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HOTS 05/1997

Issue: May 1997

By: Frank Bisbee

Featured Story

CABLING THE WORKPLACE '97 will be the very first conference to be held in the brand new Atlantic City Convention Center. The city has gone all out to welcome the attendees to this ribbon cutting first conference at their new "jewel". If you have not received information on this conference, you can FAX your request for information to Cabling Business Magazine, Dallas, TX (214) 319-6077 or Association of Cabling Professionals, Jacksonville, FL (904) 645-3181. This is the first CTW conference to be held on the east coast and it will be the best one yet. This is a serious training conference for contractors and end users, as well as an ideal common ground to interface with a wide selection of top quality vendors in the cabling business. Last year, each registered attendee got the training classes, conference-sponsored meals, admission to the exhibition hall, and the training books and materials. The conference manual (Over 1,000 pages - two volume conference training manual) was worth the entire conference fee by itself. Chalk this one up as a real value for 1997.

At CTW '97 visit: SyNet Inc. ( Warwick, RI 401-736-6450 ). They will feature the Cabletron® products and system as well as the new Prestolite NETLink 2000™ enhanced performance cable ( which many industry insiders are calling the new CAT SEVEN cable). Synet's President, Jeffrey S. Deckman said " We are confident that the Cabletron® line of data communications products and the Prestolite family of cable products will give our clients a double barreled advantage - AFFORDABLE PRICE & TOP QUALITY." Synet Inc. has been designing and installing voice and data cabling infrastructure for clients throughout New England for over a decade. The technical staff will be fully certified RDNP™ (Registered Data Networking Professionals) to deliver Prestolite and integrate the Cabletron® systems solutions.


Cable Design Technologies, or CDT (Pittsburgh, PA - 1-412-937-2300) announced on Tuesday, April 1, 1997 that NORDX/CDT's DynaTraX™ high-performance cross-connect cabling system has received the Analysts' Choice Award in PC Week's Netweek Lab Test Review. The review stated, "In PC Week Lab's tests, DynaTraX flawlessly connected each of our clients to the specified switch port, and the test card accurately pinpointed and alerted us to a cable break." Paul Olson, CDT's President and CEO, stated, "We are delighted to have received independent recognition of the DynaTraX system from PC Week's technical staff."

DynaTraX is a unique matrix switch that enables remote management of WAN and LAN networks through the execution of changes at the network's physical layer.

Cable Design Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of technologically advanced electronic data transmission cables for network, computer interconnect, and automation, sound & safety applications and complete voice and data wiring solutions, communication cables, DynaTraX automated cross-connect switch, and fiber optic solutions. CDT's products are manufactured or distributed under the trade names: Montrose/CDT, Phalo/CDT, West Penn/CDT, Mohawk/CDT, Manhattan/CDT, X-Mark/CDT, NORDX/CDT in Canada, NEK/CDT in Sweden, Anglo American/CDT and Raydex/CDT in the U.K., and Cekan/CDT in Denmark.

Other news from CDT . . .

CDT announced on Thursday, April 3, 1997 that it had reached an agreement with one of the partners of Dearborn Wire and Cable, L.P., and Illinois-based manufacturer and distributor of high performance wire and cable and assemblies, to acquire substantially all of its assets together with the assets of Dearborn's affiliates, Dearborn West L.P. and Thermax Wire L.P. Dearborn and its affiliates have approximately 850 employees and fiscal 1996 sales of approximately $85 million. While closing of the transaction remains subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions, CDT and Dearborn have obtained Hart-Scot-Rodino approval from the Federal Trade Commission and CDT expects to consummate the acquisition shortly at which time further details will be provided.

Look who's leaving the nest . . .

Intertek Testing Services, or ITS (Andover, MA - 1-800-WORLDLAB), announced that it has completed the transition to an independent corporate entity with debut of a new name and revamped brand identity. Formerly known as Inchcape Testing Services, ITS's 176 laboratories and 342 offices worldwide will operate effective immediately under the new name and logo. ITS was purchased from Inchcape in October 1996.

Jag Sisodia, President , ITS Conformity Assessment, Americas states, "Through the transformation of ITS from divisional status to an independent corporation is a significant and exciting event, our goal is to make the renaming of the company as transparent to our customers as possible." He adds, " We have taken the occasion of the name change to rededicate ourselves as a company to providing the highest level of customer service and testing and certification expertise in the industry, and to maintaining the benchmark of service established during our long history."

Intertek Testing Services Ltd. is a product and commodities testing company that offers manufacturers, distributors, retailers, commodity producers and government agencies testing, inspection and certification services. ITS laboratories provide manufacturers with worldwide market access which leads to products bearing the ETL Listed mark, Warnock Hersey Certification Mark, the SEMKO S-mark, the German GS mark, CE Marking for Europe and the NOM mark for Mexico.

Gentlemen, synchronize your speedometers...

SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED Cable Applications
Telephone Analog Baseband Video/Audio









10BASE -T Ethernet

Token Ring

100Mbps TP-PMD

100BASE - T Ethernet

155 Mbps ATM

AES/EBU Digital Audio

270 Mbps Digital Video

622 Mbps 64-CAP ATM

100BASE - T GigaBit Ethernet*

1.2 Gigabit ATM*

Analog Broadband Video to 550 Mhz 77 Channels

Industry standard not finalized.

