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HOTS 06/2001

Issue: June 2001

By: Frank Bisbee


Featured Story


Mohawk/CDT was recently selected to supply cable for a project for a major publishing firm. The cable specified was MegaLAN® Plenum Plus™, a Limited-Combustible CMP-50 plenum cable for high-risk installations. We inquired about the reasons for choosing this cable, which uses Teflon® FEP for both the primary insulation and jacketing . The case in favor of this new UL® listed CMP-50 cable was overwhelming. The factors in favor of this new cable included:

      • Low Smoke
      • Fire Resistant
      • 100% Recyclable
      • No Heavy Metals
      • Virtually No Corrosivity

Mohawk, Belden, and Avaya, have limited combustible CMP-50 data safety cables now. We expect Draka and Berk-Tek to join the group with their own limited combustible CMP-50 listed cables during June, 2001.

Apparently driven by pure commercial interest, the PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) industry groups are fighting this new improved safety cable at every step. The bottom line is that CMP cable made with PVC compounds does not pass the tests for the CMP-50 listing. This new listing does not eliminate the current listing for CMP plenum listed cable.

BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Services International), a telecommunications association, Tampa, Florida, is The Number One Cabling Industry Association in the World. Second place does not even show up on the radar screen. The BICSI winter conference in Orlando, Florida, was the largest conference to date for this organization. The BICSI spring conference in Las Vegas had the biggest attendance of any spring conference in BICSI's history. We heard positive remarks from the attendees on the educational opportunities and the choice of site. We also heard many favorable comments about the BICSI schedule which allowed plenty of interface time between the purveyors and end users. The educational offerings by this organization are growing faster than we can report. Suggest you plunge to the BICSI website for up-to-date information., or call 800-242-7405.

Another high spot at the BICSI Spring Conference in Las Vegas: Draka USA and Molex Premise Networks announced the technology alliance, Draka Molex Cabling Systems

Helix/HiTemp Cables and Chromatic Technologies, subsidiaries of Draka USA (Franklin, MA), together with Molex Premise Networks (Hudson, NH) unveiled their strategic technology alliance, Draka Molex Cabling Systems at BICSI Spring Conference (Las Vegas, NV), May 6-10. This unique system solution offers the most complete and fully warranted fiber and copper end-to-end structured cabling solutions for datacom applications. Check out their new website:

Draka Molex Cabling Systems addresses real network performance as characterized in an installed high-speed environment with a system that has been tested and verified to support a myriad of applications as well as addressing all protocols. Draka Molex Cabling Systems has addressed bandwidth issues that affect voice, data and video intensive technologies for today as well as those of tomorrow. Together the solution meets all links and channel performance and products will be tested and verified to comply with the recognized global standards such as EIA/TIA, ISO IEC 11801, IEEE, ANSI and ATM Forum as well as those of tomorrow.

This high degree of reliability allows Draka Molex Cabling Systems to offer a 25-year Applications Assurance and Extended Product Warranty on all passive connectivity products. One point of contact is provided for all components covered by the warranty.

"Network managers want 100% uptime," states William Dungan, general manager of Helix/HiTemp Cables, Inc. "Traditionally warranty programs have encompassed cabling components tested within the confines of the manufacturer. Our total cabling system encompasses all the cabling products and connectivity hardware verified by a third party independent laboratory for compliance with the latest standards," he adds. "This verification program, which separates our warranty program from others available in the marketplace, includes ongoing testing and provides extensive test data of the components to assure strict compliance to the most up-to-date industry specifications to provide our customers with a reliable system as well as a peace of mind."

"Molex designs components and systems as 'innovative package solutions' to support our customers' overriding need for data integrity," states Lloyd Mariner, president of Molex Premise Networks. "This strong partnership will distinguish our combined capabilities and products to assure long-term data integrity which will exceed our customers' expectations and industry performance standards," he adds.

What happened to the cabling market in the first quarter of 2001? The buyers went on vacation? The distributors decided to reduce inventory? The country was reacting to a weak stock market? Who the heck knows, but the sales numbers plummeted in a rapid decline. The second quarter has seen the bottom and a very slow turn towards improvement. How about third and fourth quarter projections? Several cabling industry insiders and gurus have forecasted continued improvement but still only in the mid to upper single digits.


Merger talks between French telecommunications giant Alcatel SA and Lucent Technologies Inc. were called off over the Memorial Day weekend after intensive negotiations failed to yield an agreement. Murray Hill, N. J. based Lucent, which was spun off from AT&T Corp. in 1996, is among the most widely held stocks in America.

