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HOTS 06/2000

Issue: June 2000

By: Frank Bisbee


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A cabling industry strategy meeting was held May 10, 2000 in Fort Worth, Texas. A cross-section of the cabling industry was well represented by: ACP (Association of Cabling Professionals), BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Services International), CBI / CBM (Cabling Business Institute/Cabling Business Magazine), CI&M (Cable Installation & Maintenance Magazine), and a host of contractors, and distributors (i.e. the Texas cabling consortium). Jay Warmke, Executive Director of BICSI, made an excellent presentation which clarified BICSI's position on universal education and certification. BICSI's position is education is universal and no one organization has a sole source claim to certified training. BICSI is discouraging the use of the RCDD in public sector bids as a sole source item. The state governments are gradually adopting licensing programs on a state-by-state basis. BICSI hopes the RCDD will be one of the accepted training programs. Also acknowledged was the ACP training, the CBI training, and training through a host of independent schools like Light Brigade and FOTEC.

The Mohawk/CDT and BICSI conference was held in Ft. Worth, Texas - May 7-11. The Mohawkers raised the roof with an extravaganza of entertainment featuring a private performance by Colin Raye - a famous country music star. Along with CAT 5e and CAT 6+ racing machines, Mohawk/CDT featured a number of informative sessions on their impressive family of cabling products. The sessions also highlighted Mohawk's impressive partnerships with Leviton and Corning.

DuPont reminded the cabling industry about the importance of fire safety as they celebrated the 40th Birthday of Teflon® FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene). This amazing fluoropolymer insulating and jacketing material has enhanced the speed of our network transmissions while giving us safer homes and workplaces. Hats off to Mr. Whitey Bro, the DuPont developer and holder of this patent.

We have closely followed the growing concerns over fuel load and fire safety of plenum communications cables. Recent fire testing and research findings have been alarming. The Fire Protection Research Foundation has announced it will host a 3-day Symposium from June 28-30 at the Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey to present vital information on this issue. Over 20 speakers will discuss the latest in fire testing; wire and cable fire research; smoke and toxicity of combustion gases; and fire and hazard risk in design codes. Information on the Symposium can be found in the "events" section in the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) website: The Symposium is an important event and learning experience for cabling and facilities designers, end users and building owners interested in the best available fire safety technology.

Wavetek Wandel Goltermann (WWG - Research Triangle Park, NC), a leading designer and manufacturer of communications test equipment and systems, has announced the availability of the LT Series Graphical Analyzer software (LTGA) and a time domain reflectometer (TDR) capability for the LT 8155 and LT 8600. LTGA is designed to complement the high-end capabilities of the LT 8000 Series of LAN testers and give the user direct access and control over the tester's Autotest functions from within a Windows-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) that runs on a PC or laptop computer.

Storing large amounts of test data directly into a readily usable database is a definite benefit to the installer, said Sal Ahmad, Product Manager at WWG LAN Division. Putting more graphical information in the hands of installers will improve their ability to diagnose and resolve many cabling problems immediately during the testing process. In addition, customers will appreciate the ability to retrieve, report, professionally format, and electronically deliver detailed test data.

LTGA allows installers to view test results in a more intuitive graphic format, said Ahmad. It enhances problem diagnosis and troubleshooting by enabling the operator to instantly visualize the amount of margin available instead of having to interpret less intuitive tabular data. With LTGA, extensive cable link lists are created on the PC prior to acceptance testing, allowing all test information and pass/fail results to be logged directly into a pre-formatted database and reporting structure. A tabular and/or graphical test is generated for certification reports. PC-based test information can be transferred directly to an electronic format for a base line test record to use in verification and for maintenance purposes. Historic PC-based data can then be used for quick comparisons against future tests to gauge the impact of network degradation or damage over time.

WWG's advanced TDR function is available in the LT 8155 and LT8600. It is designed to provide the operator with an easy to use in-depth analysis capability. The TDR helps find and resolve post-certification problems, determine length of the cable runs and identify embedded connectors in the horizontal cables. The TDR provides a continuous monitoring of the link conditions, enabling immediate real time analysis of the impacts of any changes, such as disconnecting the connectors. The user interface of the TDR also provides a real time graphical display of impedance verses distance for the selected pair of wire. In addition, the TDR has the ability to zoom-in to any location on the graphic analysis allowing installers easy navigation of test results.