Take it to City Hall . . .

Steve Walsh, Regional Marketing Manager - Mod-Tap, reports that Mod-Tap ( has been selected as the manufacturer of choice for the City of Ocala, Florida. Their current project involves in excess of 50 buildings throughout the city. Installation has begun with City Hall.

Moving on up . . .(technology's ladder)

Mod-Tap continues to hold a leadership position in connector hardware for copper technology. However, they are now extending their grasp into the fiber optics arena. Mod-Tap has added a new Modlink™ Fiber Product to their family. Installing fiber optic systems are now quick, easy, and cost effective with Mod--Tap's new Modlink™. Because field termination is not required, special termination tools and training are not needed. Simply plug the cable in and your link is operational! Modlink™ features compact 6 and 12 fiber 62.5 plenum rated ribbon cables in customer specified lengths. The cables are factory terminated on both ends with the MTP™ connector, a multi-fiber connector which is the same as an SC connector. Mod-Tap's Modlink™ cable is installed using a factory installed protective pulling eye. Because of its compact design (12 fiber ribbon cables are smaller than zip cord cable), Modlink™ cables can be installed faster than conventional fiber optic cables, saving you time and money.

Prestolite now ranked as one of the top six cabling manufacturing companies expands their operations and continues to negotiate for additional acquisitions. This company is privately held but may be a great investment opportunity if they go public in the next couple of years.

Prestolite Wire Corporation (Sidney, NE - 1-800-272-9999) introduced a new line of digital signaling cables rated at T1 speeds in April of 1997. These cables come in two configurations which are equivalent to the Lucent 600C "ABAM" style, and the Lucent 1249C style. These cables are available in either 22 gauge or 26 gauge, and offer dual shields to protect signals from interference.

Cables of this type are required as part of the infrastructure to offer higher speed telephone lines to homes and businesses. Advanced technology such as wide area networks, videoconferencing over telephone lines, Internet access, and other data transmission needs are driving demand for higher speed access lines in the public telephone network. There are approximately 20,000 central offices in the U.S. which may potentially offer these services.

These cables are used to carry digital signals at 1.544 Mbps within a telephone company's central offices. A significant amount of rewiring and central office construction in the U.S. creates current demands for these cables. Central offices are the local offices where telephone switch equipment is located, and all calls from area homes and businesses are routed.


"We are very aggressive in the cabling business and our sales results confirm it," said Bill Cannady, Engineer Construction Supervisor of Lucent Technologies Services Company, Inc. (Durham, NC - 1-919-405-3700). This business unit is a new breed of cat in Wireville. Cannady said, "We will tackle any cabling job with any manufacturer's materials requested, and we will be competitive. We are installing Systimax products and a wide array of other companies' cables. We use Prestolite, Mohawk, Belden, and Berk-Tek in addition to the Lucent products." This business unit has an aggressive entrepreneurial spirit, which may be a sign of new things to come out of Lucent. One thing is for sure, it is not just AT&T by another name.

In a Pinch . . .

CSI/automatic tool & connector (Union, N.J. - 1-800-524-2857) has introduced their patented polished free Termination System now available for SC terminations. The Terminator System provides simplified field terminations that save time and increases productivity. Simply strip, crimp and cleave. This precision product, designed for multimode applications, features an exceptionally low dB loss, consistent quality and a reduction of disposables which eliminate the need for electrical outlets and curving ovens.

The Terminator System is also ideal for confined areas such as closets and small working areas. Each tool is tested for performance and accuracy and has a lifetime guarantee. The Terminator System is also available for ST style connectors. To obtain more information regarding CSI/automatic tool & connector, you can visit CSI/Suttle Apparatus (Hector, MN) website at

A big thanks to Marilyn Michelson, President of BUSINESS COMMUNICATION SERVICES, (Campbell, CA - 1-408-297-8422) for extending a substantial discount for the subscription fee on Cabling Standards UPDATE publication. This quarterly publication offers a summarized insight into the codes and standards world of the communications cabling industry. The discount is offered to all members of ACP (Association of Cabling Professionals) and BICSI (Building Industries Consulting Services International). With all of the challenges to address cabling issues for both buyer and seller, this is an outstanding value.

Deja Vu

Anixter, Inc. (Skokie, IL - 1-847-677-2600) has announced the Levels Program is back again! In the late 1980s, Anixter originally led the industry to define a set of guidelines and standards for distribution systems in order to clear up confusion in the industry and fill holes in the existing standards. From an end users point-of-view, Anixter's Levels Program helped protect buyers from making the wrong purchasing decisions in an industry that was more arcane than black magic. Later, the Levels Program was essentially adopted by EIA/TIA for the Performance Category System of standards. Now, the EIA/TIA standards are bogged down and performance demands have surpassed their top rating. The new Anixter Levels '97 Program was announced on April 14, 1997 to address the enhanced performance needs of the marketplace. Check the Anixter website through the hotlink section of ACP's (Association of Cabling Professionals) website: Anixter, Inc. is a global distributor of integrated communications systems, services, and products. Meet their representatives at CTW '97 in Atlantic City, NJ.


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