Sources said disagreements over how to share control of the combined company were the main roadblocks preventing what would have been one of the largest takeovers of a U.S. company by a foreign concern.

Since January, financially plagued Lucent has announced plans to reduce its workforce by up to 16,000 jobs as it streamlines operations and sells off some of its factories.

For the past five years a Kerrwil Publication (Mississauga, Ontario) - Structured Cabling magazine, has grown to a very respectable publication. We met with Publisher, Fred Ouimette, to discuss the Structured Cabling Expo, (held April 10-11, 2001) which was hosted by Structured Cabling magazine in Canada. The first conference/expo was a smash hit and the space is nearly full for the next event. Make special note of the article on reduced fire risk in cabling by Rick Foster, RCDD, in the May 2001 issue. Get into their website and find out more about this new and fast developing publication.

National Fire Protection Association education is important. Staying current with the latest fire and life safety requirements, technologies and practices is essential. Because if you're not up-to-date, you're not up-to-code...and that can have devastating consequences. That's why NFPA has always placed such a strong emphasis on training.

As developer and publisher of nearly 300 fire codes and standards, NFPA knows these documents better than anyone. Each Fire Code Seminar features highly interactive sessions and activities that let you apply requirements and see results right away. Plus, Q&A sessions throughout the day let you ask questions related to the specific concerns you face every day.

Choose the city and date below for instruction on the National Electrical Code., Life Safety Code., Automatic Sprinkler Systems Standard, and National Fire Alarm Code.. For more information or to register, visit or call toll-free 1-800-344-3555.

  • June 4-8, Pittsburgh, PA (no NEC) Sorry- Automatic Sprinkler is full
  • June 18-22, Las Vegas, NV (LSC only)
  • June 25-29, Braintree, MA (LSC only)
  • August 6-10, San Francisco, CA (no NEC)
  • August 20-24, McLean, VA (no NEC)
  • September 10-14, New Orleans, LA (no NEC)
  • September 24-28, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (*new 2002 NEC Seminar starts here!)
  • October 1-5, Atlanta, GA (LSC and NEC only)
  • November 26-30, Denver, CO
  • December 10-14, Kissimmee, FL



ITS ETL SEMKO certifies Berk-Tek's Enhanced UTP products to

latest Draft as the CAT 6 standard moves closer to publication.

New Holland, PA-May 5, 2001-Berk-Tek, a Nexans company, announced today that its LANmark™-2000 and LANmark™-1000 series of Enhanced UTP copper and patch cables received independent verification as meeting the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Category 6, Draft 8 standard.

Now approved for industry ballot, this latest Draft is a step closer to the publication of an industry standard for Category 6. ITS ETL SEMKO verified the LANmark-2000 and -1000 UTP products to cover the latest Draft 8 of the TIA/EIA 568-B.2-1 Category 6 and Draft N506 of ISO/IEC 11801 Category 6. Berk-Tek received certificates of conformance from ITS ETL SEMKO for riser, plenum and patch versions of both the Enhanced Category 6 (LANmark-2000) and Category 6 cables (LANmark-1000).

"As a leader in the industry, Berk-Tek feels that it is very important to offer cabling solutions that meet the latest standards being developed," said Eric Lawrence, RCDD, Berk-Tek technical marketing manager. "This gives end-users the maximum value for their investment since the cabling infrastructure will support emerging network technologies."

Don Nicholson, general manager, ITS ETL SEMKO, echoes Lawrence's statement on value. "It's important for end-users to know that the products they are purchasing are industry tested to the latest and greatest draft standards," he said. "They want the best technology out there and are assured that if they buy a verified product, they will have one less worry in their purchasing decision." ITS ETL SEMKO tests and certifies cabling products for performance and product safety to TIA/EIA, NFPA, NEMA, UL, ISO/IEC, IEEE, ASTM, BICSI and ANSI standards.

LANmark-2000 is Berk-Tek's highest performing Enhanced Category 6 cable available and is designed to handle voice, video, and data simultaneously.

The product's electrical performance ensures that transmitted signals will be less susceptible to outside interference, resulting in a better performing network. LANmark-1000 is characterized using power sum crosstalk. Its electrical performance parameters address the needs of full duplex operation over four pairs. LANmark-1000 is capable of handling the next wave of network applications that will utilize full duplex operation and /or simultaneous bi-directional transmission.

