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HOTS 02/1997

Issue: February 1997

By: Frank Bisbee

Featured Story

1997 promises to be a new high benchmark for the cabling industry, as the end users become increasingly aware that all cabling isn't just "wire". Differentiation continues to develop faster than the standards groups can address issues, between squabbles over who gets to give their product the prime spot in the new standard.

Copper based high performance cabling will get a boost from a major increase in production of Teflon® FEP fluoropolymer resin by DUPONT. This insulating material is an important component in the production of the top of the line High Performance Data Cable. The production facilities should be cranking out the good stuff by the end of the year.

Category 7 will be a reality in the market before the question of CAT 6 can be agreed upon. ( Which companies really control the standards committees anyway? Send us your guess.)

Fiber Optic Cabling is becoming far more common in the installed backbones and the number of experienced installers continue to increase dramatically. On the downside, costs are still a BIG PROBLEM. Add to the challenge of fiber versus copper, now you have to ask "Which fiber?". The manufacturers of glass fiber optic cable are saying "YES to GLASS and NO to PLASTIC". And the beat goes on, as each group sends out their spin doctors to tell you what you should believe.

Kicking and Screaming - even the most techno-phobic individuals are being dragged into the new information age. We are starting to see some valuable applications for the Internet in the cabling industry. The World Wide Web offers a quick and handy resource for information on products and services. BIG PROBLEM =If you don't know the address, you can get lost trying to find the answers.

Ortronics hits the web! Ortronics (Pawcatuck, CT), 860-599-1760, is on the web and what a site!

Education is a real MUST DO! item for the professional who wants to stay ahead. If your budget can't handle much right now, then buy a book. Flatiron Publishing, Inc. has a fabulous selection of materials. This library of Computer Telephony books and magazines can be reviewed at or call 1-800-LIBRARY.

Wavetek Corporation is bringing out some exciting new updates in '97 Wavetek (San Diego, CA) 800-854-2708 suggests you check out the LANTEK™ PRO on the net. Wavetek offers a half day course at no charge titled "Data Cable Testing and Certification" featuring the Wavetek PRO and PRO XL. Wavetek has been authorized to announce that the course is approved for 2 hours BICSI RCDD or Installation Program continuing education credits.

UNICOM (Santa Fe Springs, CA), 800-346-6668, has info on their EZ-Raceway System and more at

Superior Modular Products (Swannanoa,NC), 800-880-7674, has info on their FiberOpticX fusion Splicer at

Datacom Technologies, (800-468-5557), has a LAN Cable Tester with a built-in Talk Set. COOL! More info at:

THE SIEMON CABLING SYSTEM from The Siemon Company (Watertown, CT), 860-274-2523, is very exciting.

PANDUIT Network Systems® Group (Tinely Park, IL), 800-777-3300, ext. 8287, has a complete line of surface raceway products.

Lucent Technologies has a really big website with lots of information.

Small Printer. BIG VALUE! W. H. Brady Co. (800-216-8396, ext.710), has the BRADY® I.D. PRO™ Plus wire marker printer. It is handier than a shirt pocket and works like a charm on the jobsite.

The Association of Cabling Professionals (Jacksonville,FL) 904-645-6018 working with Cabling Business Magazine, (214-328-1717), & The Cabling Business Institute will be co-hosts of the exciting CABLING THE WORKPLACE '97 Conference & Expositionin Atlantic City,NJ, May 12-15.

Dupont (Wilmington,DE) 800-207-0756, establishes a Web Site for Teflon® FEP in data communications cabling products. Lots of valuable info about high performance data communications cable insulated 100% with Teflon® FEP fluoropolymer resin. The site will contain news, market and technical information of interest to end users, installers, VARS, and others involved with data communications cabling systems. This new site includes engineering model specifications, research and technical reports, articles of interest, and information on the Gold Mark of Assurance and the 25 year Warranty programs for Teflon® FEP.

The Computer TELEPHONY 97 Conference & Exposition (exhibitors call: 215-355-2886), will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center again this year. This show is unique in the scope and a great value for both attendees and exhibitors. They will definitely top last years attendance of 32,000. BE THERE !!! and check it now at

Tired of writing those same old tired and boring memos and getting the same unenthusiastic responses. Then try WURD WIZURD by BZB. It's easy to operate and requires only 3-4 hours of review training before you can be a Registered Communications Double Talker. Sign up for our convenient classes in your area. The class fee is only $999.99.