The TDR capability is available either with new equipment orders or as a factory-installable add-on for previously purchased LT 8155 or LT 8600 units.

CommScope, Inc. (Hickory, NC), a manufacturer of broadband coaxial cable and is a supplier of high-performance fiber optic and twisted pair cables for LAN, wireless and other communications applications, held its annual stockholders meeting recently.

CommScope Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Frank M. Drendel told stockholders that 1999 was another exciting year for both CommScope and the telecommunications industry. "This past year," Drendel noted, "we strengthened our leadership position as a key enabler of cable technology for 'Last Mile' broadband applications-for both wired and wireless networks." Drendel told stockholders that he thinks CommScope is strategically positioned for ongoing growth. "With strengthening customer demand and an expanding portfolio of bandwidth-related cable products, we believe we can grow sales by more than 20% during calendar year 2000.

"We're excited about our outlook because we think the telecommunications industry is just beginning to unlock the potential of broadband Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) networks," Drendel noted. In other business, stockholders: (a) re-elected as directors Frank M. Drendel (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CommScope) and Duncan M. ("Lauch") Faircloth (Former U.S. Senator and private investor); (b) approved an amendment to the Amended and Restated CommScope, Inc. 1997 Long-Term Incentive Plan; and (c) ratified the appointment of independent auditors for 2000.

Tyco International Ltd. (Hamilton, Bermuda) a diversified manufacturing and service company, has announced today that it has agreed to acquire the Electronic OEM Business of Thomas & Betts for $750 million in cash. This agreement is subject to regulatory approval.

The Electronic OEM Business of Thomas & Betts manufactures electronic connectors for the telecommunications, computer and automotive industries. During 1999, this business unit had revenues of $687 million. "This business is an excellent fit with Tyco Electronics," according to L. Dennis Kozlowski, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tyco International. "It will increase the breadth of Tyco's product line. The high quality brand name products that will be acquired are extremely complementary to those of Tyco Electronics and will allow us to leverage our existing customer relationships and product offerings. Tyco Electronics will also gain access to state-of-the-art products, including the Metallized Particle Interconnect System, a patented high performance connector," Mr. Kozlowski continued. "This acquisition offers significant cost saving opportunities through manufacturing synergies, rationalization of R&D and efficiencies through combined product marketing, distribution and purchasing," Mr. Kozlowski stated. Mr. Kozlowski also noted that the addition of this business would provide an immediate positive contribution to Tyco's earnings. "Our previous acquisitions in Tyco Electronics have achieved strong top line growth and exceeded cost reduction targets. We expect that the acquisition of the Electronic OEM Business of Thomas & Betts will also provide positive benefits to Tyco shareholders," said Mr. Kozlowski.

In a move to become one of the first companies to aggressively pursue residential consumers with a choice in communications services, U.S. Dial Tone L.P. (San Antonio, TX) is poised to begin a $14.5 million marketing blitz over the next six months, to present a new provisioning method aimed to give consumers complete control of their phone bills.

U.S. Dial Tone has secured operating authority in five states and has authorizations pending with 22 others. By early summer, they will launch service in Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, Texas; Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. Service is expected to be strategically rolled out in the remaining 22 states by year's end.

"Consumers are tired of being powerless when it comes to their local phone service, and we plan to change that," said Robert Mahler, President and Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Dial Tone. "The extensive nature of the marketing launch and the number of states we are pursuing shows that we are committed to establishing a distinctive marketplace identity."

With U.S. Dial Tone, consumers can pick and choose optional features like call waiting and call forwarding, turning them on and off at any time during the day or night. Customers will know exactly how much they will pay each month before placing any calls, monitor the amount of long distance used each month and finally have total control over their monthly communications budgets.

U.S. Dial Tone retained M/C/C (Dallas, TX), the leading technology-focused marketing communications agency in the Southwest, as its agency of record last month. M/C/C, based in Dallas, will provide U.S. Dial Tone an integrated approach to branding, public relations, creative execution and media services to boost its presence in the national telecommunications marketplace.

"U.S. Dial Tone was looking for an agency that knows how to create successful marketing strategies for leaders in the telecommunications industry," said Mike Crawford, president of M/C/C. "They don't have to teach us about telecommunications because we've been immersed in it for more than a decade."

The world's leading network cabling and component manufacturers have teamed up with Anixter (Skokie, IL) to announce a new industry specification that quite literally redefines network performance. This new technical specification, called Anixter Levels XP™, is one of the most reliable performance measurements of network cabling and components to date.