ITS ETL SEMKO is a division of Intertek Testing Services Ltd., the world's largest product and commodities testing organization, which operates in 240 laboratories and 469 offices in 93 countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia. ITS ETL SEMKO provides products safety testing and certification, EMC testing, performance testing and quality management systems registration for global clients in such industries as medical, HVAC, appliances, telecommunications, semiconductor, building products, aerospace, automotive and power generating systems. For more information about ITS ETL SEMKO services, call 1-800-967-5352 or visit

For more than 40 years, Berk-Tek, a Nexans company, has been a leading manufacturer of more than 100 different network copper and fiber-optic cable products. The company has led in the development of high-performance and enhanced UTP cables designed to transport high-speed data and voice transmissions. Berk-Tek has major manufacturing facilities are located at New Holland, PA, Fuquay-Varina, NC and Elm City, NC.

Formed from Alcatel Cables and Components, Nexans ranks among the top three players in the cable industry worldwide. Nexans product portfolio includes an extensive range of telecom and power cables, systems and related accessories, as well as electrical wires. Nexans solutions can be found in every area of people's lives, from telecommunications and energy networks, aeronautics, aerospace, automobile, building, petrochemical and medical applications. Operating in 20 countries, Nexans employs 18,500 people and has estimated sales in 2000, of $ 4 billion.

For more information on the latest ETL SEMKO verification of Berk-Tek's LANmark-2000 and -1000 UTP products, contact Berk-Tek at 800-237-5835 or fax 717-354-7944. Or visit the company's Web site at

Graybar (St. Louis, MO) announced April 12 the availability of the Rapier™ Layer 3 switch, the most advanced Layer 3 switch on the market. The Rapier fixed-port layer 3 switch exploits Allied Telesyn's proven software expertise to deliver a non-blocking, wire-speed IP switching solution, with optional Gigabit uplinks and direct WAN connections, at a compelling price point. Rapier switches are designed to provide a cost-effective switching platform for desktop and workgroup connectivity and to serve as aggregators from Layer 2 switches and server farms.

"This Layer 3 switch will change the way networks will be deployed and eliminate the 'bottleneck' that today's traditional routers put on networks," said Al Eddings, Vice President Comm/Data Marketing, Graybar. Graybar's Sales Representatives and Network System Specialists (NSS's) have been trained on how to deploy this layer 3 switch to take competitive advantage of your network investments. Graybar customers interested in Layer 3 switches can contact Graybar for product and ordering information at: 1-800-GRAYBAR. Please see Graybar's web site for more info at

A-H Consulting, Inc is pleased to announce the merger of A-H Consulting, Inc. and Bob Taylor & Associates. A-H Consulting, Inc. is a GoldMine FrontOffice Conceptual Implementation VAR located in Illinois and serving clients worldwide. Bob Taylor & Associates is a fast-growing consultancy that specializes exclusively in applying GoldMine, and related 3rd party software, to meet the needs of small to medium-sized companies and institutions. We feel that this will be the perfect fit, permitting us to provide the "right" products, services and information to our clients and friends. The first step in providing that information is the publication of a newsletter. This newsletter will begin as quarterly but we hope to soon make it a monthly happening. To see the first issue of this newsletter, and to subscribe (it's FREE), please visit and follow the directions there. If you subscribe, you will be sent a link to each edition of the newsletter as it becomes available. IF YOU DO NOT CARE TO PARTICIPATE, there is nothing you have to do. Unless you subscribe, your name will automatically be purged from future mailings.


Another Milestone Reached by NORDX/CDT

Montreal, Canada -May 2001 - NORDX/CDT Inc. (NYSE: CDT), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cable Design Technologies (CDT) Corporation, is extremely proud to announce the achievement of another significant Certification milestone. On April 17, 2001, NORDX/CDT recorded the 3 Millionth IBDN Certified Run!

Three Million Runs represents over 19,000 Certified sites and more than 180,000 km or 112,000 miles of cable spread throughout the world. To look at it in terms of a single installation, it means cabling a 15,000-story building 67,500 meters or 220,000 feet high!

This industry-first milestone confirms loud and clear the superiority of NORDX/CDT's Certification program. To qualify for this certification program, the products in the system must meet strict IBDN guidelines, be integrated into a complete end-to-end structured cabling system and installed by a fully trained NORDX/CDT authorized installer. Once the installation is Certified, this IBDN system carries a 25-year product warranty and a lifetime application assurance guarantee.

