been holding seminars titled, "What Will It Take To Run Gigabit Ethernet per IEEE802.3?". These informative seminars have included topics such as Gigabit Ethernet Over Copper Media, Gigabit Ethernet Over Fiber Media, TIA Updates on Categories 5E and 6, and Product Updates on Panduit's Giga-Channel™ and Opti-Jack™. The featured presenter is typically a Panduit Network Systems Group Product Manager, and in many cases, the seminar fee of $95 has been waived by the local Panduit representative. These seminars are worth attending, to find out if Panduit is holding one near you, call 1-888-506-5400.

If you've been looking for a network management system that fits your organization's needs, and is easy to install, easy to use and easy on your budget, we may have a solution for you.

Fluke Corporation's new Network Inspector™ network management software is for all the small and medium organizations who need a powerful application to monitor, troubleshoot, and solve their real-world network problems without causing a huge dent in their budget.

Designed for Ethernet LANs, the Fluke Network Inspector™ operating on a Windows® 95, Windows® 98, or Windows® NT client is all you need to actively monitor and diagnose problems in TCP/IP, IPX®, and NetBIOS® servers, clients, switches, routers and printers.

Here are some of the features:

  • It discovers all network devices in less than 5 minutes

  • It identifies common network problems and changes

  • It monitors and displays network changes in real-time

  • It enables remote viewing of subnets and segments

  • It maps devices of DNS Name, IPX Name, NetBIOS Name, IP Address, and MAC Address

  • It recommends solutions to network problems

  • It shows IP, IPX, and NetBIOS protocols and services associated with each network device

  • It provides easy access to common network tools such as Ping, Traceroute, Telnet and WebManage

  • It installs in less than 10 minutes

This software can save you a lot of money, time and trouble . . . so it's worth checking out.

Until recently, there were two ways to wire modular offices for voice, data and desktop multimedia - home run and zone. With the home run method, each cable was routed directly from the PC through the furniture to the telecommunications closet, unfortunately tying individual furniture components together. Zone cabling evolved to address this issue by providing a common external connection for modular office clusters, but the panels still had to be cabled together. With either approach, the same problem remained: The modular office wasn't truly modular anymore.

Moreover, the task of pulling and rerouting telecommunications lines can quickly add up to significant dollars. Each employee move or equipment upgrade is estimated to cost companies $300 to $600. Add this to the cost of lost employee productivity during changeovers. For these reasons, it became clear to Haworth's engineering team that a smarter solution was required.

That's why Haworth, Inc. (Holland, MI) created DataThing, a unique "plug and play" cabling system that's compatible with Haworth modular furniture panels. DataThing gives installers unprecedented flexibility to add and detach individual panels, enabling them to reconfigure and reconnect an average office in minutes, rather than hours. And DataThing does it without sacrificing the critical bandwidth and speed it takes to meet your company's networking needs. The DataThing also offers impressive service, it's sold and supported by Anixter, a leader in cabling logistics and value-added distribution.

F.Y.I. CMA's (Communication Managers Association; 50th Annual Conference was not as well attended as last year and the year before. This drop in Exhibition attendees was probably due to rain on Tuesday and the Veteran's Day Holiday on Wednesday. The exhibits were first-class and there was a wide array of infrastructure companies to review.

Be sure and check the class schedule for Cabling Business Institute in Dallas. CBI has also added the ACP certified 200 course to their offering They have a world-class training facility with regular classes on installation, structured wiring with Category 5 certification, LANs, fiber optics and design.

ACP Continuation Training Program

Course 200

Available at Cabling Business Institute


On the Road from ACP: When you want it & Where you want it.

For additional information, contact:

Grace Shimp at ACP at 904-645-6018, email


Cindy Webb at Cabling Business Institute 214-328-1717,



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