As faster networking access methods, such as Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet, become a reality, the effect a cabling system can have on network performance is becoming more and more apparent. Lower performing cabling systems can hinder transmission of data, contributing to lost productivity, referred to by Anixter as "Slowtime"SM.

Anixter, in cooperation with Belden Wire and Cable, Panduit, The Siemon Company, CommScope, Berk-Tek, Ortonics, KRONE and Lucent Technologies, is testing network cabling systems with active data signals to determine how the cabling system interacts with network electronics. Depending on their performance, cabling systems receive either the new Level XP 6 or Level XP 7 rating.

This active testing is revolutionary. Until now, all cabling systems were tested with passive electrical signals which could not give a true indication of how the cabling system would work when active data signals were transmitted.

The Levels XP specification is the result of many months of intense research carried out at Anixter's Levels Lab™ (Mt. Prospect, IL). A leading provider of communications equipment and cabling products, Anixter developed the new performance specifications in response to dramatic findings that revealed a strong correlation between corrupted data and mismatched components.

The Levels Lab revealed that data is most often corrupted at transition points where a patch cord plugs into information outlets or panels, or where horizontal cable is terminated. Under the new XP specifications, cable and components are carefully engineered and matched to perform at levels which greatly exceed previously existing industry standards, resulting in significantly fewer data errors. Pete Lockhart, Anixter's Vice President of Technology and Product Design, explains that XP creates a universal standard that, for the first time, measures the quality of data as it travels through a network system.

"Existing industry specifications can be compared to manufacturing standards for automobile tires," Lockhart stated. "Although the brands meet the same manufacturing requirements, you wouldn't mix Firestone with Goodyear. They would be mismatched and would ultimately damage your vehicle. Similarly, mismatched network components may comply with minimally prescribed industry standards, but were never designed to function together."

Prior to the development of Levels XP, the source of network problems often went undetected due to the perception that existing cabling performance standards adequately addressed network performance issues. "Network industry standards reflect minimum requirements, and therefore insure only minimal performance," Lockhart said.

CommScope, Inc. (Hickory, NC), a leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance fiber optic cables, announces that all of its multimode fiber products are now manufacturer- certified to have laser optimized cores (LOC). This laser certification is critical for high-speed applications such as Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet that require laser or vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) transmitting devices.

Non-LOC fibers may contain refractive index variations in the core of the fiber, which can promote transmission errors when used in conjunction with lasers. The glass manufacturing process can cause such variations, resulting in differential mode delays in which the original light signal is altered to the point that it is unrecognizable by the receiver. The resulting bit error problem can occur because lasers and VCSELs have a very small illumination or spot size that launches all the light in the very center of the core where the defect may exist. This type of problem does not occur when using light emitting diode (LED) transmitters because the entire core of the fiber, not just the center, is overfilled with light.

"Laser certification is critical for next generation applications because LEDs are not used for speeds above 622 megabits per second," said Teresa Munsey, CommScope's LAN Fiber Optic Product Manager. "We have extended our LOC designation to all our standard multimode fibers including our 50-micron and 62.5-micron products. This should permit error-free operation at both the 850 nanometer (nm) wavelength and the 1300 nm wavelength when running multigigabit laser driven applications. It will also allow users to avoid having to use offset patch cords to compensate for center line defects in the fiber core."

Cypress Communications (Atlanta, GA) has announced that it has completed the acquisition of SiteConnect (Seattle, WA), a provider of broadband communications services. Cypress Communications had previously owned 18 percent of SiteConnect and recently exercised its option to acquire the remaining 82 percent of the company.

SiteConnect has license agreements to provide communications services to approximately four million square feet of office space in 11 multi-tenant buildings in the Seattle metropolitan area. The company has 14 employees, who are all being retained as employees of Cypress Communications.

"This acquisition is a strategically important event for Cypress Communications," said R. Stanley Allen, co-founder and chief executive officer of Cypress Communications. "SiteConnect's license agreements, customer base, and existing operations give us a vibrant base from which to build in Seattle. Most importantly, we get an outstanding group of dedicated, experienced employees who will play important roles for us as we move forward in Seattle and nationally."

Allen added that the merger was an excellent fit for the company since SiteConnect provided services similar to those offered by Cypress Communications, including high-speed dedicated Internet access, domain name hosting, e-mail hosting, firewall and other data-related services.