Over the past two years there has been an increase in the Certification enhanced cabling systems, including IBDN Gigabit 1200, 2400, 4800LX and Fiber Systems. NORDX/CDT's Certification projection for the last calendar year was exceeded, with more than 5,000 Certified sites and 585,000 Certified Runs, representing an increase of more than 30% as compared to the previous year. This milestone was achievable only through the hard work and support of NORDX/CDT's one thousand loyal partners, namely the Certified System Vendors (CSVs), Distributors and Consultants.

In 2001, NORDX/CDT is projecting to certify over 5,500 sites, with a good portion being enhanced copper and fiber cabling systems - and looking forward to meeting the next milestone, being 25,000 Certified sites and/or 4 Million Runs! A major step compared to 160 certified sites and 34,000 certified runs when NORDX/CDT's industry-first Certification Program started in 1993.

With over 100 years of experience, NORDX/CDT is a leading manufacturer of structured cabling solutions. Its product line consists of complete data and voice wiring solutions, telecommunications distribution cables, optical fiber solutions and other components used to build high-performance telecommunications infrastructures. NORDX/CDT operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of CDT.

Cable Design Technologies is a leading designer and manufacturer of high bandwidth network products, fiber optic cable, interconnecting hardware, and communications cable products used in wireless, central office and local loop applications. CDT also manufactures electronic data and signal transmission products that are used in automation and process control applications. For more information on NORDX/CDT, visit the company's web site at

Draka Holding companies cluster their

global telecommunication activities:

Draka Comteq, the new MARKETING label for five Draka companies

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 21 May 2001…Today five of the Draka Holding companies announced a new strategic alliance, "Draka Comteq," to combine capabilities including the manufacturer of raw fiber through finished cables for the worldwide telephony market. The five companies include Draka Fibre Technology in the Netherlands, NKF Kabel in the Netherlands, Draka Denmark Optical Cable in Denmark, Draka Telekom in Germany and NK Cables Ltd. in Finland. This alliance will combine focused research, development, sales, marketing and manufacturing to provide a total solution for worldwide long haul service providers encompassing fiber and copper telecommunications cables.

Mr. Goof de Wit, Chairman of the Telecommunications Steering Group. states, "Draka Comteq delivers products and solutions that enable customers to grow in their core business, always adjusting to the circumstances and needs of each customer's unique requirements. As part of the international Draka Holding N.V., Draka Comteq has a solid base for further growth in the market for telecommunication cables and systems."

Each organization remains responsible for its own activities and there will be no change in the legal entities. However, Draka Comteq includes a strong co-ordination between the companies to offer a greater strength when the expertise is offered collectively. Mr. Goof de Wit adds, "We are determined to become partners to the 'customers of the future'. These customers will act globally and demand high standards in terms of production capacity and know-how."

Fiber and Copper System Solutions

The primary focus of Draka Comteq includes the development, production and sale of fiber optic communication cables and systems. Within this field, Draka Comteq offers a wide range of products and services from the development and production of optical fibers, fiber optic cable, copper cable, Antenna Line Products (RF-cable) and modules for CCTV and CATV to installation and maintenance of these cabling systems. The combined product portfolio and global presence enables Draka Comteq to respond immediately to customer's needs and demands. Draka Comteq aims for technological leadership by introducing innovative products and solutions in close co-operation with its customers.

About Draka Holding

Draka Holding N.V., based in Amsterdam, is the holding company of a number of companies, which are engaged worldwide in the development, production and sale of cable and cable systems. Draka focuses on telecommunication cable and systems and low voltage and special purpose cable. Draka has 60 operating companies in 25 countries in Europe, America and Asia. The company has a strong organizational structure with excellent inter-communication and support between all companies. The operating companies enjoy a large measure of independence and are accountable for their own profit. Draka worldwide employs some 8,100 people. In 2000 sales totaled € 1.7 billion. In the U.S., Draka Holding N.V. is the parent company to Draka USA which includes Helix/HiTemp Cables, Inc., and Chromatic Technologies, Inc., leading manufacturers of copper and fiber optic cable configurations including coax, UTP, STP in plenum or non-plenum, and multi-fiber breakout or loose tube, single or multi-mode for backbone and horizontal voice, data and video applications. Draka Holding shares and convertible bonds are listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

ACTA Holds First Meeting

The Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments (ACTA) has held its first meeting and elected Dr. James Salinas of SBC Communications for a two-year term as chair. Sponsored by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), ACTA is a newly-formed industry council established to set and administer Part 68 certification requirements.

