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HOTS 04/1997

Issue: April 1997

By: Frank Bisbee

Featured Story


World Information Technologies Inc. ( Northport, NY 516-754-5700 ) reports their studies have determined that fiber's share of the U.S. telecommunications outside plant market will reach more than 67% by the year 2000, up from almost 45% in 1996 according to a recently published report, "Telecommunications Outside Plant Products - U.S. Markets, Customers & Competitors: 1997-2000 Analysis & Forecasts." The remaining 33% of the market will be copper products, which, by comparison, accounted for 74% of demand as recently as 1991.

According to the study, demand for fiber products will grow almost 18% annually in value between 1996 and 2000, while the use of copper products drops 2% each year during this period.

The UK revisits the colonies. Recently, we have seen some impressive patch panel products manufactured in the UK by R.W.DATA LTD. showing up in the market. R.W.DATA LTD. is an ISO 9001 quality approved company with an international presence. Their Global5™ Patch Panel product family offers some really nice features especially if you are working in a confined space. Try

CABLING THE WORKPLACE '97 will be the very first conference to be held in the brand new Atlantic City Convention Center. The city has gone all out to welcome the attendees to this ribbon cutting first conference at their new "jewel". If you have not received information on this conference, you can FAX your request for information to Cabling Business Magazine, Dallas, TX (214) 319-6077 or Association of Cabling Professionals, Jacksonville, FL (904) 645-3181. This is the first CTW conference to be held on the east coast and it will be the best one yet. This is a serious training conference for contractors and end users, as well as an ideal common ground to interface with a wide selection of top quality vendors in the cabling business. Last year, each registered attendee got the training classes, conference-sponsored meals, admission to the exhibition hall, and the training books and materials. The conference manual (Over 1,000 pages - two volume conference training manual) was worth the entire conference fee by itself. Chalk this one up as a real value for 1997.

SyNet Inc. ( Warwick, RI 401-736-6450 ) announced the signing of a sales partnership with Cabletron®. Synet's President, Jeffrey S. Deckman said " We are confident that the Cabletron® line of data communications products will give our clients a double barreled advantage - "AFFORDABLE PRICE & TOP QUALITY." Synet Inc. has been designing and installing voice and data cabling infrastructure for clients throughout New England for over a decade. The technical staff will be fully certified to deliver and integrate the Cabletron® systems solutions.

FACE IT. The wire & cable industry is a male dominated business. But, thank goodness things are changing. Everyday we see more skilled females joining this business sector. There appears to be no glass ceiling for these new participants in the competition. Before long we hope to see an industry with a balanced cast of players.

Brenda Fuson has been appointed as the Program Coordinator for the new RDNP™ (Registered Data Networking Professional) program by Prestolite Wire Corporation (Southfield, MI - 810-355-4422). This new innovative program from Prestolite is unlike any of the certification programs that have preceded it. It offers very high value to the contractors who qualify and are fortunate enough to be selected. We have had a preview. The RDNP package includes training, model specifications for various performance levels of cabling and highly qualified leads for major cabling projects. The full link certification assures end to end performance for the end user and other benefits such as discounts and extended warranties. Installation contractors interested in becoming candidates for Prestolite's new RDNP program should contact Ms. Fuson or meet with the Prestolite Team at Cabling The Workplace '97.

Communication Planning Corporation (Jacksonville, FL - 904-645-9077) announced the appointment of Michelle R. Gilleo as Vice President, Operations. Ms. Gilleo will head up a regional installation and service group for the North Florida area. This group will specialize in structured wiring solutions and high performance network cabling design.

March 4-6 COMPUTER-TELEPHONY '97 EXPO, Los Angeles, CA is over but not forgotten. This show was The blockbuster of the Data Telecommunications Industry. We talked to quite a few attendees who told us this show was a great value. One exhibitor with a modest 10' booth said the got 593 good leads and contacts which they felt were worth ,potentially, a staggering $10-12 million. It's never to early to plan for CT'98. Call (212) 691-8215, ext. 226.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (Fortune Magazine - March 17, 1997) Elucidating Lucent's "Million-Dollar Coffee Stain" Critics call the red splotchy circle in Lucent Technologies' brand signature the "million-dollar stain". Lucent, of course, felt this innovative ring is meant to capture the essence of the brand, it's supposed to represent evolving thought and knowledge. The brush strokes mean human creativity; the color red means urgency. Fortune Magazine said, "To us it's still just a red, splotchy circle." What do you think?


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