Cypress Communications will add its full suite of services to those offered by SiteConnect to provide customers in Seattle a comprehensive bundle of communications products. Commenting on the acquisition, Matthew Sutton, president of SiteConnect said, "We were approached by a number of Building Centric providers about acquiring SiteConnect. It is apparent to me and my shareholders that the only company with a compelling business plan and the ability to execute this plan is Cypress Communications. We know that our existing customers will respond to the complete package of services and that we can present a persuasive case to new customers with the Cypress Communications approach. Finally, we felt very comfortable with Cypress Communications' management team."

This transaction represents the second acquisition for Cypress Communications, which acquired the assets of MTS Communications, Inc.(Los Angeles, CA), a broadband communications provider in December of 1998.

PC EXPO (New York, NY), the IT Event for Business, announced today that Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive officer at, will deliver a keynote address on Wednesday, June 28, at 10:30 a.m. Bezos will profile the powerful personalization technologies that are fueling the e-commerce revolution.

" was an early e-commerce leader and innovator - and is still forging new ground in the personalization arena," said Christina Condos, show director, PC EXPO. " We are thrilled to have Mr. Bezos sharing's experiences with PC EXPO's professional community."

More than 85,000 corporate computing decision-makers will attend the 18th annual PC EXPO in New York, June 27-29, 2000 (conference workshops begin on June 26). The event will be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Bezos will address the complex balance between privacy and personalization that has made one of the most successful and trustworthy e-commerce Web sites. Beginning in 1995, has pioneered the widespread use of personalization technologies, and has been able to offer customized content to its millions of users.

"'s over-arching mission is to become earth's most customer-centric company, and that means three things," said Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of "Number one, listen to customers. Number two, invent on behalf of customers, because it is not their job to invent for themselves. And number three, personalize; if we have 20 million customers, we should have 20 million stores."

Jeff Bezos is founder and CEO of Previously, he worked at D.E. Shaw & Co. and Bankers Trust Company. Bezos received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Summa Cum Laude, from Princeton University.

PC EXPO also features additional keynote programs on the issues that are redefining business computing. On Tuesday, June 27, PC EXPO will offer a both a keynote address and panel on "Pervasive Computing: Your Web Enabled, Wireless Future," The opening keynote address by Jeff Bezos on Wednesday, June 28, will be followed by the keynote panel, "There's an ASP in Your Future."

More than 500 of the world's leading IT companies will showcase the latest and most innovative IT business computing solutions. PC EXPO will feature a four-day conference program, dedicated pavilions, keynote presentations and special events.

CMP Media Inc. is the leading high-tech media company providing essential information and marketing services to the entire technology spectrum-the builders, sellers and users of technology worldwide. With its portfolio of newspapers, magazines, custom publishing, Internet products, research, consulting and conferences, CMP is uniquely positioned to offer marketers comprehensive, integrated solutions tailored to meet their individual needs.

Microtest, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ) has introduced a 1550nm laser source, a new member of the SimpliFiberä family of fiber optic test tools. The affordable SimpliFiber kit quickly and accurately measures the optical loss of single-mode and multimode fiber optic cables and components. Users save measurement results to memory and retrieve, review and report results using the companion Scanlinkä Tools PC software.

Fiber cable is used in long haul interexchange applications, access networks and increasingly in premise networks. More than 20% of all cabling installed in LANs is fiber optic, primarily in the backbone. This percentage is expected to continue to increase especially with the use of Gigabit Ethernet backbones. About two thirds of LAN fiber cable is multimode and the remainder single-mode. Every sizeable premise networking project includes fiber and with an annual growth rate of approximately 25%. Contractors need new tools to test and verify fiber cable installations.

SimpliFiber provides the contractor with an easy-to-use, versatile testerfor multimode and single-mode LAN and campus cabling. The SimpliFiber product family includes a power meter for measuring optical loss at all fiber transmission wavelengths, an 850/1300 nm dual LED light source for multimode testing, and a 1310 nm laser source and the new 1550 nm laser source for single-mode testing. The power meter and 850/1300 nm source comprise a basic SimpliFiber kit. The meter is calibrated for use with all SimpliFiber light sources. The meter senses the source wavelength and automatically sets itself to the matching wavelength. Non-volatile memory stores up to 100 measurement results. Scanlink Tools software allows test results to be downloaded to a PC for formating and printing or export to another program.