ITS Verifies Performance of Communications Cabling

Offered By, (Camarillo, CA ) a factory direct online supplier of top quality brand products for the worldwide premise wiring industry, recently received independent verification that two of the communications cabling brands it stocks and distributes meet and exceed Cat 5e performance standards.

"In March, 2001, Wolverine Cable Products and Sencat Network Products were independently tested by ITS (Intertek Testing Services) to verify and certify performance as defined in TSB-67 to the requirements of TIA/EIA 568A-5 for Category 5e Cabling Systems," said Michael Chambon, V.P. Sales & Marketing for "Wolverine Cat 5e cable and Sencat Cat 5e patch panels and modular inserts were tested in a four connector channel configuration. On March 9, 2001, ITS verified in a report that testing verifies performance exceeding Cat 5e standards…providing our customers with the headroom needed to ensure a smooth installation and certification testing. Test result are available online at

Pennsylvania Invests $1m in Physical Networks

In early May, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge traveled to France to announce a global investment of US $1m in Physical Networks (Paris, France). The investment will consist of an Opportunity Grant, job creation tax credit, customized job training grant, and an investment from the Pennsylvania Technology Investment Authority, the state-funded venture capital firm.

System Promises Video over Cat 5 With the introduction of its Lynx Broadband System, BH Electronics, promises delivery of up to 134 channels of video programming over Category 5 cabling. In announcing the system, BH Electronics said it "simultaneously distributes multiple channels from multiple video inputs, including cable TV, satellite, off-air, DVD, VCR, and original programming. Users can implement the system where a Category 5 infrastructure is in place by adding a distribution hub to the headend and adding single-port converters at the TV ends. A web site devoted to the system is at

What's a SLICK Nut?

ERICO (Solon, Ohio) introduces complete line of ERISTRUT channel framing offers fast delivery and a complete line of clamps and hangers for every application, including half slot, full slot, punched, back-to-back and knockout. ERICO provides fast delivery to get ERISTRUT to the job site when it's needed. ERISTRUT is available in several finishes, including green powder coated, pre-galvanized, hot dip galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum and plain.

To complement the ERISTRUT line, ERICO offers a comprehensive selection of clamps, hangers and fittings to support practically anything from strut.

  • SLICKnut, replaces difficult to handle spring nuts and the new CADDY SLICKnut is so easy to use, it can reduce installation time by up to 70%.

  • The SCH one-piece strut clamp supports MC/AC and EMT conduits.

  • The CADDY SKR series strut clamp supports EMT, heavy-duty rigid and copper pipe to strut. The retained bolt and built-in nut minimize dropped parts - increasing efficiency.

  • The STCB6 is a dual-purpose strut to beam clamp that permits the strut channel opening positioning in any direction.

  • PIPE PIER from ERICO supports pipe, conduit and equipment to roof or floor surfaces. Consisting of a block of UV-rated closed-cell polyethylene foam with a piece of ERISTRUT inserted in the center, it replaces the use of wood blocks -- reducing installation time by eliminating on-site cutting.

  • ERICO's Fastening Business Group serves the electrical and mechanical industries with well-known products. For product brand names such as CADDY® Fasteners, M-CO and ERISTRUT. For more information on ERISTRUT, call ERICO at 1-800-252-2339.

Incorporated in 1903 as the Electric Railway Improvement Company, today ERICO is a diversified global manufacturer. ERICO has three business groups: Fixing and Fastening Business Group with Electrical and Mechanical divisions; Facility Electrical Protection Business Group with Grounding and Lightning/Surge divisions; and the Industries Business Group containing Concrete Reinforcement Products, Industrial Products, Panelboard Products and Rail Electrical Products divisions. Well-known product brand names include CADDY® Fasteners, CADWELD® welded electrical connections, CRITEC® surge protection devices, ERITECH® lightning protection and grounding, LENTON® mechanical rebar splices and FLEXIBAR® conductor products. With headquarters in Solon, Ohio, ERICO has offices in 25 countries worldwide and employs approximately 1,650 people. Visit ERICO online at

Tyco Retains TVC Enterprise Networks in Canada

Tyco Electronics Canada has appointed TVC Enterprise Networks Canada, a division of TVC Canada, as a Canadian Enterprise Distributor of Tyco's AMP NETCONNECT structured cabling product line. TVC Enterprise Networks specializes in building, upgrading, and maintaining enterprise data networks, including copper and fiber-optic cabling systems, test equipment, and LAN and WAN networking and construction products.