  1. integrated
  2. total
  3. systematized
  4. parallel
  5. functional
  6. responsive
  7. optical
  8. synchronized
  9. compatible
  10. balanced
  1. management
  2. organizational
  3. monitored
  4. reciprocal
  5. digital
  6. logic
  7. transitional
  8. incremental
  9. third-generation
  10. policy
  1. options
  2. flexibility
  3. capability
  4. mobility
  5. programming
  6. concept
  7. time-phase
  8. projection
  9. hardware
  10. contingency


ROLLING MEADOWS, IL (November 20, 1996) -- Ci Wescom, a Charles Industries Company, introduced the Wescom® Alchemy™ QuadPOTS System, a unique discrete multi-tone (DMT) based pair gain system, it was announced today by Paul Kaliher, Director of CiWescom's DSL Business Unit.

The Wescom Alchemy QuadPOTS System, which provides users with four 64 kbps POTS (plain old telephone service) channels over a single copper pair, offers significant advantages over the 2BIQ approach currently used for ISDN and HDSL systems including the ability to transmit an equivalent bandwidth more than 25-30% longer distances with superior noise immunity. With repeaterless loops stretching to 18,000 feet and beyond, this DMT pair gain system can multiply network capacity for a fraction of the cost of adding wire and fiber.

"The Wescom Alchemy QuadPOTS System eliminates many of the costs associated with installing new copper, dig-ups and held orders," said Kaliher.

RALEIGH, N.C., December 20, 1996 -- Ameritech, BellSouth, Pacific Bell and Southwestern Bell have reached agreement with Alcatel Telecom on multi-year contracts that will help the companies speed deployment of affordable, high speed data access services to customers.

Collectively, the companies anticipate this technology could serve thousands of their customers in the next year to 18 months, and could be in use by more than a million customers by 2001.


The new entity, which will initially build upon the products, assets and facilities of Applied Photonic Devices (APD) -- previously a wholly-owned SpecTran Corporation subsidiary -- will be called General Photonics. SpecTran and General Cable will each hold a 50% ownership interest in the new company.

General Cable Corporation, as one of the largest wire and cable manufacturers in the world, has a strong multi-channel sales and distribution network, important depth in wire and cable technology and relationships with key customer groups who have significant fiber optic cable requirements. General Cable Corporation will be the primary sales and distribution arm for the joint venture. General Cable has extensive experience in high volume cabling manufacturing and materials technology which will be made available to the new company.

Last month Intel Corporation showed off the new Intel Pentium MMX chips. The Intel microprocessors with the new technology will run existing programs 10 percent to 20 percent faster than previous same-speed processors, the company said. Programs written to take advantage of the new chip should run 60 times faster.

Field Test Notes: A comparison between field-mountable fiber optic connectors was made by our technicians. We compared the 3M Hot Melt connector with the Mohawk/CDT QuickConnect. The labor using the Mohawk/CDT QuickConnect was less than 1/3 of the time to connect the 3M Hot Melt. When we compared the cost of the product and the labor we were saving approximately $5 over the total cost of each connection using the 3M system. 25% less expensive is a significant number when viewed in quantity. In the months ahead we will field test and report back on other products.

Remee Products Corporation (Florida,NY) has introduced a Premium Category 5 cable for high performance networking applications. These cables are designed for the user that demands the latest in Category 5 network cabling systems. These products will enable the user to be ready for tomorrow's data transfer technology today, there are higher bit rate applications, increased band widths and the emergence of multi service protocols for data, voice and video. In addition to meeting the current EIA/TIA 568-A standards these cables are anticipating the future by providing specifications and characterization out to 350Mhz. In the absence of industry standards Remee guarantees enhanced ACR, NEXT and Delay Skew at 100 and 155Mhz. These 4 pair cable constructions are available in plenum and non-plenum constructions. The plenum version of the RemPro-350 product is insulated with 100% Teflon® FEP fluoropolymer resin and the product is part of the Dupont Gold Seal program. The performance envelope has been verified by an independent test laboratory. Remee proudly announces its certification as an ISO 9000 Company. This certification is a milestone in the company's history and heads the list of its many notable achievements. Please contact the factory for additional information: 800-431-3864.


How long are you going to use it? If your lease is short and a move is eminent, cable to serve only your immediate needs.

For long term use, have the vision to accept much higher levels of technology serving your business. Faster speeds and more bandwidth.

Record your asset? A cabling system without effective labeling and records is an expensive loss of capabilities.

Terminal equipment may change several times on the same distribution system if the planning phase carried a priority.

The devil is in the details. Details. Details. Details. They are the difference between value captured or money wasted.

Review your design and reasoning with executive management to ensure that some unannounced plan isn't overlooked.

When selecting cable, select the best materials and manufacturer which is reasonably available. this is not a glamour area, but it is often under appreciated in the value chain.

Deal with reliable distributors who stay on top of market developments and quality issues.

Remember what the first astronaut said, "I keep thinking this Damn thing was built by the lowest bidder."

The distribution system is one of the best barriers to obsolescence that you can buy in today's rapidly changing market. THE CABLE IS FOREVER.


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