The kit also includes software, a serial cable, and multi-language user guides. The 1310 nm and 1550 nm laser sources are optional accessories. The meter and sources feature durable impact-resistant covers to protect against harsh environments and rough treatment. Each component is available with either SC or ST-style connectors for simple network connection.

"The addition of the 1550 laser source increases the utility of SimpliFiber. The optional 1310 nm and 1550 nm laser light sources are useful for single-mode network testing becoming prevalent in campus installations while the standard 850 nm and 1300 nm dual wavelength source is appropriate for multimode fiber, the work horse of premise networks. All sources are optimized to work with the SimpliFiber meter," said Eric Anderson, Fiber Optic Product Manager. "SimpliFiber is an affordable tool that is especially well suited for LAN and campus cable testing. SimpliFiber is an excellent value for those who test fiber optic cable."

Compel, LLC (Santa Fe Springs, CA), a leader in data center design, construction and maintenance, has announced four levels of comprehensive on-site outsourcing services, a Technology Partnership Program, which will help with growing demand and weakening supply of I.T. specialists. This move will lower outsourcing costs by up to 30 percent while improving response time and continuity of services, according to Compel.

Last year, there were 1.2 million IT professionals in the U.S., according to Employment Review, leaving a shortage of between 290,000 and 350,000 IT professionals, according to CNN. By contrast, however, only 30,000 to 35,000 students graduated in computer science-related fields last year, which means only one student coming into the field for every 10 IT positions available.

"We've created this outsourcing program in attempt to help address the growing shortage of IT specialists," said Robert M. McClory, president of Compel. "A company's IT functions are no longer a nicety, they're a necessity. Our customers have mission-critical applications that require minute-by-minute attention. The Technology Partnership Program will make it easier for Compel customers to get the ongoing, on-site support they need to keep their mission-critical programs running."

The Technology Partnership Program is being offered at four levels:

  • The "Bronze" level is a 15-month term and includes on-site technical and engineering service support during normal business hours.

  • The "Silver" level is a 30-month term and includes 12-hour/day weekday support.

  • The "Gold" level is 45 months and includes 12-hour/day, seven-day/week support.

  • The "Platinum" level is a 60-month term with 24-hour support seven days/week.

With today's shortage of IT workers, outsourcing is an alternative, which provides convenience by cutting work order time, and producing a factual, accurate basis for expense budgeting. Traditional outsourcing costs are lowered with Compel's Technology Partnership Program due to the waiving of start up fees, economies of scale created by longer terms of commitment and the elimination of time and material costs.

Nortel Networks (Tempe, AZ) has implemented Cablesoft's Crimp Enterprise Server 5.0 in 21 buildings across Richardson, TX, which houses over 14,000 users. Nortel sought a formal solution to Structured Cabling and Outside Plant (OSP) cable administration.

Crimp 5.0, an enterprise wide infrastructure management solution, offers Nortel Networks speedy identification and rectification of OSP cable cuts. Crimp provides a detailed inventory of which devices reside on the cables, sub-units and fibers, between given buildings.

The product was installed by CentralNet, Inc. (CNI), a structured cabling installation contractor for Nortel. CNI will target key components of the OSP when emergency restoration or re-routing is required and time is critical.

"OSP cable damage is an issue that all telecom providers have to deal with. When cuts occur, Crimp 5.0 will assist us in responding more efficiently than ever," said Jake O'Connor, LAN / WAN engineer at Nortel Networks. "Customer satisfaction is our primary concern, so when there are OSP issues, Crimp 5.0 ensures that downtime will be minimized."

CNI will administer Crimp 5.0 for Nortel, as CNI continues to develop the networking giant's cable plant and facilitate moves, adds and changes. Nortel Networks Information Systems personnel will have read and report-generating privileges.

"Crimp 5.0 is a very pliable connection management tool. If you could imagine a model connecting two or more of anything, you can model it in Crimp 5.0," said Kurt W. Regner, RCDD and president of CentralNet, Inc. "Features such as the Web interface, provisions to develop custom reports and intuitive navigation windows, all set Crimp apart from the competition."

"Nortel Networks has very stringent demands in its procurement department. It's a great commendation that Crimp 5.0 met Nortel's exact needs and this was in preference to Visio," said Pete Pela, CEO and president of Cablesoft, Inc. "Infrastructure management is a hot issue for telecom cable plant managers, to help them efficiently manage their networks. Nortel has taken the lead with this investment, but we expect many others to follow suit."