HomeRF 2.0 Debuts at CONNECTIONS 2001

CONNECTIONS 2001, the International Home Networking & Gateways Showcase, was held last week at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA. Co-sponsored by the Continental Automated Building Association (CABA) and market researcher Parks Associates, CONNECTIONS 2001 was highlighted by the debut of HomeRF 2.0, the first public demonstration of wide-band, frequency-hopping technology that performs at up to 10 Mbits/sec. This second-generation specification for wireless home networking supports more phone lines, improved streaming media, and campus roaming, while combining voice, data, and multimedia. For more information on the HomeRF organization and its new specification, isit its web site at

Business Communication Services, (Jackson, CA) May, 2001

The Cabling Standards UPDATE continues as the only quarterly report that covers the latest changes to the cabling industry's standards for performance and specifications - as they happen. It covers copper and fiber physical layer standards' being developed today within the U.S. Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and internationally in Europe, Japan, and Australia. To help the installer, there are added tutorials and interviews. It also reports on related activities within IEEE 802, NEMA, ICEA, SCTE, ETL, UL, the NEC®, and more. Because of its popularity and value, it is now published in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

"The new service we have is for current subscribers only and allows them secure access to the website where people can read the decisions made at the very latest TIA committee meetings," says Marilyn Michelson, Publisher of the UPDATE. This is a 'pre-publication brief' that is later fully covered in the next Cabling Standards UPDATE. Marilyn said that "subscribers should know what just happened and this is their way to find that out... unbiased and with no spin." All that is needed for access is to be a current subscriber, have your name and email address on file with the publisher, and to have completed the on-line registration on the website. Now the Cabling Standards UPDATE gives you three ways to stay current in the cabling industry-(1) the quarterly UPDATE subscription, supplemented with (2) additional information residing on their website "supplemental" section, and by (3) offering subscribers secure access to read the latest decisions made only two weeks earlier at a TR 42 group meeting.

More news...

The Cabling Standards UPDATE has also partnered with Microtest, Inc. to give expanded help to the user/contractor. Now people can review educational articles from the UPDATE that are posted on the website. Ms. Michelson said this website "is the ultimate source for testing information and it gives the user or installer a better understanding of they can and should expect from their LAN installation."

Help is now on the way...get access to the latest standards, stay current with testing information, and continue learning by following the UPDATE's new section titled "For the Installer."

For further information on the Cabling Standards UPDATE (domestic or international), or for secure access to their website, contact Business Communication Services at 800-492-8422 or visit Also see for access to the latest tips and testing advice.

More than 100 Europeans now hold the Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) designation from BICSI.

Krone Reorganization

Preston Speers, President of Krone resigned as of May 4, 2001. Mr. Speers has accepted a position at Optical Datacom as President and COO. Ron Lowy, COO of Krone, will replace Speers as the acting President until a replacement is named.

The Light Brigade Featured at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference

The Light Brigade was selected by the Optical Society of America to provide specialized training at the recent Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) conference and exhibition in Anaheim. The Light Brigade was selected because of their extensive experience in developing hands-on training courses and their reputation for providing high quality "vendor non-specific" training.

OFC is the premier fiber optic industry conference and exhibition. Over 37,000 people from all over the world attended. The Light Brigade developed and delivered 3 unique training programs at the exhibition:

  • Fiber Optic Splicing Hands-on Sessions: Attendees learned how to strip, cleave and splice a variety of common fiber types. Splice performance was monitored and tested using OTDRs. The 6 sessions had full capacity attendance.

  • Fiber Optic Cleaning Station: This interactive-live demonstration- revealed how improper fiber handling can result in dirty connectors and how this severely impacts a fiber optic network. This training took place on the exhibition floor continuously through out the show.

  • Training Video Theater: The Light Brigade writes and produces fiber optic training videos and CD-ROMs. Hundreds of OFC attendees stopped at the video theater on the exhibition floor to view this year's featured videos: Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing, Introduction to Fiber Optics, Fiber Optic Applications, History of Fiber Optics and How to Clean a Fiber Optic Connector.