Before Crimp 5.0 was installed, the infrastructure was monitored with CAD drawings and simple macros. Nortel has purchased a four-user license of Crimp.

Rexel, Inc. has acquired Branch Electric Supply (Upper Marlboro, MD). Through its network of 31 branches and a staff of 530 employees, Branch generates annualized sales of $235 million.

Giles Guinchard, President and CEO of Rexel, Inc. reported that the acquisition of Branch, a leading distributor of electrical parts and supplies in the Mid-Atlantic region, with locations in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, will substantially strengthen Rexel's presence in Virginia and Maryland while opening a new market in Pennsylvania.

Following the November 1999 acquisition of Norcal Electric and of Valley Electric, Rexel, Inc., the fifth largest distributor of electrical equipment and supplies in the United States, thus raises its pro forma annualized sales to $1.8 billion. Today, Rexel, Inc. represents 28 percent of the pro forma annualized sales of the total Rexel S.A. Group (versus 25% in 1999).

Alain Redheuil, Rexel S.A. Chairman and CEO, commented that "the acquisition of Branch Electric is part of our strategy of strong growth and market share expansion in the United States. With this addition of a high-quality company, it marks a decisive step that will strengthen our geographic coverage."

Cable Design Technologies (Pittsburgh, PA), a worldwide provider of gigabit network connectivity products, has announced that it is comfortable with Wall Street analyst consensus estimates of $0.41 per share for the third quarter ending April 30, 2000, which equates to growth in excess of 40% over last year's third quarter. The growth is attributable in part to increased spending in fiber optic, wireless, gigabit and central office telecommunication applications by Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs), Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and Applications Service Providers (ASPs).

In response to inquiries by investors regarding insider ownership, the directors and senior management of Cable Design Technologies currently own approximately 6% of the common stock outstanding plus another 4% in incentive stock options. Pursuant to company policy, market purchases and sales of company stock by executive officers and directors generally are permitted only in quarterly window periods commencing on the second business day following each earnings release and ending 28 days later.

Microtest, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ), a leader in network cable testing, has announced that ETL laboratories (Cortland, NY) have independently certified the accuracy of the OMNIScannerä2 to beyond the highest levels published in today's advanced draft standards. The OMNIScanner2 is the first and only product in its class to receive full certification from ETL. The ETL mark, a sign of assured standards compliance, will soon be placed on OMNIScanner2 materials. The ETL certification signifies the OMNIScanner2 is qualified for the Graybar VIP Program and the Anixter Levels program. Anixter and Graybar are two dominant distributors of data communication supplies in North America. ETL certification joins the previously achieved SGS Labs (Italy) certification, meaning the OMNIScanner2 is the only field tester with two independent laboratory certifications.

The structured cabling industry relies upon certification tools to judge the performance and quality of installed cabling systems. It is critical that the certification tool being used is absolutely reliable and accurate, so that no mistakes are made in determining the cause of a network fault. The OMNIScanner2 certifies Category 5/5e/6/7 cabling links to 300 MHz, and with patent pending S-Bandä Technology, pinpoints sources of cabling faults. The OMNIScanner2 frequency domain DSP vector design delivers unprecedented accuracy beyond Level III. It supports all relevant current and draft TIA and international standards and is guaranteed by Microtest to meet Category 6 compliance as draft standards become ratified.

"With the narrow pass/fail margins of today's advanced structured cabling systems, less accuracy means more uncertain results," said Mark Johnston, Director of Technology Development. "OMNIScanner2's unsurpassed accuracy guarantees complete assurance that the results you get - whether pass or fail - will match that of a laboratory network analyzer. We are pleased to be recognized by ETL as having achieved this level of accuracy and assured compliance with key industry standards."

Across the country, there are a series of high-level technology events (exhibitions, conferences, and seminars) packaged and presented by ITEC (Information Technology Exhibition and Conference [American Show Management]). These shows are regional, manageable, and filled with the right "players". ITEC has researched the market to find the right vendors to appeal to the right buyers. The Association of Cabling Professionals and many of its member companies have elected to participate in these valuable events.

Now, the ACP has stepped up its involvement in these quality events by sponsoring a special Cabling Pavilion. They are looking for cabling industry companies interested in participating. Presentations and seminars are part of the plan in the attached Cabling Theater. Call Grace Shimp, Executive Director of The Association of Cabling Professionals at 904/645-6018 or e-mail her at Check this website and for additional information.


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