Other notable activities completed at OFC included an in depth filmed interview with Dr. David Payne, the pioneer of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing, and film shooting of new products and technologies for future Light Brigade training videos and CD-ROMs.

The Light Brigade is the largest and most experienced fiber optic training organization in the world. The company provides instructor led fiber optic training throughout the United States and custom courses at customer sites worldwide. In addition, they develop fiber optic training videotapes and CD-ROMs as well as distribute and manufacture fiber optic cable assemblies, products and supplies. More detailed information can be found at

As promised, PennWell Publishing was very well represented at BICSI's Spring Conference in Las Vegas. The team from Cabling Installation and Maintenance Magazine and Lightwave Magazine were very busy capturing the news and learning more about their advertisers products and services. PennWell is definitely in tune with the communications cabling industry. They have invested the time and money to serve this important business sector more effectively than any other publishing organization. Advertisers take note that the readership of the magazines, E-zines, and the Web services of PennWell Publishing are now the dominant media voice for infrastructure technology. If you add all of their coverage and readership in all of their facets, they are the largest publisher for cabling. Second place is a long way down the scale.

Points of interest for the May issue of Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine are; AskDONNA column, and The Standards section article by Greg Neimiera, RCDD (Mohawk/CDT) on New plenum-cable construction raises bar on fire safety.


On the Internet scene the two E-zine publications by PennWell continue to build a considerable audience and provide a very valuable news service. The following section of this column will provide the reader with some excellent examples of these PennWell "productions".

From PennWell's Pinnacle Point of View

Bandwidth glut denied, global fiber optic demand will remain strong, reports Insight Research "Doom and gloom may pervade North American carrier-supplier discourse, but we are just not buying it," says Insight president Robert Rosenberg. "The sheer number of people in Europe and Asia living in urban environments where there is, as yet, no local fiber networks will drive fiber optic growth for years."

For the full story, go to:



U.S market for DWDM subsystems to grow to $3.67 billion in 2005, reports CIR. According to a new report by Communications Industry Researchers, Inc., (CIR) an optical industry market research firm based in Charlottesville, Virginia, the slowing of the economy will require that Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) components manufacturers recast their strategies to reflect the cost saving aspects of their products rather than invent new bandwidth boosting technologies.

For the full story, go to:



CityNet signs agreement with city of Vienna, Austria for last-mile fiber optic deployment CityNet Telecommunications Inc., a provider of last-mile broadband infrastructure, announced it has signed a landmark license and access agreement with the City of Vienna, Austria, permitting the company to use Vienna's sewer system to build last-mile fiber optic networks.

For the full story, go to:



Global Crossing Ltd., which is building and offering services over a global IP-based fiber optic network, announced it will deploy Cisco's new 12410 and 12416 Internet routers on its IP backbone to provide critical OC-192 speeds. Global Crossing claims it will be the first carrier to deploy OC-192 service across its entire global IP backbone.

For the full story, go to:



LuxN, Inc. and Time Warner Telecom Inc. (Nasdaq:TWTC) announced a multi-year contract for Time Warner Telecom to purchase LuxN's WavSystem optical dense wave division-multiplexing (DWDM) equipment. Telecom has already begun deployment of LuxN equipment in New York City and Columbus, Ohio.

For the full story, go to:



PennWell's LIGHTWAVE MAGAZINE electronic newsletter is delivered to your desktop weekly at no charge to subscribers. PennWell invites you to forward this newsletter to colleagues and associates who might be interested in its weekly news content.


If you do not subscribe to this newsletter and would like to receive it, please click this link:

Lightwave subscribers may access complete current and archived stories with the online search engine at

LIGHTWAVE MAGAZINE...keeping you ahead of the wave.

Nortel Networks (NYSE/TSE: NT), a provider of optical networking, and EMC Corporation, a provider of information storage, announced they have formed an alliance to offer optically-networked storage solutions designed to extend the benefits of mission critical storage networking over campus, metro and wide area systems.

For the full story, go to:



Corning Incorporated introduced a new undersea optical fiber optimized for unrepeatered (short-haul) submarine networks. Corning's fiber demonstrates 30 percent greater information-carrying capacity than standard single-mode fiber.

For the full story, go to:



Fluke Expands Web-Based Program

Fluke Networks has expanded its Web-based consultant-partnership program.



Cable Catalog on CD ROM

The Draka companies, Helix/HiTemp Cables Inc., and Chromatic Technologies, now offer a CD ROM catalog containing information on their lines of copper and fiber-optic cables.



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